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Guest Blog Post At Fangrrrl.com: Five Promising Women in Science Fiction Television Shows That Premiered in 2013

Astrid Finch.  Source: The Tomorrow People Wiki.

Astrid Finch.
Source: The Tomorrow People Wiki.

A few days ago, I finished to write a small contribution for Fangrrrl.com, called Five Promising Women in Science Fiction Television Shows That Premiered in 2013. I am very happy about the opportunity as this website has a mindset and topics that mean much to me.

It was released a couple days ago and can be found at this link. In it, I discuss Astrid Finch (The Tomorrow People), Bo Adams (Believe), Lillian Strand (Intelligence), Melinda May (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) and Sophia (Star-Crossed).

Book Update, Falling Skies and Intelligence TV Reviews

My Iron Man upbeat video (yes I can make some of those sometimes) is a good way to illustrate how good and accomplished I am feeling about the progress of my Women in Science Fiction Television book project! I finished all the formatting today after having worked a lot on it for the past week. I reviewed everything again today, chapters, illustrations, bibliography and assorted documents. I was able to send everything to the collection’s director who is my contact with the publisher. I am really glad of how this project has gone over the last six months and I am looking forward to hearing back from my contact, to know what I can do to improve the book.

Last year, I finally arrived to the Falling Skies party. I fell in love with the show and watched the first two seasons back to back as soon as I could. Yet, I didn’t get around watching the third one until this week. I couldn’t stop as soon as I started the first episode. I liked how they had developed the characters, their dynamics and the stories in the first two seasons, but in my view, they have really pushed things even further with this latest season. Is it June yet so we can have the fourth season?

Having a jump in time, seven months further after the end of the previous season was a risky move, but they handled it really well. The information and developments were well set. I smirked when picking on Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica and assorted references and nods throughout the season. Anne’s baby scared the living hell out of me. I tend to be scared with such things, as weird as it might sound. I also was glad that the season finale didn’t end with a nasty cliffhanger. I’m grateful when a show has some mercy on its viewers.

I also got to watch Intelligence season finale, 1.13 Being Human. I loved it and it was great to get to see more of Gabriel’s past and family history. Seeing the whole team be so close and work together to save the day also was a real treat. Mei Chen is still an interesting character, and while I wasn’t surprised so much by the final scene between her and Lilian’s father, I am still curious of the exact game at play there, besides the remaining Tigers. The last scene between Gabriel and Riley reminded me of some Mulder and Scully scenes in the X-Files. It was a lovely moment between the two. I hope that not only the show gets renewed as it’s one of my favorites in the shows that premiered this season, and that if so, we get to see more of Gabriel’s mother!

TV Reviews Part 2: Believe, Continuum, Crisis, Intelligence, Once Upon A Time

And here comes the second part of TV reviews. It’s hard to believe I am watching so many shows lately. And I still have others to catch up with, from still airing showss to cancelled/finished ones. It’s a good thing though, because having so many things to follow isn’t always the case.

Believe 1.03 – Origin: I was glad to find out more about Bo’s mother and her ties to Milton and his promise to watch over Bo, always. I like how Bo is set on doing good thanks to her gift and help people, because she isn’t just a boring I’m better than you type of child. She has a fiery temper and stands her ground, but she isn’t perfect. I like how Tate and her are befriending each other little by little and how they can learn from each other. I wonder what their reactions will be when they find out they are actual father and daughter, though I can’t help thinking whether Bo might actually know it in a way. I enjoy discovering things little by little and watching the interactions between the characters a lot in this series.

Continuum 3.02 – Minute Man: My brain is still fried  from this show, but I love how intelligent the show is. It is one of the best Science Fiction television series I have ever seen. Time travel is one tricky topic, but the writers are doing an outstanding job with it. Seeing Liber8 back together makes me think that they will likely cause more trouble as the season goes on, though I also wonder whether there might eventually be an evolution of ties as well, given what happened between Kiera and Garza in the opening episode of this third season. Watching Kiera and Alec deal with the “new” timeline they are in, and also how Kiera has to handle both Alec, is extremely engaging. I was glad that she explained the situation – though likely forced because of her dead other self – to Carlos.

Crisis 1.02 – If You Are Watching This, I Am Dead: I still don’t care for the teenage characters. I know I should, but even as I am sorry for them being kidnapped and held prisoners, I don’t like them nor care for their fates, save for how it would be a tragedy for their parents to lose them in a permanent way. The only one who is different is Anton, that Finley saved. I was glad to see them have a couple of scenes together in this episode. While the script is really solid and the suspense extremely well done, there are very few characters I really am interested in. It’s Secret Services Special Agent Finley and Meg Fitch. These two are the ones that I really care for. Meg’s sister, FBI Special Agent Susie Dunn, has her moments and I don’t dislike her, but I can’t really say I like her either. I am curious to see how Meg’s husband, Noah Fitch will develop, now that he came home and overheard his wife’s discussion with the kidnappers on the phone. The mystery is great in this show and I think that the idea of posing the question of how far parents would go to save their children is a really clever angle.

