• July 2012: “Sam Worthington: Hybrid Faces” at the 7th Global Conference: Visions of Humanity in Cyber Culture, Cyberspace and Science Fiction (Oxford, United Kingdom).
  • July 2012: “Dragon Age: offered and created womanhood” at the 4th Global Conference: Videogame Cultures and the Future of Interactive Entertainment (Oxford, United Kingdom).
  • April 2012: “Alternate universe fan videos: reinterpreting the media sources” at the conference L’acte interprétatif et les œuvres littéraires, cinématographiques, picturales, etc…  Organized by Lyon III University (Lyon, France).
  • October 2011: “Boomer 2004: the feminine and cyborg metamorphosis” at the conference From Cyborg to Facebook: Technological Dreams and Feminist Critiques organized by Sophia (Brussels, Belgium).
  • May 2011: “Fan video as rewriting gesture” at the symposium on editing, organized by Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle and Savoie University (Paris, France).

University Guest Lectures

  • March 2014: “Vidding: The Stories We Tell” for the University of Texas at Dallas ATEC graduate class Transmedia Worlds (Dallas, United States)
  • November 2010: “Science Fiction Franchises and Transmedia” for the Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle IRCAV interdisciplinary seminar What is cinema? (Paris, France)


Book Reviews

Online Misc.

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