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Links: Writing, Feminism, Science Fiction

Photo Credit: Craig Garner.

Photo Credit: Craig Garner.

Links: Writing, Feminism, Science Fiction

And I also want to give a big thank you to Tricia Barr for the shout out for my blog series A Galaxy of Possibilities: Discussing Character Writing, Diversity, Star Wars and Fandom! I appreciate it a lot!

Links: Writing, Redefining Disability, Feminism and Cosplay

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Links: Writing, Redefining Disability, Feminism and Cosplay


A Thank You + Links: Feminism, Science Fiction, Writing, Redefining Disability

Thank you very much to Tricia Barr for including my Star Wars video Be Everything You Can Be (featuring the movies’ female characters) in one of her recent posts! This video means a lot to me so seeing it in the post touches me. Thank you!

Zoe Washburne. Source: Firefly Wiki.

Zoe Washburne.
Source: Firefly Wiki.

Links: Feminism, Science Fiction, Writing, Redefining Disability

Links: Writing, Disability, Feminism

Photo Credit: Monika Majkowska.

Photo Credit: Monika Majkowska.

Links: Writing, Disability, Feminism:


Links: Writing, Feminism, Science Fiction

Source: Wookieepedia.

Source: Wookieepedia.

Links: Writing, Feminism, Science Fiction

Brave Video, Upcoming Blog Series, Links: #YesAllWomen, Writing, Books, Batman, Belle

My video Brave Together is posted for the first time on YouTube, as I only made it last year. It is my first (and so far only) video for the movie Brave. With all my discussions about Disney movies and female representation, I thought that timing was perfect when it came to sharing a new video on my channel. Music is by Nightwish.

Photo Credit: Olivia Henry.

Photo Credit: Olivia Henry.

Regarding my upcoming blog series: A Galaxy of Possibilities: A Discussion of Character Writing, Star Wars and Fandom, I have been coming up with more detailed plans for it. I am still aiming for a late June start, with an introductory post, before focusing on one character per week, for the months to come. I believe that the weekly feature should work fine, though the exact release day won’t be set in stone. I am currently working on figuring out the structure of each feature, so they can get easier to work on. One thing that will be useful is that I have wiki page for all my active characters and kept archives of the deleted ones, so even when my memory doesn’t help me much, I can review details about most of them! I am also planning to use a short video segment to introduce them all. So it’ll be a mix of videocast and regular posts! I have extensive experience in video editing, but I never made anything like that, so I’m excited (and a tad anxious) about this!

Links: #YesAllWomen, Writing, Books, Batman, Belle

Website Updates, Links: Writing, Star Wars and Feminism


In the past couple of days, I have brought a few changes to Science Fiction, Transmedia & Fandom. I was feeling that the About section was becoming a little cluttered, so now I only kept my actual background information and also the links to the different blogging awards this website earned.

This has led to the creation of two new pages that you can find in the top menu:

Best Of: This is a list of posts I find particularly telling in content and quality, sorted out by topics. The list will grow along with the blog. This is a good introduction for first time visitors as well.

Contact: The other places where you can find me are listed with links. I also added my email address for those who prefer this to the contact form present there.

Links: Writing, Star Wars, Feminism

My Writing Process Blog Hop

Image courtesy of khunaspix / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of khunaspix / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Thank you very much, Hayley (from Books Are Delicious) for tagging me in this writing process blog hop!

What Am I Working On?

The timing of this blog hop feels a little surreal to me, for right now I am not working on anything, since I have been suffering from a bad burnout all of April. I hope to be back on track around mid May though. I have been working on a lot of nonfiction/academic projects for the past year though. Right now, I have turned in the finished draft of my contracted book, Women in Science Fiction Television, so this is one huge accomplishment for me. I also have a few other papers (about Supernatural, Farscape, Avatar, Terminator Salvation, Star Wars) awaiting publication, but which are completed, unless I need to touch them up per the editor’s request. You can find all my published and upcoming publications on this page. I also am waiting on answers for other possible publications (about Yoko Tsuno, Pacific Rim, Star Wars, James Cameron’s Science Fiction movies) so I hope some of them will be positive!

The next project I want to tackle once I am back to normal and regular writing (besides my usual Star Wars roleplaying writing hobby which helps my creative muse and keeps me in the writing loop even when I suffer from academic burnout lie now) is a book proposal about Dana Scully from the X-Files. I have a few places where I plan to submit it to and I really hope I can find a publisher because I am very excited about this book project.

How Does My Work Differ From Others of Its Genre?

I work a lot on female characters in Science Fiction narratives, most of them on screen (Television, Cinema, Video games). I know I am not the only one who does this, but I am often interested in exploring characters through theme based comparison, as shown in my book, and also certain types of characters, such as what I called the Warrior Mothers (which I hope to expand on in the future). I am well aware that there is still a lot of room to get more layered and richer female characters, but being able to see the good ones that existed, even with some limitations at times, is very important for me. I also have side interests that nourish my main research axis, such as vidding, some 1990’s and 2000’s Bollywood movies, and some French series and movies.

The fact that I write about what I am passionate about is also a driving force in my work and I believe that it shows, although I am careful not to be blinded by some personal preferences. I also don’t mind sharing and writing about the sometimes not so popular opinions I can have regarding certain productions or characters. I believe that all opinions when expressed clearly, politely can bring positive things to a discussion.

Why Do I Write What I Write?

I have written since as far as I can remember, and I already liked telling stories before this. I dabbed into poetry when I was a child, wrote my first novella (Science Fiction for children) when fifteen and completed my first novel (YA dark fantasy) when I was twenty. Neither of these are published so far, though I have good hope to self publish the novella later this year. They are both in French though. I still have lots of notes for other novels, series of novels either in Science Fiction or Fantasy, but I haven’t touched original fiction in years. I believe I will go back to this one day, but now, it is academic writing that is my priority and what I like doing best.