Intelligence 1.12 – The Event Horizon: This show needs to be renewed. I really hope that it gets at least another season because it is one of my favorite in the ones which started this season. I love the story, I love the characters and the dynamics between them. There is a real team spirit now, as shown so well in this episode when everyone is ready to do anything to prove Gabriel’s innocence and get their job back when they lost them, either by being suspended or being considered fugitives. The scene between Riley and Weatherly, the Director of National Intelligence, was one of her best scenes in the whole season. It was a very powerful one. I loved it. Her dynamic with Gabriel is still developing further. In the scene when Gabriel pulls the seductive card in the virtual render with Mei Chen so the team can locate her, I was hoping and thinking it had to just be him playing her because of how the render and scene looked like a bad Twilight sequence. As for the ending and the dropped bombshell, I can’t wait for the second part of the season finale. I have the feeling this is going to be one crazy ride!

Once Upon A Time 3.14 – The Tower: I still love that show to pieces, and yes, I am aware that I tend to say that after every episode. I like how they continue to have flash backs to the missing year in between scenes in the present. The Wicked Witch is certainly one mean and sneaky enemy. I was glad that David/Charming could face his fears, which I thought made a lot of senses regarding what happened with Emma in the past. I loved Rapuntzel in the episode, and hope we will get to see her again. One character I really miss is Mulan. I hope she returns at least on a semi regular basis. I like seeing Regina team up with Emma, Hook, David to find a way to defeat the Wicked Witch. And I wonder what impact Rumpelstiltskin will have now that he is back from the dead.

TV Reviews and Trailers: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Killer Women, Intelligence, The Last Ship

I recently finished watching My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic season two. I enjoyed it as much as I did the first one. They really did a good and clever job with the character development. I appreciate how all the characters have their flaws and qualities. They are more realistic that way and more engaging to the viewer. I admit that Pinkie Pie still tends to annoy the living hell out of me, but even she has her moments and her development. I like how Princess Celestia always reminds them that they all have something to offer and can achieve much if they put their heart and mind to it.

I like that that the six ponies and also Spike take turn as focus of the episodes. It is always tricky when you have so many characters, but the show does well. Seeing the younger sisters on a semi regular basis is also a clever narrative choice for the show, because it gives another point of view and addressing different ages’ behaviors and concerns is important. The same way it is good to see relatives of all main characters’ because it shows more of their personality and their relationships.

I enjoyed all the season but the two part episode at the end of it was some of my favorite episodes since I started watching the show. I really wondered whether things would be solved by the end of the final episode or whether there would be a mean cliffhanger. I’m now looking forward catching up with season three!

While I don’t watch many thriller television series these days, I couldn’t resist checking Killer Women out, because of Tricia Helfer (and also Michael Trucco and Marc Blucas). I hadn’t realized when I recently checked the pilot, that the show had already been cancelled and that not even every episode had aired. It’s a shame because I found the show well executed, with solid characters and many topics brought up.

Helfer was amazing in it. To me it is her best role besides Six in Battlestar Galactica. Her acting was efficient, touching, funny making her character a very engaging one. I like that she had a lot of personal struggles and handled them the best she could. The whole part regarding her abusive ex-husband was one of the most important aspects in my view. It said a lot of things about how abuse victims can (or cannot) get around dealing with getting away from the abuser.

I also loved her brother (Trucco and Helfer as brother and sister was naturally awesome) and his family. They were interesting characters as well and I enjoyed seeing the interactions within the family. It was a great touch to add.

Intelligence 1.11 – The Grey Hat: This show keeps getting better and better. The whole team is interesting and it’s a pleasure to see the characters develop and the dynamics evolve. I love the dialogues in the show and the weekly stories are interesting with good suspense. This one made me emotional towards the end, and I had misty eyes when the day was saved and when Troy was reunited with his brother. I am looking forward to the two part season finale which started this week. I’m still hoping that just like Almost Human, Intelligence will get renewed for a second season. I know that both are unlikely, but I’m still crossing fingers regardless.

Did I say how much of a black hole YouTube is? I was checking for some links and trailers when one of the options on the side was the trailer for The Last Ship. I hadn’t heard about it, but I recognized Rhona Mitra on the still frame. I got curious and clicked. Now I just can’t wait for this show. The cast has several actors I like, besides Mitra (Eric Dane, Adam Baldwin). It does look like a mix between Battleship and World War Z to me, and I enjoyed both movies. So I’ll be watching when it starts airing end of June!

Writing Progress And TV Reviews

ID-100207057 - Science Fiction Key Shows Sci Fi Books And Movies Stock Image - Stuart Miles

Image courtesy of  Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Writing has been going well for the past while. Today, I got the final chapter of my book Women in Science Fiction Television back from my proofreader, so I could go through the suggested edits. I also completed the Afterword, which was sent to said proofreader. I am very happy with the afterword so far, as I think it concludes the volume well and open doors to so much more. Tomorrow I’m going to start the introduction. It is hard to believe I only have 4,500 words left to write out of 80,000! Formatting and illustration preparation will be a piece of cake in comparison. Okay, formatting will probably drive me crazy, but it always does. At least on this project, I have precise guidelines which is a blessing for such tasks!

