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Vidding Projects Completed in 2014

Since November 2012, I have returned to a more regular vidding practice. I can’t believe that in August 2015, it will mark a decade indulging in this hobby! So, here is the result of the videos completed last year. If they are online, I include the link, but not all are already posted, especially the five I made for my parents as a Christmas gift set.

Photo Credit: Jeff Sheldon.

Photo Credit: Jeff Sheldon.

TV Thursday – Letter O

Once Upon A Time (2011-Present)

A woman with a troubled past is drawn to a Town in Maine where fairy tales are to be believed. – IMDb

Source: Once Upon A Time Wiki.

Source: Once Upon A Time Wiki.

Orphan Black (2013-Present)

A streetwise hustler is pulled into a compelling conspiracy after witnessing the suicide of a girl who looks just like her. – IMDb

Source: Orphan Black Wiki.

Source: Orphan Black Wiki.

Shows I want to check out starting with an O: Outlander (2014-Present)

First Once Upon A Time Video: Hang On To Your Hopes (Regina Centric)

Since I fell in love with Once Upon A Time end of 2013, I knew that I would eventually vid the show. For the past few months, I got a few ideas, either for Regina (including Regina/Robin) or for Mulan (including Aurora/Mulan). I worked on getting my clips for a season 3 Regina centric video in the past couple of weeks and I already had the song in mind: Hazy Shade of Winter by The Bangles. I had wanted to vid this song for many years, but I never had the right muse hitting me, until Regina.

This video is season 3 centric and reflects on how far Regina has come. I didn’t plan on giving such a large place to motherhood and her relationship with her son Henry, but it just happened, and I know better than to deny the muse what they want. The element of her romance with Robin was planned for start, though I picture this video as Regina centric and not a Robin/Regina centric, no matter how important this is in the narrative of the video. You will also note how I deny (once again) the mess that happens in the last minutes of the final episode of season three.


Source: Once Upon A Time Wiki.

Movie Review: Mulan

Source: Disney Wiki.

Source: Disney Wiki.

I am surprised how I never got to see the Disney movie Mulan before this year. It had picked my curiosity before, but after seeing Mulan in Once Upon A Time, and adoring the character, I just had to check this movie. Once again I have to say that I hope we see Jamie Chung return as Mulan in the next season of the show, because she is one amazing character.

I very much enjoyed the Disney movie. I liked the character as much and thought that her journey was a very interesting one – though once again I am not particularly well versed in the source material that inspired it.

Seeing her struggle with wanting to make her family proud and being true to who she is was very compelling. When she was all dolled up to be considered as a suitable future wife, I was reminded of Sleeping Beauty, not because of the actual scene but because of Mulan’s outfit. The fact there was blue and pink as part of her clothing, especially with the too long pink sleeves reminded me of the first (failed) attempt at a hand made dress by the fairy godmothers for Aurora’s birthday.

Mulan enrolling in the army and posing as a man to save her father, no matter how she had already put back in the place that a woman normally keeps, was touching and meaningful. Her transformation was interesting and reaching the points when she was accepted by some of her comrades and later on praised and rewarded for her heroism was great. I liked that she returned to her family to reassure them. Seeing her transform and find her place, including when facing significant misogyny makes her a great female protagonist.

Besides Mulan, the other character that I liked best was Mushu! This dragon was absolutely amazing! Quirky, hilarious, crazy and totally awesome! It is one of the best magical non human companions I have seen in all Disney movies!

Why I Don’t See Emma And Regina As A Couple In Once Upon A Time (But Hope That Mulan And Aurora End Together)

Source: Once Upon A Time Wiki.

Source: Once Upon A Time Wiki.

While I tend not to be deeply involved in fandom these days, I still am interested in reading analysis and fan reactions. I started watching Once Upon a Time end of last year, and could binge on the first two seasons and early third one in a row. I loved this show and I can’t wait for the fourth season now that I watched the most recent finale.

There is one big thing in the show that I don’t see: Emma and Regina as a couple.

And it feels from some things I’ve read that if you think this, it is likely because you don’t want to see a same-sex couple relationship brought to the forefront of such a mainstream story. I don’t like generalizations.

