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Blog Updates + Links: Feminism, Diversity, Alien, Batman, Star Wars, Tinker Bell, Tolkien, Wonder Woman

The upcoming blog series A Galaxy of Possibilities: Discussing Character Writing, Diversity, Star Wars & Fandom is coming together bit by bit. I now have a logo/banner, music for the video segments, a model for the script writing of said segments and I hope to soon start preparing the first actual posts. I’m so excited about this project and I’m relieved that this is coming together the way it does so far. I’m still nervous about the actual taping, but I hope that it will go fine, since the editing will be easy in comparison!

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Links: Feminism, Diversity, Batman, Star Wars, Tinker Bell, Tolkien, Wonder Woman


Brave Video, Upcoming Blog Series, Links: #YesAllWomen, Writing, Books, Batman, Belle

My video Brave Together is posted for the first time on YouTube, as I only made it last year. It is my first (and so far only) video for the movie Brave. With all my discussions about Disney movies and female representation, I thought that timing was perfect when it came to sharing a new video on my channel. Music is by Nightwish.

Photo Credit: Olivia Henry.

Photo Credit: Olivia Henry.

Regarding my upcoming blog series: A Galaxy of Possibilities: A Discussion of Character Writing, Star Wars and Fandom, I have been coming up with more detailed plans for it. I am still aiming for a late June start, with an introductory post, before focusing on one character per week, for the months to come. I believe that the weekly feature should work fine, though the exact release day won’t be set in stone. I am currently working on figuring out the structure of each feature, so they can get easier to work on. One thing that will be useful is that I have wiki page for all my active characters and kept archives of the deleted ones, so even when my memory doesn’t help me much, I can review details about most of them! I am also planning to use a short video segment to introduce them all. So it’ll be a mix of videocast and regular posts! I have extensive experience in video editing, but I never made anything like that, so I’m excited (and a tad anxious) about this!

Links: #YesAllWomen, Writing, Books, Batman, Belle

Writing Thoughts and Vidding Observations

While I thought that my academic writing burnout was mild in comparison to last December, I’ve been proven wrong as I have been unable to put add a single word on my in progress article in a week. I guess that after having written over 116,000 words since last July, not including abstracts, guest lecture, blog posts or eBook editing work, my brain really needs a break. I still hope that I can complete my current paper by the deadline on May 1, but I understand that it might not happen. I don’t have to submit this paper for consideration but I would like to. Yet, I’m learning to understand that sometimes I need to accommodate my brain and body when there is just no muse. I’d also rather not submit something than writing something below my standards.

Recently, as I was looking at my YouTube channel, I observed which videos were the most viewed. I found it amusing that the ones doing best aren’t necessarily my favorite ones. I don’t post a video that I don’t consider good enough to be shared on what I consider a vidding portfolio. I decide to share the top five here.

#5. We Looked at The Skies – The X-Files: Fight The Future, Music by The Bee Gees.

#4. Time Will Not ErasePrometheus, Music by Evanescence.

#3. The Bonds We SaveThe Dark Knight Trilogy, Music by One Republic.

#2. HeroesStar Wars, Music by Cher.

#1. Set Fire To The RainGame of Thrones, Music by Adele.

I’m very happy that there are both an X-Files and a Star Wars videos in this top five, as these are two core fandom for me and both franchises have shaped my research and my creativity to significant extents. The Prometheus video being present in this most viewed list also warms my heart, as this is the video I had made after my beloved cat’s passing in 2013. The two others don’t surprise me because of how big the fandom are. As much as I like Game of Thrones and felt the need to vid this favorite Adele song for Daenerys, I am not planning on vidding Game of Thrones again. As for The Bonds We Save, I know I will vid the trilogy again, but not before a while.

Book Update + Writing, Feminism, Disability and Media Links

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Image courtesy of  Dan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

For the past few days, I’ve focused on my book Women in Science Fiction Television, i.e. befriend my nemesis: formatting. I managed to get a good hang on the guidelines. What is most time consuming is to add all the writing, directing credits and original air dates for all mentioned TV episodes. I’m grateful for the IMDB! I have achieved more than half the book formatting by now. I have two chapters left, the two largest ones. I hope to tackle them within the next couple of days, as to be done with all of the work this upcoming week.

Once all is ready and sent to my publisher, I will tackle my next paper project, which is my cross analysis of Bo in Lost Girl and Regina in Once Upon a Time!

Links: Writing, Feminism, Disability, Media

Maleficent New Trailer And Feminism, Writing, Star Wars, Tolkien and Batman Related Links

Over the past couple of days, I have compiled a few links to share here, but having been mostly busy with my book introduction and a couple other things, I don’t have many updates to share. So, I decided to use the excuse of the recent Maleficent trailer to post so I could add my list of links! I can’t wait for Maleficent. At each new bits of promotion, I get more excited about this movie. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Links: Feminism, Writing, Star Wars, Tolkien, Batman

Fan Videos Made in 2013

So, this is the last post of the year. It has been quite a busy one and it marks about my six months on WordPress. I am very glad that I made the move for my website to this platform. I am looking forward to post new content in 2014. I have a few posts in mind already for the upcoming weeks, but to end this year, I decided to go with the recap of the videos I made since April – since this was when I started vidding again.