After the introduction, I already know what I will tackle. I am looking forward to writing an upcoming article and hope it will be picked up for publication once it is ready to submit. First, I also need to rework an abstract I recently submitted and plan to do this tomorrow. I already have ideas thanks to the editor’s helpful email, so it should go well. And once all of this is done, I have a book proposal to work on, which I am very very enthusiast about.

Intelligence 1.10 – Cain and Gabriel: This show keeps getting stronger as the first season unfolds. I love the whole team and it is great to get more insight into their lives. I loved how we discovered more about Lillian in this one, and the dynamic between Riley and her was compelling. The scenes with Lillian and her daughter were touching and the last one gave me teary eyes. The case was solid and again something else. I really liked Josh Holloway in LOST, but seeing more of his acting skills in this show is a joy. And his chemistry with Meghan Ory continues to develop remarkably. I can’t wait for Intelligence to be renewed, because it has to! I can’t believe there are only three episodes left!

Beauty and the Beast 2.16 – About Last Night: The love triangle mess is over. I can rejoice. Once again, I genuinely thought that if Vincent hadn’t been in the picture, Catherine and Gabe could have been great together. I find it interesting that with a close look, both men are far from perfect and in my view neither is better for Catherine. She made her choice. They both have negative sides but she made her choice and I’m glad that they didn’t drag this any further. And I loved the scenes between Tess and Jessie. My shipper heart was a happy camper in this episode. I liked the development/semi conclusion to the Sam arc too. And these evil last thirty seconds? Seriously? This was a mean cliffhanger. I can’t believe I have to wait until May now. I was starting to be relieved that they gave some calm before the storm, but of course the storm had to happen at the last moment!

Once Upon A Time 3.12 – New York City Serenade – The wait is over! The show is back on air! Yes, yes, I am very happy about it. The wait since December was long, and I am so glad to get the second half of the third season. It didn’t disappoint at all, except that Emma’s taste was profoundly questionable if not mind boggling. Seriously, I even wondered if Regina had messed up with her brain and senses for her to get in a relationship with that evil monkey in disguise. There were so many great moments in this episode. It definitely was a good start for the second half of this season. I hope to see Regina show who’s boss to the new villain in town!

Star-Crossed 1.04 – And Left No Friendly Drop – Until this episode, I was only watching the show in a casual way. The high school aspect didn’t draw me in, but I loved how intricate all the politics were, and quite impressed with this part of the story. This episode won me over for good. It shows better writing and now the characters start to get fleshed out more, at least these who interest me, and the relationships also benefit from this. I managed to be surprised a couple of times with the series so far, and I now am hooked on it, instead of just liking some characters and the interactions between factions at play. The show still has the bonus, just like Beauty and the Beast, of having a good soundtrack.

International Women’s Day, Writing, TV Reviews and Links

In honor of International Women’s Day, I am reposting a Star Wars video tribute I made a few years ago, featuring all female characters from both movie trilogies. Besides that, I have celebrated this day by working on two more paper proposals to submit (currently finishing the second one). Both of them focus on female characters. One is on female characters in James Cameron’s Science Fiction movies and the other is on the little girl named Morning Dew in the Yoko Tsuno comic book series. While on it, I also jolted down more notes about what might one day turn into my doctoral research, i.e. Warrior Mothers in Science Fiction (and possibly Fantasy).


Thank you, Diana at Part Time Monster for nominating me for a Versatile Blogger Award! I found out about it while I was in the middle of typing this, so making sure to make mention of it! I am honored and will post with answers and nominations next week! Thank you!

I have also been catching up with the TV episodes of the week, starting with Beauty and the Beast 2.15 Catch me if you can. I very much enjoyed Vincent’s development in it. I am hoping that they are done with the love triangle within the next episode, especially given the ending of this one. Tess was great as always. I’d like if she had more screen time, because she is one of my favorite characters in the show. I always like seeing her and Catherine team together and kick ass. I also like that there is an arc with a “villain” and I wonder how this will continue to be depicted in the rest of the season, as it’s obvious that Sam will still cause trouble, despite having been arrested.

I am still in love with Intelligence! 1.09 Athens was brilliant and poignant. I love how they have been exploring the line between cybernetic and human for Gabriel in the recent episodes, more than in the earlier ones; I think this is extremely interesting and adds to character development. I really like the whole team and am glad that they’re taking the time to develop them all, and their dynamics. The show has a lot of short moments that adds a lot to how engaging the narrative is. I am glad to see both Riley and Lillian have such great roles to play and that they are both more than just “the guardian” and “the boss”. Strong characters are good, well layered ones are wonderful. I also like how even the “good guys” aren’t perfect and can even do questionable things at times, thus having to deal with them.