I was (still am) hoping that we would see more of Mulan and Aurora and I’m crossing fingers that since Believe was sadly cancelled that Mulan will be able to return to this show, along with seeing Ruby/Red Riding Hood more again (with Intelligence having also been cancelled). It was all the more a surprise for me to root for them so much, because I am a huge Sleeping Beauty fan and always loved Aurora and Philip, but in the show, Aurora/Mulan was obvious to me and I hope to see things evolve in the upcoming seasons. I even think that if Mulan had been around Aurora when the people from the Enchanted Forrest returned, she wouldn’t have sold them to Zelena.

I would love to see more same-sex couples featured in main cast in TV shows and movies, and see them raising families together. But to me Emma and Regina ending together would look extremely forced, because I never saw any sexual or romantic chemistry between them. Many people see it, but I don’t, so I can’t imagine them together. This isn’t specific to Emma/Regina, as I have issues with some mainstream ships in media productions, such as Sheppard/Weir or Teyla/Ronon in Stargate Atlantis, Buffy/Spike in Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and Jaina/Jag in Star Wars, to name a few.

To me, Emma and Regina being together as a couple would only be due to Henry. And to me this isn’t a valid enough reason to put two characters together, just as putting two characters together because they are the two gay/bi/pansexual ones in a given setting (office, school, university) isn’t easily enough.

I liked how Emma started as well, but as the seasons have gone on, I have liked her less and less. Many characters in the show went through very difficult times, but I still like many of them. Emma? Not so much. Regina, just like Neal or Hook, isn’t perfect either. Being able to develop flaws to make characters credible is very important. Yet, save for a few moments, I’ve not really cared for Emma, so maybe this is why in the end, I don’t ship her with anyone.

I found her history with Neal interesting and that it brought a lot to the show, but first of all the love triangle with Neal/Emma/Hook annoyed me, but once again, this is nothing special to this case, as I have never been a fan of love triangles.

I’ve felt sorry for Hook more than once, especially given how patient he has been, how dedicated to help he has become. I am not saying that Emma should have just fallen into Hook’s arms after Neal’s death, but she didn’t always have to treat him the way she did. In the finale of the third season, some things begin to hit home in Emma’s mind, but as great as it was, I can’t help but wonder whether this new revelations will last.

Regina started as a villain, and became more and more layered as time went by, to the point she became an actual hero in the third season. I love how she has evolved and I love her character even more than before. She has also cared more for Henry than Emma in my view in the third season. While Emma’s want to return to New York makes sense because she wants to protect Henry, she doesn’t seem to think one moment about how she is taking Henry away from his other mother and his whole family now that the boy shows how well he has grown fond of Storybrooke again now that he has his memories back.  (On a side note, I also love how when Hook interacted with Henry to look after him, he also mentioned Neal on a few occasions, showing that he being for Henry wasn’t just a ploy to conquer Emma).

Regarding Regina’s relationship with Robin, I think it was really well handled, despite introducing him in the third season, especially the second half. Between the omen that Tinker Bell gave earlier on, and working with the missing year in flashbacks, I like how Regina and Robin’s relationship evolved, and I also loved how they could relate to each other as parents. They both walked towards each other, in a more significant manner than Emma did with anyone (at least in present time, as I’m not talking about her past history with Neal). One thing that angered me in the finale of the third season was bringing Robin’s wife back from the past. This was gratuitous drama that was totally unnecessary in my view. It was the one big thing that peeved me in the season finale. And Regina’s horrified and hateful reaction to Emma is quite understandable, although Emma is certain she did the right thing (which technically was as saving innocent lives is the right thing).

I also like the idea that two beings who can wield supernatural powers aren’t necessarily drawn together. For example, I love how Han and Leia are to me the greatest couple in Star Wars, and she is Force sensitive and eventually trained while he never had this gift. Even as they raised three Force sensitive children together, Han wasn’t made any lesser because he didn’t have it. In a more recent example, I loved the idea of Astrid and John in The Tomorrow People even before John lost his powers, because Astrid wasn’t a lesser being either because she was a regular human.  While the series narrative crumbled, I also used to love Max and Logan in Dark Angel, though she was a genetic prodigy and he was a human who ended in a wheelchair.