2013 marked my eighth vidding anniversary, my 300th video and overall I got the surprise – when counting for this post – to see that I made 24 videos, which makes it quite a productive year, especially given all the academic projects I was busy with. I am happy that the vidding muses have been cooperative and I’m eager to make new videos in 2014. I even have some ideas!

So, below is the generic recap of number of videos per fandom. When some are posted online, the links are between brackets next to the name of the fandom, so you can check them on YouTube.

  • 4 x The X-Files [x, x, x]
  • 3 x Harry Potter [x, x]
  • 3 x Speechless
  • 2 x Lethal Weapon
  • 2 x The Dark Knight Trilogy [x, x]
  • 1 x 2001 A Space Odyssey
  • 1 x After Earth
  • 1 x Babylon 5 [x]
  • 1 x Brave
  • 1 x Game of Thrones [x]
  • 1 x Iron Man [x]
  • 1 x One Good Cop
  • 1 x Prometheus [x]
  • 1 x Star Wars [x]
  • 1 x Twilight

I hadn’t thought I had vidded so many fictional universes, including a few for the first time this year! Only one Star Wars video surprised me as well, but I guess I’ll just have to make more next year. I hadn’t seen the X-Files vidding rampage coming either, but that makes me very happy because I hadn’t vidded that fandom in forever! So without further ado, here is the last video for 2013, another X-Files one (focused on the first movie Fight The Future) on The Bee Gees’ I Started A Joke.

Happy New Year Eve!

Writing, Brainstorming, Catching Up

Today was a day for catching up and discussing/brainstorming with friends. In between my other tasks, a recent post from my friend Rose prompted a lengthy conversation with her and also Hannah about topics ranging from reading to remakes, including Terminator and Batman. That reminded me how much I had two projects related to Batman movies, a paper about the Dark Knight Trilogy and an eBook about female characters in all Batman movies. I don’t have time to work on that now, but it gave me a lot of good food for thought. And with all the exchange I had with Rose and Hannah, I have enough material for an actual post some time this month, I think!

I also had the lovely surprise of seeing Helka stopping by to say hello on my blog tonight and I am thrilled to be back in touch with her. I am looking forward to more discussions about research work and lots of Yoko Tsuno ramblings (and fangirling as well). I mentioned it before but I really enjoy how WordPress has become one of my favorite social platforms (along with Twitter as ironic as it might sound). I find it practical to stay in touch and get to discover new people’s work as well.

In between wrapping Christmas presents and other things today, I wrote the introduction for my fifth book chapter, and things are clearer in my mind about how to approach this piece about Cameron in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, with comparison points with Blade Runner and the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica. I’m going to start the first section of the chapter after I finish this post.

Oh and December 18, 2013 means that we have exactly two years to go before seeing Star Wars Episode VII; and it made me giddy! I am pretty optimistic about it, because having had serious issues with some of the Expanded Universe a few years ago, my politic is that what I don’t like in the Star Wars universe get ignored by my mind. So, I might or might not like the new movies, but more Star Wars is always the opportunity to hope for more goodness!

And just for that, I’m sharing my Star Wars video Heroes again:

The Never Ending Writing (and Vidding) Process

One of my favorite things in 2013 is the endless list of publications I’ve been working on. After three articles, an eBook and co-editing another eBook during the summer, I am still juggling between more projects. I was starting my book project Women in Science Fiction Television (contracted with Scarecrow Press for 2015) but it was placed to the side until October. I was luck to be invited to revisit my paper about Sam Worthington’s characters in Avatar (James Cameron, 2009) and Terminator Salvation (McG, 2009) for a hard copy volume. I originally presented it at the Inter-Disciplinary.net conference: Visions of Humanities in July 2012. The original chapter is still to be published in the conference eBook. I have begun to work on an expanded and edited version. I am curious to  get confirmation of the other papers in the section my chapter will be in. I saw all the other contributions when at the conference, and hope that they all will agree to be included, as I hope to be able to ‘dialog’ with what those authors develop in their own papers.

Besides academic writing, I am also excited about a fiction project. I am currently waiting for a cover to be finished. Once it is done, I will be able to self publish (through Amazon) a novella I wrote years ago. It is in French and will be Science Fiction for children. I am curious to see how it will do, and how to really work on the possible communication about it, as I never had fiction published before. Those last years, I have mostly been working on academic writing, but I am still hoping to return to more fiction writing down the road. I still hope to translate and touch up a novel I wrote almost a decade ago, which is dark/heroic fantasy.