Almost Human 1.13 Straw Man didn’t disappoint after a very compelling first season. I can’t wait for the show to be renewed and hope it can last a few more seasons. While I love insane and well done drama, I was very happy that for once a season finale didn’t end with horrible loss and abominable cliffhangers. With how the case was looking into the past and Kennex’s late father, I was far from sure of how things would end. So, the closure aspect of the episode, as well as Dorian’s term renewal as Kennex’s partner were welcome. The final scene between the two cops was a great moment, with the usual Blade Runner vibe! The dialogs are a strong aspect of the show and I am curious to see how characters and dynamics will continue to be developed in future seasons.

I had been tapping foot for the latest Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode, 1.14 T.A.H.I.T.I. since I’d watched the previous one. I loved how the team continued to become a family, because of Skye’s situation. They all reacted in their own way, and the grief was almost palpable. I like how they were all able to keep functioning, but that they referred a few times to how Skye could have assisted as well. Finding more about how Coulson was brought back to life was also extremely interesting. I wonder whether the different reaction Skye had to the injection might reveal about her origins.

I still don’t really care for the whole teenage dimension of Star-Crossed. Yet, 1.03 Our Toil Shall Strive To Mend made me eager to continue watching. I love the soundtrack, but this wouldn’t be enough for me to actually sit through 40 minute long episodes. It is the political stakes that keep me watching. I like how all of this is so much more complex than I had first expected. I am curious to see things develop with all the new players added to the scene since the pilot. I hope that they keep things in line and don’t get muddled in the story, as it would be a shame. In terms of characters, I admit that I don’t like any of the characters so much. I think that the two I actually like are Julia and Roman.

The Tomorrow People is a show I wouldn’t have thought I would like as much as I do. By 1.15 Enemy of My Enemy, it is really finding its pace and the story line develops very solidly. I was very happy to see Astrid again! Her interaction with John was my favorite part in the episode and they have great moments together. I was glad that they got rid of Julian and could save Charlotte and the whole group! Russel was awesome as always. I hope that things can get better for the Tomorrow People as a group now that they are working on putting prior issues behind them. I am also curious about what will the invention from his father that Stephen found at the end, will turn out to be.

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Sunday TV Reviews and Writing Links

With my last book chapter finished this week, I’m taking a couple of days off to recharge before tackling the afterword and the introduction. That meant catching up on sleep and on TV. Speaking of TV land, I was very happy to hear that Showcase renewed Lost Girl for a fifth season. This show is one of my all time favorites and with the mess they left us in at the end of the fourth season, a fifth one was desperately needed. I hope that this show can continue on for a few more years.

A couple of years ago, I had checked the pilot of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, because of all I had heard about it. I had thought that the concept was well renewed and that the show had a lot of potential. This last couple of weeks, I finally went through all of the first season. I am looking forward to watching the next seasons by now. I like that beyond the very cartoonish look and cute colors, there is solid character development in it. When I started it, half the ponies got on my nerves or left me indifferent. My favorite two are still Twilight Sparkle and Applejack. I enjoy how they are all so different and yet have something to bring. I like that beyond the pilot that says the six ponies are best friends despite having very recently met, they take time to develop the bonds, including with how they don’t always do the right thing and can get in arguments and need to fix things afterwards. I also find it interesting to see the younger sisters in some episodes. All in all, I’ll keep watching this cartoon series!

I caught up with the three more recent Intelligence episodes: 1.06 Patient Zero, 1.07 Size Matters, 1.08 Delta Force. I am still in love with this show. I love the stories, the characters, and it’s well shot. I was very interested in seeing in 1.07 how Gabriel’s humanity was brought forth in the story and the inner questioning he went through. His relation with Riley is still being well developed and the two actors have great chemistry! I enjoy the other members of Cyber Command as well. I am crossing fingers that the show gets renewed for a second season, because I’d miss it a lot if it were cancelled. While extremely different, Gabriel and Riley are my favorite male/female agent team since Mulder and Scully in The X-Files.

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TV Reviews: Beauty and the Beast 2012, Intelligence, Lost Girl, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The After, The Tomorrow People

All these reviews were written while I was watching the episodes, so like the last time I made this type of post, the notes are a little jumbled as they were ‘real time’ reactions.

Beauty and the Beast 2012 2.12 – Recipe for Disaster: The girly moment between Tess and Catherine made me grin. I adore their friendship because they can just have a girly moment one second and then kick the bad guys right away! I still am annoyed as hell by Tori. It’s not about another girl being possibly with Vincent, it is just that the character is a real annoying brat. The party for JT kind of feels like an end of season goodbye moment, especially with Gabe also saying he’s going to leave. Catherine willing to help Tori and Vincent on a personal level shows that she is a mature woman, which is always positive. I love the pattern about fate and moving on being discussed in the episode, between different characters. I’m still enjoying Landon’s character as well and glad to see her in the know. Seeing all the players in the whole Beast matter and having the story and research go back to a few centuries ago is one great development. JT and Vincent’s friendship is also one of the greatly interesting dynamics in the show. Catherine saving Vincent was a great moment. And yes, I know that Tori got in lethal trouble trying to help, but I was relieved to see her gone for good, given how much she got on my nerves about every single time she showed up on screen. Great follow up conversations between Catherine and Vincent and then between Catherine and Gabe. Very happy to see a follow up discussion between Landon and Tess now that the FBI agent knows about beasts. When Landon finds out her husband is still alive gave me teary eyes. This show often has a lot of great moments between characters, but this one is really outstanding on this one. JT and Vincent playing the blame game is kind of adorable. Then, when JT admits what had happened regarding the Murfield experience for Vincent and why he is responsible for Vincent becoming a beast, it was very poignant.