Source: Once Upon A Time Wiki.

Source: Once Upon A Time Wiki.

I am giving a lot of examples here but as I mentioned above, the main problem I have is that I’ve liked Emma less and less as time went on, and in my view the show could benefit from having her die in an epic fashion (as she is the Savior). It would throw her family and close ones through turmoil and give possibilities of character development to them, but I would really like to see that. And I am aware of how unlikely this is to happen.

To me both Emma and Regina could perfectly be bi or pansexual, and if Regina was presented with a female love interest with whom I saw chemistry when watching the show, I would be happy, but as much as I recognize that her relationship with Emma is special, I don’t see the sexual and romantic chemistry at all. I tried to see it, looking back, or seeing whether I was missing something on my screen that many other people saw, but I can’t see it, no matter how I try. I don’t necessarily see strong relationships with a romantic lens either. For example, I mentioned how I never considered Sheppard and Weir as a couple in Stargate Atlantis. I loved them both as friends/enemies/mentor and student; and liked their bond a lot, but I never saw romantic chemistry either.

So, I’ll keep watching Once Upon A Time, rooting for Regina and Robin (though I have no idea how they will get out of this new mess) and cross fingers for Mulan and Aurora. And while I don’t dislike Emma/Hook, I honestly wish Hook to find someone else, but I know that unless Emma died, this is unlikely to happen. I would like to like Emma again, but I’m not certain that this will be the case, though the show is welcome to surprise me in a good way.

TV Reviews: Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time 3.21 – Snow Drifts and 3.22 – There’s No Place Like Home: This two part finale was a very strong episode and concludes a great season. I liked how it focused on relationships and family a lot. While it is a common pattern in the show, I like how it was done in it. There were so many emotional moments, from the beginning. Time travel can be tricky and I was starting to fear that this show was trying to do my head in as normally Continuum does! I liked how Emma could see the story, the fairy tale, and not just through the book. I still don’t like her much anymore, but if she could only have some thing now drilled into her head, I would be grateful. While she eventually kissed Hook, I still feel rather bad for him given how she has treated him until then. Hook is a very compelling character and it was great to see him talk more with Charming in the past, as they had only begun to talk more in recent episodes. Regina was really great as always and her moments with Robin melted my heart. I am angry at the script writers for suddenly bringing his wife back into the story. That was an extremely cheap move, but I have an upcoming post about Emma, Regina and their love interests that comes up soon, so I’ll leave it at that now. I loved the Star Wars reference, with Emma being “Princess Leia” in the past. It was great, and Hook was very fitting as the scoundrel! It was also great to see Ruby/Red Riding Hood again as I adore her. And I didn’t see Snow’s and Charming’s new baby’s name coming. It was a beautiful choice and definitely made me rush for the tissue box. Regarding Rumplestilskin and Bella, I loved their wedding ceremony but I am still uncomfortable with how he had duped her about the dagger. I think it was counter intuitive. Finally, the choice of bringing Frozen in Once Upon A Time? Brilliant! Is it season 4 yet?

Source: Once Upon A Time Wiki.

Source: Once Upon A Time Wiki.

TV Reviews: Believe, Game of Thrones, Once Upon A Time, Star-Crossed, The Tomorrow People

Believe 1.09 – Prodigy: I am sad that the show got cancelled as I think it still had so much potential and that the characters had developed solidly despite only a few episodes. I’m curious about the new girl they brought at Orchestra, and she can be quite scary. I really hope that they can get Channing out of the huge trouble she is in.  Yet, I was mostly interested in the scenes regarding the current person to help with Tate and Bo. I love how they are bonding and how things are evolving. I like how they aren’t perfect either on their own or with each other. How the federal team and Skouras managed to get information from Channing with the new prodigy and then make their way to the safe house was suspenseful moments for sure. I really hope that someone can stop Skouras. I’m feeling sorry for the poor girl Bo helps because of how she is kept under her mother’s thumb. I was relieved when Skouras was caught by Milton. This is quite a confrontation and I’m glad that he did that to get Channing back. I like how Bo and her closed ones too, help people. I know that I repeat myself at every episode but this is the truth. I wanted to strangle Skouras myself when he shot at Milton and that Channing took the shot. And the new Orchestra prodigy definitely scares me.

