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Movie Review: The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1

While I missed the second Hunger Games movie on the big screen, I was able to see the third one the day it came out. I loved it and it punched me in the guts on more than one occasions. I am wary of the fourth and last one, as I got more emotional as the movie adaptations go by.

I thought that these movie adaptations did a lot of justice to the books and I continue to think as such as the story develop. The universe is very well shown and all the actors are outstanding, giving so much life to their character.

The first Mockingjay made me cry so many times. One moment I particularly remember is when Effie shows Cinna’s drawings to Katniss, bringing me back to one of my favorite characters who so horribly died in the second book/movie.

Seeing Julianne Moore and Natalie Dormer join the cast was as much of a treat as I was expecting and they were wonderful additions. It is such a pleasure to see Dormer get more parts, as I have loved this actress since discovering her on The Tudors a few years ago.

I can’t wait to see the second part of Mockingjay for sure!

Source: The Hunger Games Wiki.

Source: The Hunger Games Wiki.

Movie Review: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

When I read the Hunger Games trilogy in 2012, I remember being unable to stop reading. This is one of my (many) favorite book series. I loved the first movie, despite how surprised I was by some of the changes, especially Peeta not losing his leg. I had been eager to see the second movie but was unable to catch it when it first came out. When it came out on DVD afterwards, I wasn’t in the right mindset to watch it. I had the want and need to finally watch it after recently seeing Divergent and being reminded of my love for the fictional universe created by Suzanne Collins.

I loved The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. It was beautifully done and it was a great execution of the book content. The actors were still great for their roles, both the returning ones and the newcomers. I didn’t think that Sam Claflin was a bad choice for Finnick. I almost liked him better in the movie than in the books. I think he is an interesting character, but he isn’t a favorite of mine. From the main cast introduced in the first movie, I still love the whole group, but I want to give a special mention to Josh Hutcherson who impressed and touched me so much as Peeta.

Source: The Hunger Games Wiki.

Source: The Hunger Games Wiki.

The visuals were stunning and extremely creative. The score still gave me chills. I had so many feels watching this movie, even though I saw it over the course of a few days, for I had other things pop up and was watching it with my father. I had teary eyes on a regular basis in it. I had liked Elizabeth Banks as Effie in the first movie, but she gave even more to the character in this one, and I didn’t expect to care so much for Effie. As for Cinna’s death, I can’t even begin. This was the worst moment for me in the books, and Lenny Kravitz’s performance is stellar as Cinna and I knew right when watching the first movie that I’d jump on my box of tissues for that scene in the second movie. I was proven right.

I loved this movie and I can’t wait for the third one to come out, and I hope I can catch this one on the big screen. Book adaptations are always tricky, but overall, I think they’ve been doing a really solid job with the Hunger Games so far.

Blog Updates, Links: Feminism, Science Fiction, Disney, The Lord of the Rings, Writing

ID-10048468 - Book On Wooden Floor Stock Image - Kookkai_nakFor the past couple of weeks, I have been able to write and schedule posts in advance, which has been very practical for my other projects. I have also continued to plot my upcoming blog series A Galaxy of Possibilities: Discussing Character Writing, Star Wars and Fandom, and I hope to test taping the video segment for introductions this month. I’m not worried about the editing, but I have little experience in actual taping, so I hope it will  go well and that my computer webcam will behave!

I have also updated my Appearances page with the recent book cover project and my two guest blog posts. This blog reached a milestone I didn’t see coming so quickly! I am past the 200 posts now! I am very happy of how my experience on WordPress has been so far and am looking forward to celebrating one year on this platform end of June!

Links: Feminism, Science Fiction, Disney, The Lord of the Rings, Writing

TV Reviews Part 1: The Tomorrow People, Star-Crossed, The 100

I’m finally caught up with episodes from the past two weeks, and find myself with eleven episodes to review. So, I decided to break it into two posts, otherwise this would just be way too huge. I tried to find a way to organize, and ended putting the shows for which I have two episodes to comment on instead of one. It accidentally turns into a CW show review! I didn’t even think about that when I first came up with the order.

The Tomorrow People 1.16 – Superhero: Over the past few weeks, I kept saying that the show has found its pace and was becoming more solid. I confirm with these latest two episodes. The time when I sometimes wondered whether I would keep watching (always to be inspired to do so by the episodes’ ending) seems such a long time ago. I have no problem with shorter seasons if it means the show lasts a few seasons, but I’m nevertheless very happy to be able to enjoy some shows that still last 22 episodes per season like this one. I liked the ‘Scarlet Avenger’ idea developed in this episode and I hope we will see more of them again. It is good to see about other groups of gifted people out there. I was also happy to see more of Russel’s past as he is one of my favorite characters. Can I say I also love the super computer, Tim? I don’t remember if it was in this episode or the following one but when he wants to tell the characters something and they’re sleeping and says “Wake up! I’m not a bloody alarm clock!”, I found it hilarious! Seeing John and Cara back together made me happy. I thought it was interesting that Stephen could find his father’s body so “early”, as I was more or less expecting it to happen in the season finale. I still can’t figure Jedikiah out. He is a fascinating character to me. Oh and the scene when Hillary kisses Stephen? I didn’t see this one coming. I was very much “what the hell?” during it. I think it was also smart to uncover more about her past in this episode.