Beauty and the Beast 2012 2.13 – Till Death: Cute and funny opening scene between Gabe and Catherine – for the most part. So glad to see Landon and her husband back together! Catherine realizing that the next Saturday is Valentine’s Day amused me. Okay, I can’t stand Catherine’s and Tess’s new NYPD boss. Seriously. I can’t. And Tess almost spilling about her and JT at Thanksgiving was funny. And JT getting flowers for Tess is so cute. Vincent going on and on about Tori’s last words is quite a scene. And of course, the girls just stop by! Confused about what Gabe is up to. Great scene between Vincent and Catherine when they’re in the dungeon and they talk about relationship stuff. Tess complaining about the bouquet made me laugh especially with how JT tries not to go into hiding. Interesting to see roles reversed from the previous episode, this time with Vincent giving relationship advice to Catherine. Gabe versus Vincent showdown. That’s interesting and this is a huge mess because of everyone for sure. It’s interesting to see Catherine not making always good choices and be worried because of her past experiences, and screwing up. It’s good to see that she isn’t perfect, although she tends to be mostly mature and with a head on her shoulders. It is uplifting to see Landon and her husband reunited and planning to renew their vows after all they went through. JT being a happy camper when Vincent admits still having feelings for Catherine is great. These two guys are awesome. It’s good to see Catherine going to talk things through with Gabe. Of course, it is sad to realize that Sam, Dana Landon’s husband is involved in bad things. Feeling sorry for Gabe sitting in the car watching the others go to the vow renewals. I also loved when JT gave another solved case to Tess (and Catherine) as a V-Day present! Cute moment before the ceremony between JT and Tess. Good to see Gabe and Vincent teaming up again. I’m feeling so sorry for Landon to go through losing the man she loves again. It is heartbreaking. Great scene between Gabe and Vincent towards the end of the episode! Great talk between Vincent and JT right after too! Adorable scene between JT and Tess and then between Gabe and Catherine to end the episode! And yes, I do feel sorry for Vincent walking away on his own at the end, but I’m torn because I do love Vincent and Catherine, but I also think that Gabe and Catherine are a nice match.

Intelligence 1.05 – The Rescue: The political games and confrontations between different organizations and services are always interesting to see unfold. And I’m still so happy to see Cyber Command being led by a woman. Lillian Strand is a great character and such a clever woman. That doubled with Riley being Gabriel’s protector is something I love with this show.  Lillian’s father isn’t a character I like, for he is kind of condescending. I like seeing the confrontation between father and daughter though. Riley and Gabriel bickering makes me grin every time. Good slow motion in action scenes can be too much when done too often, but used wisely, it’s awesome. Riley playing hero even against orders is great. She has a good many skills and layers. She is a wonderful protector type character. Gabriel realizing Riley’s cunning way of giving her location away, and then how Riley shoots the man coming after them when Gabriel unties her feet was quite moments too. When Lillian isn’t allowed to have her agents shoot the cartel leader, I stayed here hoping that she would go against the others’ decisions. Gabriel and Riley make such a fine team! I love how their partnership evolves little by little with every episode. The last scene between them made me grin and chuckle. Lillian taking a stand with the cartel dealer and having him killed was a great final for the episode! The revelation about Stephen’s brother breaking out with his powers was a surprise.

