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Battlestar Galactica Fan Video: So Say We All

I have been busy vidding in November, making five new videos (for a gift set for my parents’s Christmas). While I won’t release them on Youtube until after Christmas, I realized I hadn’t updated my channel since my 9th vidding anniversary project! It was time to fix that.

Thus, I decided to share one of my older videos, a Battlestar Galactica one, So Say We All. This is a tribute to the men in the show and the music is Over the Hill and Far Away by Nightwish.

Karl 'Helo' Agathon. Source: IMDb.

Karl ‘Helo’ Agathon.
Source: IMDb.

New Star Wars Fan Video: Like My Mother Before Me (Leia Centric)

A few days ago, I caught up with two friends of mine and we talked tons about vidding, which prompted a few of my muses to wake up. I took some notes for three video projects I’d like to see done within the next months, including one that would be perfect for my 9th vidding anniversary that will be end of August.

Of course, on Sunday, I got bitten (hard) by another muse that came out of nowhere. I wasn’t surprised, but it amused me, until the muse began to make me cry within the first clips I put in the timeline. I had been thinking about making a Star Wars Leia centric video for a long time, but it all came together last weekend.

The muse demanded Storytime by Nightwish, but I was a bit worried because vidding a song that lasts for more than 5 minutes isn’t something I felt I could do anymore. I did a few in the past, but these days, I tend to go for shorter songs. I struggled to find a moment to cut, but the muse forbade me, so I did the whole song.

I love vidding Nightwish or metal generally speaking. This one was no exception. I didn’t expect to include Padme, Bail and Breha, Obi Wan and Vader so much. As the video came to life, I realize how important it was for me to include both Leia’s mother and it even led to the title of this video.

I am happy with the result, but that was another crazy creative ride. When I get really deep into a video, there is a kinetic dimension because I feel the music and the emotions so vividly that sometimes (including in this one) there are moments when I can’t really breathe as I (re) watch certain segments.


Brave Video, Upcoming Blog Series, Links: #YesAllWomen, Writing, Books, Batman, Belle

My video Brave Together is posted for the first time on YouTube, as I only made it last year. It is my first (and so far only) video for the movie Brave. With all my discussions about Disney movies and female representation, I thought that timing was perfect when it came to sharing a new video on my channel. Music is by Nightwish.

Photo Credit: Olivia Henry.

Photo Credit: Olivia Henry.

Regarding my upcoming blog series: A Galaxy of Possibilities: A Discussion of Character Writing, Star Wars and Fandom, I have been coming up with more detailed plans for it. I am still aiming for a late June start, with an introductory post, before focusing on one character per week, for the months to come. I believe that the weekly feature should work fine, though the exact release day won’t be set in stone. I am currently working on figuring out the structure of each feature, so they can get easier to work on. One thing that will be useful is that I have wiki page for all my active characters and kept archives of the deleted ones, so even when my memory doesn’t help me much, I can review details about most of them! I am also planning to use a short video segment to introduce them all. So it’ll be a mix of videocast and regular posts! I have extensive experience in video editing, but I never made anything like that, so I’m excited (and a tad anxious) about this!

Links: #YesAllWomen, Writing, Books, Batman, Belle

More Vidding Thoughts

A while ago, I wrote about the videos I shared on YouTube, which had the most views, with how some of the results surprised me, while others didn’t’. I thought that it might be interesting to post about the other side of the coin, i.e. the videos I shared over the past few months that got less than 5 views for the time being.

#5. If I Will It All AwayAlien franchise, Music by Evanescence.

#4. I’d Give My SoulAvatar, Music by Within Temptation.

#3. A Tale As Old As TimeBattlestar Galactica, Music by Nightwish.

#2. Be Everything You Can BeStar Wars, Music by Shania Twain.

#1. We’re All Part of This Journey Battlestar Galactica, Music by Within Temptation.

When I look at this list, I find it as random as the most viewed ones (though the most viewed one included a Game of Thrones video which made sense with the hype around this television series, especially as this is currently airing). Contrary to the most viewed, I have sorted these out, not by number of view, but by posting date, for a few of them had equal views so far. Ironically, I find it weird that my Alien video has only so few views in comparison to the Prometheus one and I would have really thought that my Star Wars videos (one of my favorite ones I’ve made) didn’t get more popular either. As for the Battlestar Galactica ones, I’m surprised that A Tale As Old As Time has so few views, despite being a Starbuck centric, in comparison to my Anders one, for example.

