TV Review: Defiance (Season 2)

I liked the first season of Defiance, but the show wasn’t anywhere near my favorites. It was decent Science Fiction and had good visuals, solid story and several compelling characters, but my heart wasn’t into it so much. Yet, I was curious about the second season and now that it is over, I need the show to be renewed right now. I want the third season right away.

The show really got me in this season. I still miss Kenya a lot, as she was a favorite. As much as I was happy to see “her” again in a couple of episodes this season, it left a sour taste in my mouth. I don’t like when characters who died are brought back to life just for a short while and aren’t even themselves. I find it a cheap plot device. It was well built up in this season and I wonder what happens whether Amanda ever learns the truth about why this other Kenya was made. I still didn’t like this story development.

I was blown away by Stahma in this season. I found the character fascinating in the first season, but now she is my favorite female character (favorite male one is Nolan). I loved to see her fledged so much in these new episodes. We discovered so much ore about her and I can’t wait to see how her story continue to grow in the future.

One that surprised me a lot was Christie. I didn’t care for her in the first season, but she evolved a lot in this second one. I liked how she found her place among the Tarr family and as a person generally speaking. I really hope that the Tarrs and her father can find her back now that she was taken (along with her unborn child) by her mother (it was quite the surprise to see Linda Hamilton portraying her!)

Among the newcomers, the one I really like is Berlin. She got on my nerves a lot at first, but she became more interesting as the season carried on. I wonder what she will do in the net season, which I hope will happen. Her toast in memory of Tommy at the end of the finale made me teary eyed. Tommy will be missed.

Nolan and Irisa still have one of my very favorite relationships in the show. Their father and daughter bond is one of the roots of the story to me. I loved what they did with them in this season as well.

Amanda is still a character I appreciate a lot, and her unexpected development as the madam of the NeedWant turned out to be quite intersting. I liked learning so much about her in this season. I was hoping that she and Nolan might build some kind of long term relationship but it didn’t seem likely to be the case with how things went as the season progressed.

Overall, it was a very satisfying season, even more than the first one. I dearly hope that Defiance gets renewed, especially with all that was left up in the air in the recent finale.

Berlin and Nolan. Source: Defiance Wiki.

Berlin and Nolan.
Source: Defiance Wiki.

4 thoughts on “TV Review: Defiance (Season 2)

  1. thejedilibrarian

    I loved Stahma this season two! I applaud her to taking control of the family and proving a Casti woman is a force to be reckoned with. I also liked Christie’s development as a member of the family. She’s no longer a young woman, but a woman in her own right who can hold her own and be respected in the community and in the house.

    I didn’t like the whole Kenya thing either. I enjoyed learning how she got her name though. I felt that whole plot line was odd, I thought it was building up to something big and then was like “That’s it? That’s why Pottinger wanted her memories? What and ass!” I thought he wanted some big secret she knew that he could use to further himself politically or to take over the town more or something. I hope she finds out what really happened, I was hoping Doc Yewel would tell, but she didn’t.

    Speaking of her, her character got a little deeper this season. I always liked her dry humor, but she seemed to take on another dimension this season. Desperation will make people do a lot of things.

    I can’t wait for season 3 either.


  2. Natacha Guyot Post author

    Getting more insight into the Casti society and learning more about Stahma and what she faces made me like her so much more this season. Agreed on Christie. They impressed me with her development as I didn’t expect to ever like her back in the first season.

    I also hoped that there might be more to the whole memory thief thing. I just felt like slapping Pottinger even more when I realized what the “big” deal was. It was really lame and I felt horrible for Amanda and even for the “created” Kenya. It was a great touch to have the name and a few flashbacks between the sisters at least.

    Oh yes, Doc Yewel! She had some interesting progression this season too.

    I hope that the show gets renewed for a third season. So far, I couldn’t find any official word.


  3. Mei-Mei

    I dropped this show after the first season…I’m trying to think of exactly why, and I don’t think there’s any one big reason. I just had other shows I wanted to watch more. I also stopped watching Falling Skies this year. I wish there was more sci-fi on TV that wasn’t quite so crazy.


    1. Natacha Guyot Post author

      I thought about dropping this show a few times during the first season and was even unsure to watch the second one. I’m glad I did because there was so many good things in it and compelling character development.

      I’m still watching Falling Skies, though I still need to catch up with season 4 and am curious to see how they will wrap things up as I heard the fifth season will be the last. I prefer when shows know that it will be their actual last season so they aren’t caught by surprise by some nasty cancellation!

      Still biting my nails for several shows being renewed or not though, including Defiance, Continuum and Extant on the sci-fi front.



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