Lost Girl 4.12 – Origin: I dreaded watching this one. The episode opening with Hale’s funeral is horrible. Dyson’s eulogy is beautiful and heart wrenching. I still want to throw tomatoes at the show because of Hale’s death. The female knight showing up and pledging allegiance to Bo at the funeral now empty location with poor Kenzi mourning is weird. Tamsin is still made of awesome. I’m glad that Bo agrees to make Massimo pay for what he did. Bo, Dyson and Kenzi coming after him is a powerful moment. I never liked Massimo but now I really hate him. And he’d better suffer and die soon enough. Kenzi’s reactions and feeling betrayed are natural, although Dyson’s and Bo’s decisions for the greater good, i.e. not killing him right away, make sense too.Lauren playing spy at the Dark Fae and eavesdropping on the Morrigan and someone else is stressful and great. I didn’t expect her to be talking with Trick! The Morrigan is one unbeatable villain. Can we also get rid of Rainer as soon as possible? Bo is going through a lot but the others around her don’t have it any easier. Bo annoys me a little bit at times with how she went all beloved Rainer and then isn’t happy with how the others had to deal with their own lives. Lauren going to seduce the Morrigan is something. I still have a bad feeling about Bo’s father even as things are revealed and hinted at. Vex has come such a long way since he was first introduced in the show. The scene between him and Kenzi is so poignant. And what a mess when Vex doesn’t let Kenzi kill Massimo. Lauren is such a tricky and talented person! Making a human out of the Morrigan is outstanding. So much love for Lauren right now. This is one of Lauren’s most bad ass scenes! Tamsin trying to lift Bo’s and Dyson’s spirits up brought a smile. We already knew that Bo had quite a destiny but the revelations in this episode go beyond what I thought this destiny might be! I can’t wait for Massimo to be killed. And him being the Morrigan’s son doesn’t make like him either. Kenzi telling Bo to unclaim her was another heartbreaking moment. So tired of Massimo. Even though Bo doesn’t marry Rainer for love but for what is best for her family, I don’t like it. This show has a lot of things to fix at this stage! I certainly don’t feel bad for the treacherous knight to be killed. I have a very bad feeling about the finale of this season. I hope they don’t leave us with a nasty cliffhanger next Sunday!

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1.13 – T.R.A.C.K.S.: The team going undercover in the train makes me grin. Melinda May is such a great character! I loved how confused Grant was when she casually admitted telling Coulson they slept together. Skye and Fitz pretending to be a couple crack me up. Coulson and Jemma pretending to be father and daughter is priceless as well. Pretty good episode so far. I wouldn’t call it one of the strongest of the season, but it’s a good one. Ward and Coulson finding themselves off the train was a classic but good twist, before the train went poof. Ward trying to activate the holo table made me laugh. Coulson and him trying to make it work then is hilarious, just as the talk between them about Ward’s hooking up with May is. May is a solid and efficient character. Great moment between Coulson and May when he helps patch her up. there are some great moments between Skye and Fitz as well. Skye getting in trouble again is no surprise. Mike really went through hell and back. Solid suspense in the scene with him, Skye and Quinn. Did I say shock when Quinn shot Skye? Really. Grant, Coulson and May playing cavalry is great. Coulson finding wounded Skye was poignant. Jemma taking charge to put her in the pod thingy was clever. The episode wasn’t one of my favorite but this scene and all the ending ones as the team reacts to Skye’s critical state are beautiful and emotional. How do they dare take a one month break until March 4? I can’t wait for the next episode!

The After 1.01 – Pilot: I wanted to check this TV show because it was created by Chris Carter and one of my favorite French actresses – Louise Monot – is part of the cast. The others I knew by name as well from cast announcement were Aldis Hodge and Adrian Pasdar.  I was glad when Monot’s actress character in the opening refused to go for a slutty part in a production, which the director or producer considered “so French”. I shook my head at this one. The 1013 reference when people are stuck in an elevator made me grin. I still don’t like clowns either. Ten minutes in and it already feels like a bleeping nuthouse. A boring nuthouse. I am also tired of hearing everyone swearing so far. I’m all for mystery and hidden threat and good catastrophe stories, but so far I’m just staring at my screen waiting for… I’m not even sure what at this stage. The soundtrack reminded me of the X-Files theme for a brief moment. I adore Louise Monot but I’m so not interested in her character (nor in anyone else’s). And while she was gathering stuff in her room, she could have changed for something more practical than her little pink summer dress. Oh well that’s just another thing that I don’t get in this show. This show had a lot of elements for me to enjoy it, but the execution just leaves me bored. I loved other shows with a weird unknown threat, like Jericho for example, but this one doesn’t do it for me. And I see a bee and the Book of Revelations is mentioned. The shared birthday is a neat element of script. The voices in the dark are creepy. Waiting for the “boo” moment. Waiting… Sneaky hand in the dark, but no actual “boo” moment. And that doesn’t look human. Ouroboros tattoos ring another X-Files bell. “This can’t be happening.” Now that’s familiar too and this horrible creepy thing turning from demon shape to a Falling Skies creeper thing doesn’t make me want to continue watching. I’ve watched the pilot completely, but that’s it.