Game of Thrones 4.05 – First of His Name: The scene between Cersei and Maergery was extremely interesting and a great moment between great actresses. Yet, I don’t understand how this scene unfolded. Cersei suddenly speaking about how Joffrey did horrid things and how she is civilized with Maergery and seems willing to have her there for her second born? It baffled me. I loved the scene between Ser Jorah and Daenerys! One of their best scenes in this seasons. I am relieved to see her take his advice and his support the way she does in this, because he realy his her friend and right hand, in opposition to the others. I don’t care for the scenes with Belish, Lysa, Robin and Sansa. In the whole bunch, I like Sansa best, that says a lot how I dislike all of them. I don’t like Sansa, but all this other bunch is so crazy and scheming I feel sorry for her to be there. Sansa was safer with Tyrion by her side in King’s Landing, in my view. Cersei speaking with her father about the upcoming royal wedding and looking fine with marrying Maegery’s brother all of the sudden still surprises me. I don’t understand Cersei’s change at all. I admit that this season tends to leave me scratching my head on several accounts. It was great to see Arya and the Hound again! They are some of the best parts in this season! I still wish that Arya had been the one to kill Joffrey. I never liked Lady Stark’s sister but I wish we didn’t have to put up with her madness. Brienne putting up with Podric having a hard time riding his horse cracked me up. The scene where the Hound and Arya discuss weapon training was also interesting, especially as this episode has very few moments that had me really care. I am very grateful for the scenes between Brienne and Podric. And what is the deal with sexual violence against women in this season? I am tired of this and I don’t see how it serves the plot! This really really angers me! I was relieved to see Jon Snow and the others Nightwatch members come to take care of that scum at the camp, but that other Crow kidnapping Bran wasn’t such a surprising twist and I was glad that he could be defeated. Bran deciding against reuniting with his brother was heartbreaking but showed great and strong personality. Jon fighting that filth and killing him was a meaningful moment and I also liked that one of the abused girls didn’t hesitate to hit that sadistic scum too. Jon and his wolf was one of the few happy moments in the episode. Seeing Craster’s keep burnt down was a relief, no matter how it can’t take away all the horrors that took place there.

Once Upon A Time 3.20 – Kansas: I was so happy when I heard that this show was renewed, as I had so many I liked getting cancelled. So knowing I’ll get a fourth season of this great show made me a very giddy camper. The storyline this season has been solid and I liked how some of the characters evolved. Regina’s change has been very well staged over the three seasons. Seeing her using light magic and saying how she makes her own destiny was one of my favorite moments of the whole season. Seeing Henry telling her she had to believe and wasn’t a villain anymore was powerful. Seeing them all be as a team, a family is one of the best things about this season. I was even surprised when David told Emma to keep Hook with her and support him about how he had been meaning to help her in the first place. I admit that while I really liked Emma in the earlier seasons, she leaves me rather indifferent now, and sometimes a bit annoyed. In a way, if she ended dying as the Savior, it could be one of the best story twists to happen and would leave her family with a lot to deal with and be a meaningful and sensible way for the character to go. I know that it might be some weird opinion, but the more I watch season 3, the more I think that. Regarding Rumplestiltskin and Belle, I was disappointed in him for lying to Belle, as I really thought he was better than this, as she told him. Anyway, I can’t wait for the season 2 hour finale!

Star-Crossed 1.12 – This Trick May Chance to Scathe You: This is another show that I already miss. I love how it has grown so strongly. I really liked how the team going after the Suvek was so unexpected with Roman, Drake, Sophia, Lukas, Emery and Grayson. I like how Drake has developed in the last while. In this episode, he had great scenes, including with his mother. I like how the female characters are interesting in this show, and are well layered and in multiple types of roles, both as teenagers and adult women. I even think that amongst the adult characters, the women are way more interesting than the men. I admit that the interaction between Castor and Teri is quite creepy to me. I also liked how Emery had to calm Grayson and Roman down, when they were being idiotic guys (as annoying as it could be it was credible anyway for different reasons). I wonder about Teri’s choices and allegiances. It is hard to tell with her, though I admit I prefer her mother Vega to Castor, which shows how much I can’t stand Roman’s uncle. I guess that Teri handling Castor shows she is loyal to her mother. I have no idea how they’ll heal Roman yet, though the Atrian’s healing skills and herbs tend to be quite extensive. I loved the scene when Drake explains to his mother why he can’t go to Eljida with her. They have beautiful scenes together. I liked how the final scene between Emery and Roman echoed the first time they met. Is it the season finale yet?!