I wrote several research papers over the past decade due to my lengthy studies in film and media studies. In 2009, I started a Ph.D. (which I quit in 2012), so publications and conferences were important. This gave me a renewed and more vibrant love for academic writing, papers and books. Along with my other projects, my writing has helped me establish myself as an independent scholar. I enjoy being able to write about so many topics that I love and being able to contribute to conversations and research about them.

How Does Your Writing Process Work?

I always keep a notebook with me when I’m not at the computer because I tend to have ideas for future papers/books out of the blue. I have four sub folders in my academic writing one: archive (drafts of published papers and documents from previous talks), in progress (what is accepted for publication but not published yet), published (final digital versions of published papers except when they were published in hard copies. These ones are on a shelf in my room) and various. The last sub folder comprises sub sub folders with what is submitted (and for which I am awaiting answers), book projects, WIP (some proposals that were turned down but that I can rework/resubmit at a later date) and one document which is my master list of paper ideas. This scary thing never ceases to grow.

I like being organized so I know where I can find things and I make sure to update my master list whenever I have a new paper idea. The book ideas tend to stand on their own as mentioned above. I admit that I don’t work on any projects, beyond the note taking, unless I have a place to submit it to for publication. I don’t like writing when I have nowhere to submit to. Finding call for papers where I can submit is extremely important for my nonfiction/academic creativity and focus, especially with all the trillion ideas I have. So, I check this site a few times a week, to see which call for papers I can respond to and then I go on the hunt in my master list and turned down abstracts to find something matching and that I feel like working on at the moment. My upcoming book proposal about Scully necessitated further research for publishers though, as I am interested in reaching out to American University Presses. I like that just like for other papers and previous books, there are guidelines to the different places I can submit to.

I enjoy working with deadlines and word counts. It helps me organize my schedule (so I make sure that I don’t accidentally pile up tons of deadlines at once and panic) and progress in my work. Right now, I am already with three other calls for paper I could answer to, depending on how things go.  I always then work from my notes and then make sure to establish the structure of the paper or book, so I can break my word count into smaller parts. I tend to focus on a project at a time when writing. When I was writing my book for example, I was focusing on other papers in between chapters. It is funny how I can easily multitask, but writing several projects at the same time doesn’t work for me.

I always try to be early on schedule, and the fact that all my writing goes through a friend of mine who has extensive experience editing, helps a lot, because she needs time to do the proofreading and editing work before I can submit. I admit that writing in English is much more natural to me now than writing in French, and I am glad to see the improvement I have gone through over the past few years, both thanks to my academic writing and my roleplaying hobby.

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Vidding Musing and Academia, Writing, Feminism, Media Links

I was trying to sleep when I had the intuition to recheck my PowerPoint for the guest lecture I give tomorrow evening at the University of Texas at Dallas (Skype is such a fantastic software!) I was right because nitpicking little me found a few typos. It was nothing major at all but it made me feel better at once to edit them. I also worked on jolting down more notes for myself as I reviewed everything.

It will be the third one I speak about vidding in an academic setting. I like how everything is connected and yet each and every time was a different approach or topic. I liked the challenge this time that I had the frame of the class to work with. It has been a while since I gave a presentation, so it will be great to have the opportunity to do this again!

As I went through everything again tonight, I couldn’t help thinking that this talk could be turned into a paper. I don’t lack ideas, but this would make sense, with a suitable call for papers. I have other things to work on right now, starting by the formatting of my upcoming book, but it never hurts to add ideas to the master list.

Speaking of vidding, the muses seem to be waking up. I hadn’t seen them in a bit. I made it clear that whatever they want from me, it will have to wait until Friday. I know how futile it can be to try to win a contest with muses, but sometimes I still try!

Links: Academia, Writing, Feminism, Media


Thursday TV Reviews And Some Links

This week has been a bit of a waiting game on different things so far. I have more things I want to blog about in the near future, but today, this will be another TV review and link dump edition!

Almost Human 1×12 – Beholder was another solid episode for the show. I liked that we saw a bit more into the Chrome, including how Valerie Stahl negotiates being one, despite her unusual lifestyle choice for a member of this elitist part of the population. I found it interesting that the person in mad hunt for perfection was male and not female. I thought it was a smart twist. The evolution of relationships within the main group was still well done and I like the progression. There were hilarious banter moments as always. I hope that the show is renewed for a second season and I can’t wait to catch up with the season finale some time this weekend.

Star-Crossed 1×02 – These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends made me willing to continue watching the show. This series isn’t on top of my list of things to watch. I’m not all that interested in the love story and the teenager drama type tends to get on my nerves. What keeps me interested is the political aspect. I didn’t expect to have such intricate web of forces at play either in the human or the alien sides. I think that the show is doing a good job with this, and if they can keep up without muddling things together, it could really be a strong aspect of the storyline.

The Tomorrow People 1×14 – Brother’s Keeper confirmed how I’ve been feeling that the show is finding its pace for the past few episodes. I admit that I didn’t expect the dynamics to get messed up and so much conflict and new relations happen during the first season, or at least before the end of it. I’m not really sure of how things are going to be fixed within the core cast of characters, but I am curious to see how it will be handled. I also miss Astrid whenever we don’t see her in an episode, because she really is one of my favorite character. Anyway, I find that the show is now stronger than in its earlier episodes. Now I find the episodes more compelling and I’m not wondering during half of them if I’m going to keep watching the show.

Links: Writing, TV Series And More