The Tomorrow People 1.12 – Sitting Ducks: Don’t tell me they’re killing Astrid! I’d be very annoyed because I really adore the character. Hillary is a combative character and it is understandable that she wants to climb up the ladder in Ultra. She is dangerous. I love the relationship between Stephen and Astrid. I don’t really understand why Cara is shown thinking that everyone else is just paranoid. It isn’t like her for she is rather practical and protective normally. I was relieved that John accepted to keep an eye on Astrid while Stephen goes camping with his family. It’s great to see John and Astrid interact. It is also interesting to see flashbacks of different characters’ experiences, this time being John’s younger years at Ultra. I had a giggle when Stephen referred to the Tomorrow People HQ as the Batcave. Okay, I can understand Hillary being ready to do anything to get a higher position within Ultra, but she is getting annoying. I loved Jedikiah retort to her when she asked whether he was going to kill Astrid: “If I say yes and you smile, you’re next.” It was priceless. So relieved that John saved Astrid at the last moment. I really thought that Astrid was history and was ready to be very angry at this show. John getting badly shot in the process adds solid suspense and anxiety in the episode! Wow, Stephen pushing his mother’s boyfriend to see whether he actually has powers was more than I had expected. Loving the scenes between John and Astrid!! I like that Astrid says that things got easier for her once Stephen had shared his secret with her, that it was better than not knowing nor understanding. OMG the scene when John passes out and Astrid sings for him, and the cut to Jedikiah having younger John watch as his human friend is killed is one of the most poignant moments in the whole show so far. Astrid contacting Cara is a smart move. Her having to remove the bullet from John with Cara’s and Tim’s guidance shows such great strength of character. Cara going in to rescue the two is good team work as well. I’m still rooting so badly for John and Cara to really get back together and develop their relationship. Cara going back to John was poignant as well and seeing Astrid at the Tomorrow People HQ was a big moment. OMG the reunion between Stephen and Astrid. Her call to her parents was very emotional. I didn’t expect to see another flashback of John’s younger years, this time with Stephen’s father.

The Tomorrow People 1.13 – Things Fall Apart: Lovely scene between Cara and John as she helps him while he recovers. Jedikiah is such an outstanding and scary villain. Stephen going up against him and saying he’s done with working for Ultra shows that while Stephen doesn’t always do the right choice – after all no one is perfect, he is becoming more assertive. Still enjoying the interaction between John and Astrid. The founder coming to Stephen and revealing that the new break out is his daughter was quite a surprise. The revelation about the synergists, children of two people with powers, is interesting about how they have heightened powers. The internal politics within the Ultra organization and the war between them and the Tomorrow People are always interesting. Marla barging in Jedikiah’s office at Ultra is an unexpected showdown! Her reaction to the founder walking in on her way out made me raise a brow. Cara investigating the Founder’s daughter adds new aspects to what Ultra might do in terms of testing. Russel calling John and Cara “mum and dad” was amusing though very short lived because of the tense and messy situation. To say that the Founder is scary is also an understatement. Cassandra walking in at the last moment to save Stephen makes me wonder how much help she might become or not. Great moment when Stephen tells Astrid she can go home, and can leave the Tomorrow People HQ. I like that she thanked John again before leaving. Cara and John arguing about their choices and her leadership was a difficult moment to watch. They both make valid and stupid points throughout the discussion. It definitely illustrates the title of the episode. The moment between Stephen and his mother is emotional and I really like Marla as a character. The discussion between Stephen and his younger brother didn’t go as I thought it would! The founder is really a strong villain and they aren’t going to dare do that! I am surprised that Marla had a bad feeling before the Ultra shooters showed up (props to Cassandra having warned Stephen). And I am in so much shock for how Marla is actually with powers and could save everyone. This is a wonderful twist!

More TV Catch Up

Intelligence 1.03. Mei Chen Returns: I have enjoyed reading and watching thrillers for years, but in the past couple for years, I have been less interested in watching investigation types of TV shows. I gave a try to Intelligence because of the Science Fiction twist with the implanted chip in the main character (and Mei Chen as well). I always love the stories related with mutations, either spontaneous or engineered. The Intelligence cast is brilliant, and besides the two main actors, I am also glad to see people like Lance Reddick and Tomas Arana again. I love how Gabriel finds out about Mei Chen in the cyber render. This was a smart twist for the team to find out about her surgery having not only worked but that she survived. The scene when Mei Chen gets in his mind and Gabriel ends pointing his gun at Riley in real life is a great moment as well. As always, I like Riley’s practical reactions. I love Gabriel’s and Riley’s bond development. The showdown between Mei Chen and Gabriel at the end was quite something and I am curious to see how the next one will unfold. There are also some good dialogs in that show, which tends to add some funny moments in between all the thriller narrative. And the final scene between Gabriel and Riley was another one that shows the great team they have begun to make.

Intelligence 1.04. Secrets of the Secret Service: Star Wars reference within the first three minutes? That was great. Okay, Josh Holloway in a suit, and Michael Trucco in a suit walking within the next seconds? I am in a happy fan girl place. And I’m amused about the Batman reference within five minutes. The way they treat the cases Gabriel and Riley are involved in remind me of a some mix between James Bond and 24. Good and efficient story telling, shooting and editing always makes for a crisp show. Of that, Intelligence is a definite example. And this episode has even more familiar faces! I am happy to see Samantha Smith again! I find that the show has been getting better with each episode! If they keep up like that until the end of the season, then I really really hope that they get renewed for a second season. It’s great to get more insight into Riley’s past again. I like that she had quite a few accomplishments already, making her a plausible choice for her current occupation. And again, great evolution between Riley and Gabriel!! I also enjoy good agency rivalry and conflict. It’s an old classic but when done well, a great one. Final scene between Director of the CIA and Lillian Strand is quite an omen of more mess and politics to come for sure! And the new girl, Charlotte isn’t just powerful but outright scary at times! The whole way the battle and capture is handled is really clever.