The Tomorrow People 1.22 – Son of Man: First of all, I was really sad to learn about the show’s cancellation as it’s been one of my big favorites of the show premiering this season. I loved it to pieces and it had so much more potential. The characters had solid development and I know that I’ll have much to write about in the future. The scenes between Jedikiah and Roger in the beginning of the episode were extremely poignant (I liked how we found out that the human body rejects the paranormal powers even if injected). I cried a lot and I still think that Jedikiah reminds me a lot of Snape in Harry Potter. His interaction with John is always very interesting and many of their moments in the episode were emotional. It doesn’t mean that Jedikiah can be forgiven for what he does to John at the end, turning him into some kind of super soldier again, but the character is still one of the most interesting “villains” I’ve seen in a very long while. The reason I was annoyed with that last arc is that it’s the only thing that really feels as a mini cliffhanger in the show, otherwise I loved how wrapped up things felt, even with the solid potential for more season. Seeing the team saving the world with Stephen, Cara, Russel, John and Astrid was really great. I was glad to see them all survive in the end, though I’m curious of how Stephen’s powers could expand. Seeing the Stephen/Cara and John/Astrid romantic direction also made me incredibly happy (and I can’t help but know that Astrid could have helped John go beyond whatever programming he underwent in a second season). There were still very great dialogues and thank you for funny bits in the middle of so much intense drama!  The kiss between John and Astrid before time was frozen for them reminded me of Crichton and Aeryn at the end of Farscape 4.22 Bad Timing. All in all, I am very much  missing this show and can’t wait for the right time and opportunity to write about this as there is a lot I want to talk about. I don’t know whether it’ll be in papers or a possible eBook, but I know that this show will show up in my future research and writing.

Source: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Wiki

Source: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Wiki

I know it has been a while since I posted any review of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episodes, but I’m planning to watch the last four episodes of the season in a row and post a general review for them (as I will also do for Continuum season 3, Crisis and The 100 seasons 1). I am very very happy that Agents of S.H.IE.L.D. got renewed for a second season as I love it. And I can’t wait for the upcoming Marvel’s Agent Carter new show as well!

TV Reviews: Once Upon A Time, Star-Crossed, The Tomorrow People

Once Upon A Time 3.19 – A Curious Thing: I like that we continue to see more that happened during the missing year. Aurora finally admitted what she did was needed in my view. I’m not surprised that the Wicked Witch didn’t keep her word and turned Aurora and her husband into flying monkeys. Seeing the group together even during the missing year is great. Grumpy had a good line and I loved seeing Robin telling Regina he was here to save her ass was great. The scene in the present between Regina and Robin is great, cute, funny and touching! They’re growing on me so much and I like that they have a better build up than I was expecting in the first place. Henry walking up on them kissing in the hallway was heart breaking because he called her Madam Mayor. The more we have the team meetings when they try to figure out how to take Zelena down are made of awesome. I like that it goes back to finding the folk tale book. And Hook still standing up to Zelena is great, and she is one hell of a villain.

Regina: That arrow almost took my head.

Robin: That door almost took your arm.