Image courtesy of hyena reality / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of hyena reality / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

So, that was my little bit of randomness and vidding musing for today and I hope that you all have a good weekend. I have a few posts I have on my mind for the upcoming week, both the answers to the writing process blog hop (thank you Hayley for tagging me!) and some thoughts regarding academia and social media. I am also trying to come up with a good idea of post to submit to Fangrrrl.com, and might be inclined to write about Star Wars influenced me as both as a fangirl and a scholar.

Sunday Writing, Vidding, TV Ramblings And Link Dump

I hope you are all having a good weekend. Yesterday was particularly productive in terms of book writing. I have now completed 71,500 words out of the 80,000 for Women in Science Fiction Television. Part of me still hopes that I might be able to write more books about this very topic. As accomplished as I feel about this one, I know that I still have so much more to say about so many more characters! Taking things one at a time is important though. I’m planning to finish the final chapter this upcoming week and then focus on the book introduction and afterword. Once these last parts will be completed and gone through proofreading, I will work on the formatting.

With the romantic movie blog series (for which I plan to post a conclusion this upcoming week) I haven’t posted much on my YouTube channel, since non Science Fiction and non Fantasy videos go to my Vimeo. Yesterday, I searched for a new video to upload and one that I can use as channel trailer for non subscribers. I picked the one posted above, See You On The Other Side, a Science Fiction/Fantasy crossover of many different sources. I had created this short video as some kind of trailer for a talk I gave back in 2010 about Science Fiction Franchises and Transmedia.

I finished to catch up with already aired episodes from Almost Human, i.e. 1.10 Perception and 1.11 Disrupt. I am still hooked on the show and can’t wait for the last two episodes of the first season and hope the show gets renewed. I enjoyed discovering new things about different characters and new things lurking in the dark about them in these two episodes. I think they are doing really well in terms of character development, including the dynamics within the group. I also enjoy how they explore the issues in the world as it is depicted in 2048. Overall, it is a strong show and I am very glad I got to watch it!

I finally took a deep breath and sat through Lost Girl season 4 finale, 4.13 Dark Horse. I was afraid of how all hell would break loose after how heart wrenching this season had already been. I was right to be afraid. This was one of the most brilliant episodes of the whole show, but it was a horribly emotional ride. I don’t think I have cried that much since I watched the finale episodes of Babylon 5 some time last year. Once again the writers are doing a wonderful job and the actors are all amazing. I still laughed in between crying. When is season 5 officially announced? There is so much mess to fix!

After assaulting my box of tissues for Lost Girl, I caught up with the latest Beauty and the Beast episode, 2.14 Redemption as I needed something to “relax”. It was a good episode, which served well the current narrative arc. I was happy to see Vincent use his medical background again and hope to see more of that in the future. So far I had no problem with the love/romance dynamics in the show (minus how Tori used to annoy me so so much but it had nothing to do with her possible romance with Vincent). Yet, I felt that the show was borderline in this episode with the love triangle. It wasn’t badly done and made sense, but I just hope they clear the air soon and don’t drag things down. I had a doubt about the direction of the show in early season 2, and was reassured almost within the next episode, so I am not worried too much.

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A Few Thoughts On The Star Wars Expanded Universe

Within the last few days, discussions about Star Wars emerged with my friends Rose B. Fischer and Hannah Givens. While this isn’t a first in any fashion, their three recent following posts, prompted me to share some thoughts about my experience and tastes regarding the Star Wars Expanded Universe:

Regarding the matter of Leia, I won’t say much about her in this actual post, for not only Rose did the awesome short version very well in her Tumblr post, but I am saving my long version for the blog post I will write about Leia this Spring, in my upcoming blog series about the female role models (fictional characters) I had growing up. Leia was my first one, and she is still close to my heart for many reasons, which Rose mostly covered!

Star Wars is why I am doing what I am doing today.

I am not saying that Star Wars was/is my only inspiration, for I have way too many to name; but without Star Wars, I wouldn’t be where I am today. My first memory of watching something was the Muppet Show episode with members of the Star Wars cast. I remember seeing the original trilogy the year I turned seven year old, and I managed to kill the tape of A New Hope. The Empire Strikes Back tape had a little issue during a scene on Hoth with just static for a few seconds. Years after, I still visualize the static during those few seconds even if I watch the DVD or the BluRay. I started writing fiction because of Star Wars, while I didn’t know what fan fiction was back then. My first ever publication when I was a teen was about this fictional universe in a small Christian publication with a friend. I read and watched a lot of other things, including other Science Fiction, even as a child and teen, but Star Wars left a significant impact on my existence, as also many of my research projects since high school and then during university and even now as an independent scholar, prove it.

Do I think that the Star Wars universe, i.e. the movies and beyond, is perfect? Oh no, I don’t. But finding that something is perfect isn’t the sine qua non for liking it in my view.