The Tomorrow People 1.17 – Endgame: It was interesting to see the latest breakout being Cara’s younger sister, Sofie. The reunion between both sisters and how Sofie didn’t want the life of a Tomorrow People added to how everyone can act differently and show how the life of a fugitive is difficult. I admit that while I liked how Cara gave the bracelet to prevent her sister’s powers from manifesting, I wondered how Sofie would justify wearing such a device all the time, especially as a ballet dancer as the costumes don’t really help hiding it. I wish we had seen more of Astrid in the episode, as she is one of my favorite character and always wish she had a more prominent role in the show. Regarding how all hell breaks loose regarding Stephen, Jedikiah and the Founder, I don’t know what to believe. I mean, Jedikiah is a very complex character and no angel, but I don’t like the Founder either. His hurt at the loss of his daughter seemed genuine, but given what he had put her through, it isn’t enough to erase what he did. I was glad to see more about Jedikiah and his brother Roger through the flashbacks. I really don’t know how things are going to go from there. So much can happen in the next five episodes! I’m looking forward to whatever whirlwind happens!

Star-Crossed 1.05 – Dreamers Often Lie: I’m glad that the show continues to focus on the political and societal aspect of the cohabitation and confrontation between humans and Atrians, as well as what happens within each groups because of subfactions. This is what interests me most in the show, though I really do like some of the characters as well, like Julia, Lukas, Sophia and Roman for the most part. I find that Teri is becoming more interesting in the past couple of episodes. I don’t dislike Emery, but she tends to annoy me at times. Finding out that Eljida actually exists so early in the show surprised me, though we didn’t actually see it. While I would have rooted for Lukas and Sophia as a couple, I found it great that Sophia admitted having an interest in someone else, in Taylor. I thought that making a non heterosexual female alien character was a great move though I was surprised that she had a crush on Taylor. I’m curious to see where things might lead given how intricate everybody’s crushes are.

Star-Crossed 1.06 – Stabbed with a White Wench’s Black Eye: It wasn’t my favorite episode. The whole tabloid reporter story bored me and kind of came out of nowhere in my view. The whole love triangle Grayson/Emery/Roman also made me yawn at times, though I loved the scene between Roman and Emery where he tells her he doesn’t have the right to ask her to wait because they can’t be together now. Okay, that scene got me. And how did Roman show up at Emery’s house in plain daylight, out of the sector, when they’re not at school in the last scene when he sees her comforting Grayson? I scratched my head on this one. One thing that I like in the show is that there women are shown in leadership positions, like Gloria Garcia at the high school and being a liaison with the US Government for the Integration project, Vega with the Trags and Grayson’s mother,  matriarch of the Red Hawks. I’m also more and more intrigued about Eva Benton, the biology teacher.

The 100 1.01 – Pilot: Just like when I tried Star-Crossed, I didn’t really have big expectations when I checked The 100 pilot. Within ten minutes, I was hooked and I didn’t change my mind after being done with the second episode. The show feels like some mix between The Hunger Games and After Earth, with a zest of LOST. As always, I spotted tons of actors I saw before, but I always find it fun, except when it’s actors I can’t stand, but it wasn’t the case here. I’m happy to see Isaiah Washington in an interesting and important role again. I remembered having seen comments about the diversity in this show, but I also found that they did rather well with cast and characters. I think they also do a good job with information dumping so to speak. I’m far from being that interested in all the younger main cast, but most of the adult one are pretty interesting. I like how there is the dual story between what happens on Earth and what goes on aboard the space station.

The 100 1.02 – Earth Skills: Just like in Star-Crossed, I don’t really care for all the romance part, or possible romance, so it’s secondary to me. I am more interested in the survival part of the story, both on Earth and aboard the space station. I am very curious about what is really going on with the grounders. The scene where Octavia is covered in some kind of blue butterflies totally reminded me of a scene in the movie Avatar. I like Clarke but I like her mother, Abigail, even more, I admit. I think that Abigail Griffin is my favorite grown up character while Wells Jaha, the councilman’s son, is the one for the group of teenager. I like that Abigail was given 10 days to prove that Earth was viable and find more about what is going on with the hundred teenagers sent there. Big stakes like that make sense, especially with a 13 episode season. It gives a little 24 feel with how urgent things are. The show has a pretty decent and interesting start and I hope that it has an even better development with the rest of the season.

Ever More Writing and TV Watching

While I am not partaking in NaNoWriMo – I tried once a few years ago to no success and original fiction isn’t something I’m really doing those days – I found out about AcWriMo, mostly through Dr. Narelle Lemon’s blog post about it. Since I am working on my book about Women in Science Fiction television, that is the perfect extra motivation to continue my efforts. I already did 2287 words and it is only the very beginning of the month. With how well I am doing, I believe that I will be able to go past my original goal (which was to complete one chapter only). IT is really inspiring to be that productive!

I am still catching up on TV as well, thanks to my new computer station. After finishing Continuum second season, I caught up with another show I had started this summer: Defiance. I wouldn’t say that this is a favorite show of mine, but I think they really developed the universe well over the course of the season – and I still want to try the game out at some point. The visuals are great and I am curious to see how things will unfold in the next season. I also realized that the handful of characters who really kept me invested in the show  are almost all female ones, as the list is the following:

  • Amanda Rosewater
  • Irisa Nyira
  • Joshua Nolan
  • Kenya Rosewater
  • Stahma Tarr

I need to decide  which show I will catch up with next, but right now I decided to make myself suffer while continuing to work on my chapter tonight. I am watching Resident Evil: Retribution. I mean, those movies are certainly not masterpieces and rather horrible, but fun rides. But so far? Holy cow, that’s not even bad at this stage. I don’t know how people could come up with such bad stuff. At least, I’ll be able to say that I’m caught up with the movie franchise, since I never had interest in playing the video games.

To finish on a more positive note, here is my first (and so far only) Hunger Games video. I made it about a year ago, on one of my favorite songs: Senorita by Jean-Patrick Capdevielle, which I had originally vidded twice for Dana Scully from the X-Files (as it is my only case in more than eight years of vidding when I remade a video fully). The Hunger Games one is a Katniss Everdeen tribute.