That definitely reminded me of Han and Leia in Star Wars, and I was almost expecting them to banter about the trash compactor and the Millenium Falcon. I also like how Belle has been trying to reach out to Rumplestiltskin both in the missing year and in the Storybrooke present. I love when Regina says that they all need to believe again. It was very touching. I didn’t see it coming when Emma suddenly told Henry to just deal with what she was saying. And I have to say that I’m in love with so much of the Fairy Tale world fashion. there are so many gorgeous outfits, fancy swords and assorted items I am fangirling over. I’m still surprised that Snow White is a character I really enjoy. It seems that I only like the character in some of the recent incarnations. I find the flying monkeys so creepy. Great team work for taking them down! Henry remembering and calling Regina Mom gave me misty eyes. It’s one huge moment that Zelena had to mess up of course. Emma showing she learned new things thanks to Regina was a relief, against Zelena. David willing to give up his life for their children, for his wife shows how great he is again. This episode has so many emotional moments. Regina being able to bring the memories back by kissing Henry was another beautiful moment. It also makes sense that it wasn’t Emma since Emma is already the savior. The way Snow asked Regina to divide her heart to bring David back to life was extremely brilliant! Henry teasing Regina about Robin was funny! Hook getting blamed and untrusted by everything when he did what he could based on what he knew was sad. Finding out that Neal made sure that Hook would get the message and get to Emma was one crazy twist! The final scene when Henry says that Operation Cobra is back on was a great line. And I can’t wait for the next episode especially with Snow’s baby coming!

Star-Crossed 1.11 – Give Me a Torch: Sophia is still my favorite character. I adore her. She is strong, kind, smart, funny, witty. I like her friendship with Emery and Taylor. Her scene when Taylor asks her why she is so nice with her was so great and compelling. Taylor’s pregnancy doesn’t bring any shock, as we already knew that Atrians and Humans could conceive together, but seriously, can’t sexually active people take their precautions? I was a bit sorry for Julia when her date for the dance just went with his buddies but when he came to save the day when she froze on stage? That was so sweet! I like their interaction and so far there is no crazy stuff happening in their relationship, so that’s refreshing. Grayson picking up the Red Hawks again doesn’t make me comfortable at all, but at least he opposites the former man from them who’s much more extremist. The political mess is still very interesting. I never liked Castor but even less now. Vega is a dangerous but more interesting character in my view. I wonder how her issues with her daughter are going to develop, especially with Castor trying to manipulate Teri and that she helped him. I’m glad that Grayson helped Emery but please don’t bring up the love triangle again, with these two and Roman. Seriously. I can understand Emery keeping her distance with Roman for a bit, but her possible going back to Grayson annoys me. I thought it was great that Taylor told Drake about the pregnancy. And I like the talk between Roman and Drake. I like how Drake is willing to help and be there for Taylor, no matter the risks and how he had to give up on her in the first place. I’m shocked on Emery attending the new Red Hawks meeting, and Roman catching sight of it. Beautiful scene between Roman and his mother at the end of the episode.

The Tomorrow People 1.21 – Kill Switch: This show is turning into a favorite of mine (I know I have a very long list of favorites but still). I love the development and how solid the story and the characters have grown. I’m still in shock of how Hilary sacrificed herself in hope to take the Founder down. Too bad this horrible villain wasn’t killed yet. I hope he dies soon. The whole episode was pretty epic and had so many emotional moments. John having been stripped from his powers is a very powerful plot decision. I think that him walking away from Cara isn’t just because of the stripped powers. The scene between Cara and Stephen when she talks about her feelings was a great moment too and showed how much she has to deal with and put on the strong facade no mater what, because she is a leader. While I thought John and Cara had rekindled their relationship, it has been clear for a while that they weren’t on the same wavelength for certain things. I mean Cara is the one who had had a one night stand with Stephen and who still pulled the jealous card with him out of the blue when he was with Hilary. The same way, he had had several great moments with Astrid, and I loved their discussion and how Astrid straightened some things out with him. John/Astrid is my favorite couple, along with Roger/Marla. I was very glad to see Roger and Marla reconnect. The moment when she shows that she is skilled despite not having had the same kind of training was very useful. It made all the more sense for when Jedikiah gets his power at the end can use them without them being too much of a mess (which also works because of how much observation and studying he has done on the paranormal people over the past decades). The mess that happens among the Tomorrow People, including Russel’s decision to take Roger to the Founder doesn’t have any less reasons to do this than Roger’s wanting to take the Founder down his own way. It was a big step to find more about the genetic mutation as well. As for the insane ending with everything falling into pieces? I can’t wait for the finale!