The Tomorrow People 1.10. The Citadel: I’m still surprised they had Stephen be reanimated at the end of the mid season break. I was really expecting it to take place only in the opening of this episode. Loving the scene between Stephen and his father in limbo. I like the super computer TIM. “Our personal H.A.L. He’s just not evil.” That line from Russel in the pilot really stuck! I was so giddy with the 2001, A Space Odyssey reference! I am happy to see that John is facing the consequences from keeping secrets regarding Stephen’s father. That is clever character development and a great learning experience! I also admit that I don’t ship Stephen/Cara at all. I like Stephen/Astrid and John/Cara so much more. I hope that those two relationships can be either rekindled or developing. The prison facility looks exactly like the containment one at the end of Lost Girl season 3. I feel like betting on it possibly being shot at the same place. And here comes a familiar face with Ty Olson. And hello computer wearing my middle name, Alice! That one is going to be a tough cookie, I feel. Cara being nominated to become leader of the Tomorrow People isn’t a surprise but still a solid moment for the group. The vote scene was brilliant, and Cara winning the election will be another step in the group evolution and narrative as a whole. Sarah Clarke does a great job as Stephen’s mother, though in my mind, I always picture her as Nina Myers in 24. I wondered whether I would keep watching this show a handful times, but every time I remained hooked. They’re coming back on air with one of their best episodes in my view. The conversation between John and Cara before she leaves for the Citadel was one of their best moments. Cara and Russel leading the break into the Citadel is great. Jedikiah is still such an interesting and complex villain! John facing Jedikiah again doesn’t disappoint either! Stephen standing up to Jedikiah was really credible and I’m hoping that Jedikiah didn’t actually cremated Roger’s body! I liked how John doesn’t buy it at all and gives hope to Stephen again. I really like Cara’s and Stephen’s friendship! Did I also say I have a bad feeling about Marla’s new boyfriend? I just did.

The Tomorrow People 1.11. Rumble: I’m curious to see more about other gifted people – to see that there are different types of individuals amongst the kind – and Cara’s past! And I’m happy to see Astrid again! I really like that she knows the truth about who/what Stephen is. The weird reaction because of Charlotte’s nightmare/panic attack is surprising, especially since John says he had the same after breaking out. Jedikiah speaking to Stephen and the other wannabe Ultra agents after another got depowered shows him under his smooth and scary usual side again. He really is one of my recent favorite villains. Oh I see Luvia Petersen! She looks like she’s just walked on the Tomorrow People set in between two Continuum scenes! The Julian guy is really a psychopath. I like how Russel is ready to give him the boot if Cara asks him to. I can’t wait for Julian and his little gang to get kicked and stopped. Cara standing up for Charlotte and reasserting her leadership and John volunteering to be the girl’s guardian, so he can watch over her, was well done! John being all Jedi Master on Charlotte is a wonderful scene, one of my favorite in the episode! Russel getting in trouble is really a stressful moment, and I was glad that he made it out alive, albeit horribly beaten up. Cara bringing her own team against Julian’s gang isn’t just the reckless move it looks but also shows her cunning and strength as a leader. It’s great to see the group accept Charlotte and apology for having misjudged her. I don’t know when Julian will return but this is going to be another crazy confrontation, I think. I like how John is there for Cara after she became leader after him. That’s a mature and great way to see the character. I like Hillary, the other Ultra trainee who works with Stephen. I am curious to see more of her. TIM playing love adviser to Cara made me grin so much! Astrid showing up again at the end of the episode is a nice treat! I wish we saw her more again, because she is a great character!

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1.12. Seeds: I’m glad to see one of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy, and seeing Skye watch from the side line with the banter between Ward and Fitz and Simmons. I love the discussion between Ward and Skye at the memorial location in the academy building. Seeing Coulson and May teaming up on another mission is good, as I enjoy their interaction. I’m still very curious to discover more about Skye’s biological parents as well. One of Whedon’s strengths in the shows he works on is how the team of characters are so diverse and have complex dynamics. Seeing Fitz and Simmons being the cool kids is something as well! And I’ve heard the line “The tin man has a heart after all” twice tonight, between this episode and Intelligence 1.03, about Ward and Gabriel. May being the chatty one with Coulson surprised me and right afterwards he points that out! Coulson wanting to get rid of secrets is also an interesting moment. Seeing May kicking ass is always a treat as well. Coulson with the levitating Lola made me grin big time as well. I stared at my screen about the revelation regarding Sky. I didn’t see this coming, and it only creates a bigger mystery! I wonder when/if Skye will be told about the secret of her birth. The scene when Coulson decides to speak to Skye about her origins made me cry, but thumbs up for Coulson continuing to be honest, despite how big and bizarre the truth is. May flying the plane into the storm was as crazy and heroic as some Vipers scenes in Battlestar Galactica. Coulson telling May that he told the truth to Skye and how she reacted gave me teary eyes again, and her at the memorial once again was beautiful, as she can see Avery’s name on it.