When not working on writing projects, I am still working on more fan videos. I am quite thrilled that the muse is back since this summer. 2013 is a good vidding year for me, after mostly dry spells for the past couple of years. I have a few vids I want to work on. Of course, I keep having ideas coming out of nowhere, like the one that led to my most recent video: Live or Survive (see below). When stumbling on a cover by Natasha St Pier of a French song by Daniel Balavoine (Vivre ou Survivre) I just had to vid the Dark Knight trilogy again. I find it interesting that I can have very powerful inspiration to vid (certain aspects of) movies that are far from being amongst my favorites and with which I even have numerous issues. I still dislike most of the female characters (in any Batman movie I’ve seen so far) though I realized that I actually do enjoy Rachel Dawes more than I first thought when I watched the trilogy. I think that I enjoy the fact that she is the female character who is the most able to make choices for herself and can have a life that doesn’t necessary involve Bruce Wayne (yes I still ship those two together, but it doesn’t take away my appreciation for Rachel’s independence).

Random Thoughts on Old and New Media Productions

So, I recently finished Babylon 5. I have a lot of issues with the first part of season five, but I was really glad that they picked things up towards the later part after the Byron disaster, as there is no other way I can define that arc. I still missed Ivanova lot. I loved how the creator had the guts to make three episodes of goodbyes and take his time to send everyone on their own way. And the reunion episode before Sheridan died made me cry so much and on so many occasions: the final goodbye between him and Delen, including him being back into his uniform, the “right” one not the earth one was just wow and her in her white Minbari garb… And the speech… There was so much emotion in it, that I consider this lengthy and multi part ending one of the best series finales ever. I loved that there was nothing that came to ruin it (like the Six/Baltar future follow up in Battlestar Galactica, which went against what should have been the final shot of the show: Adama on Roslin’s grave on Earth).

I was glad that they kept developing the bond between Londo and G’Kar as well – G’kar being one of my favorite characters. There was a lot of emotions and I was also grateful to see Garibaldi get out of the black hole in this final season too, as it had been heart wrenching to see him drinking again. Sure, there are more things that could have been developed during a longer time, but I think that Babylon 5 had a really strong ending, in comparison to other shows. I also found it tragically beautiful that Ivanova took charge of the Rangers at the end. I still have to see the rest of the productions (all TV movies and the spin off Crusade) as I am curious about them and also want to have the “full” knowledge of the franchise for upcoming papers.

Now, let me hop on the Ben Affleck as the new Batman bandwagon. Better late than never, right?

I’m not much of a Batman fan to begin with, though I liked some elements of the Dark Knight trilogy (mostly the relationships between Wayne, Fox, Alfred and Gordon as for example I really disliked Hathaway as Catwoman in the last one).

I like Affleck as a man and his views as a director (he really has ideas/beliefs about it that speaks to me). I’m not a big fan of him as an actor to begin with. So it’s not even Daredevil that I’ll use as an argument, as I agree with many that nothing could have saved the movie. The only movie where I semi liked Affleck was Armaggedon, which is just a casual watch to me, not something I’d rewatch over and over again nor write a paper about, and State of Play which kind of gives me hope he might do at least a semi decent Bruce Wayne.

I loved Bale’s portrayal of Wayne/Batman (even though sorry but I still had a hard time not to laugh every time he was wearing the Batman costume) and I would have preferred seeing someone more into his style of acting to mesh with Cavill’s. I have a hard time picturing Affleck as Batman, especially as I honestly can’t see any real good dynamic between him and Cavill (that I really liked as Superman, even though I wasn’t a Superman fan to begin with either).

So I am quite dumbfounded by the choice of Affleck right now. Since I really like Snyder’s work (I prefer his work to Nolan’s even though I know that it’s not the kind of opinion some like to hear), I’m hoping I’ll have a good surprise, but my hopes just lowered at once after the news. I’ll go see the movie anyway, because I want to believe that it will turn out better than I’m thinking it will right now. And if I still don’t like the movie, I’ll probably still be happy to see Cavill as Superman again, and I tend to make peace with what I don’t like in Snyder’s movies anyway. So, that story/opinion is to be continued!

More Bats, Clones and Vidding

Following my observations about the Dark Knight trilogy, I was nevertheless subject to a vidding muse’s wishes and I made my first video for those movies. Using Marchin’ On by One Republic, I created an ensemble piece, that mostly focuses on Alfred, Lucius Fox and Jim Gordon, because those three are the greatest reasons I emotionally engaged with Nolan’s movies. The fan video called The  Bonds We Save is now posted online, including on Youtube.

Speaking of Youtube, I decided to create a channel, after years of placing my streaming versions elsewhere. Not all my videos will be shared there, but expect to see a good few of them, especially Science Fiction and Fantasy ones, shared there anyway. After the lack of muse for most of 2012, it is a joy to be able to vid again this year. I already have a few ideas I hope to see come to fruition during the summer.

Since returning from vacation, I have also continued watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars and have now finished the third season. I continue to enjoy it and appreciate all the different angles it shows about the Star Wars universe, and what is going on during the Clone Wars. I was impressed with how it delved into the clones’ lives in early third season. I wouldn’t have really hoped for something like that, but I think it was an interesting idea. I also find the opening quotes a very nifty touch in the design of the show. I’ll have to go through them all at some point and check how the list unfolds over the seasons. The continuation of character development on various levels, including about politics, still catches my attention. I was planning to finally finish the fourth season of The Tudors, but I believe that it will have to wait until I am done with seasons four and five of The Clone Wars.