Image courtesy of worradmu / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of worradmu / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

TV Reviews: Agents of SHIELD, Believe, Once Upon A Time

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1.18 – Providence: I love the crisis aspect with how Hydra took over and that SHIELD is in a complete mess to stay operative and free with danger lurking coming from everywhere. It makes for good tension. I wonder when Ward’s true allegiance will be figured out and Garrett is doing a good job now revealed as the Clairvoyant. I like that the Clairvoyant wasn’t a magician but one with a clever mind, network and security clearance. Seeing Raina back in action is also interesting. The team giving up on their SHIELD badges is emotional, given what it means for the team who’s still true to their mission and the group. The scene between Coulson and Skye was beautiful. I had learned that Fury had only faked his death in the second Captain America movie, but I still rejoiced and got giddy when he sent the coordinates. And Coulson’s speech to his team? So inspirational! Ward works well as a villain! He’s grittier and still arrogant, but more than when being the good and brave boy. I liked the argument between Coulson and May was very engaging and they both have points which makes it even better! I liked seeing the discussion about Coulson between May and Skye. Coulson breaking down and then apologizing to his team once they were all in the middle of nowhere was another great moment. I was relieved when the facility actually opened when Coulson identified himself! I have such a bad feeling about Ward’s reuniting with the team!

Believe 1.06 – Sinking: This show keeps growing strong with every episode. I really liked how they showed what happened in Tate’s past that took him jailed for murder. I thought that it was clever to tackle it middle of the season instead of the end of it. It made for solid character development for him and also for his dynamics with the team, not just Bo, and also his father. I liked how Bo, Milton and Channing went to find and help Tate after he got away with Bo’s help. It feels that we see more of Channing in the latest episodes and this is really great because she is a great character and adds to the team. I was glad that Tate could get his answers and return to Bo, Milton and Channing. I thought that Milton finally telling the truth to Tate was a very emotional and meaningful moment. I also very much like how he chooses to have Tate share this with Bo on his own accord.

Believe 1.07 – Bang and Blame: I liked that Tate didn’t break the news to Bo right away, remaining true to his character who’s still going through a lot. I was in shock at the revelation about Channing’s past and was glad to see again how Bo can influence people and help them discover who they can be and all. It was great to find more about Channing in this episode.  I also like seeing how Zoe was willing to help Milton and the group for Bo’s well being, no matter what Skouras can do to her in retaliation. The team spirit is becoming tighter and makes a lot of sense. The scene when Tate tells Bo that he is her father and saves her was very emotional and I love how their relationship keeps developing. The final scene between father and daughter was beautiful too and I am looking forward to the next episode!

Once Upon A Time 3.17 – The Jolly Roger: The episode opening with Hook wearing an armor was a wonderful eye candy moment! The more I see of Hook, the more I like the character. I find that many characters in this show have benefited from solid character development over the three seasons. It’s really commendable especially with such a large cast of main and supporting figures. I was very happy to see Ariel again! What happened in the missing year for Hook and Ariel was quite something. I admit that I really like that Hook had killed Black Beard and lived the guilt to make things better. I find that his evolution is better handled that way. I also wanted to build the baby crib for David and Emma when they struggled with it! I love assembling furniture! I had a good laugh when David wanted to show he was cool enough for his grandson and the messy driving adventure was quite a fun moment! I am grateful that the show is both dramatic and funny! The boy talk and then the magic lesson between Regina and Emma was pure awesomeness! And Regina as a teacher is one of a kind! The verbal showdown between Hook and Zelena at the end of the episode was something and I was glad to know that Ariel and Eric were doing well on their own.

Once Upon A Time 3.18 – Bleeding Through: I was in shock about the revelation about what Zelena’s plan is! I also liked how Belle was able to figure it out, at least partially. While I understand that Zelena has issues, I still don’t like her at all and she makes for a great villain. The way she retrieved Regina’s heart was clever and twisted. I hope that maybe Rumplestiltskin could find a way to break the hold Zelena has on him. At least he tries all he can! Seeing Cora’s past again was interesting and shed some more light on what happened between Regina’s and Snow’s bloodlines. I loved how Regina and Snow could work things out though not everything was made magically perfect. The final two scenes were among the most emotional lately. I was teary eyed at the scene between Regina and Snow and the final of Regina going to see Robin was equally awesome!

Bookworm’s got teeth! – Regina