While I have issues with the prequels, I still remain an advocate in their support, and I am waiting with good spirit for the new movies. I don’t know whether I will like them, nor any other Star Wars projects that Disney will pull, but I am open minded. If something happens that I don’t like, I’ll simply ignore it in my happy Star Wars fan bubble.

I grew up with the EU as well. I still remember my mother coming to me with The Courtship of Princess Leia by Dave Wolverton when we were at the mall and I was about 8 year old. She knew I loved the movies so she got me the book. I then read most of the books that were published in the following decade. I can’t thank Timothy Zahn enough for Mara Jade (who will also be part of my female role models blog series). Not everything was of the same quality, but many of the 90’s books (adult and youth fiction) were quite strong in my opinion.

Then all hell broke loose for me with the Dark Nest Trilogy by Troy Denning and then the Legacy of the Force series. I loved the New Jedi Order, and I could even stomach the major characters’ deaths which happened, because there was still great story, epicness, bonds to be saved and fought for. I cried so much during that book series, and I could even accept Jag as Jaina’s partner, despite having hoped she would end with Zekk because of the Young Jedi Knight series by Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta. But Dark Nest and Legacy of the Force destroyed my favorite fictional universe.

Destroying is a strong word but following this universe had been one of my big pleasures in my recreational life since I was a child and I was watching it crumble before me. To me, the universe didn’t mature, it just went into directions that were against Star Wars, and nothing made sense anymore to me. Until that day, my timeline ends at the end of the New Jedi Order. Anything that happens afterwards doesn’t exist in my mind. I have friends who enjoy the following books and I’m glad for them, but these books aren’t for me.

After that debacle, it took me five years to pick a new Star Wars book again. That shows how bad the experience was for me. No matter how many other movies/books/TV shows I am into, Star Wars is still special to me, so it was a difficult transition time. Then, I realized that there were a lot of books that took place prior to the end of the New Jedi Order I hadn’t read. So, I got back into Star Wars reading again. I discovered books in the Prequel era, or even before, and some during the Original Trilogy. Right now I still have like seven or eight Star Wars books on my to-read shelf. And that makes me extremely happy! Even in this timeline, there are books that I didn’t like, and authors that I still can’t stand no matter the era (i.e. Karen Traviss who still remains one of the worst things that happened to the EU in my view).

I didn’t read all the books, especially the comic books, and I’ve not played all the video games, or even watched all the TV programs, but there are some I love in all of those spaces provided by the Star Wars EU. While the vastness of it is one of the reason why it got out of hands on several occasions, it also allows everyone to find something they enjoy.

I will post a recap post of all the Star Wars novels I have read and enjoyed in the upcoming weeks, because this post already got long enough without me splashing a lengthy list (including comments) at its end!

Body: 1 – Brain: 0

It is interesting how original plans can fall into place, even when you want to tweak them. I remember how I was looking forward my break in December after the burn out I suffered from during November. And end of the month, I thought I was going to work on another book chapter anyway. Yet, it seems that AcWriMo working as well as it did, is even a better thing, because I’ve been on break for the past few days.

Between a wisdom tooth acting up like insane and the first cold of the season, I’ve been unable to write anything decent, after being done with setting up the chapter’s structure. So I’ve been on a break, as I originally planned! That means, that I have been bundled up in blankets, drinking lots of tea and appreciating the power of painkillers and meds. And in the meantime, I have also been marathoning Once Upon A Time.

I really do love that show (and my crazy mind feels that a crossover between this show and Lost Girl could be made of pure epic). I’m glad that I had all the episodes stored, ready to be watched. I’ve literally watched the first season in less than three days – 13 of them yesterday – and I am currently starting the second one! So, I still have more episodes to watch while I recover!

On a side note, I put up another video on my YouTube channel. It is a Battlestar Galactica one, focused on Samuel T. Anders, with Nemo by Nightwish, as music.

Writing New Content and Digging out Old Papers

With my contracted book project, I try to reason myself in terms of new publications, so I make sure to have appropriate time for the book, as this is until now my biggest writing project ever. I have a call for papers I will respond to for April 2014, and already have the topic, but I want to write at least two or three chapters (out of seven) in my book about Women in Science Fiction TV before tackling it. Of course, a few nights ago, I was suddenly reminded of an older paper of mine (which I wrote during my second MA back in 2009) about the French movie Brotherhood of the Wolf, directed by Christophe Gans. I dug it out and reworked it, and then decided that I could check in case I found a matching call for papers. I found one, which means I finished to rework the article this week, and it’s currently going through beta. I am really hoping that it would be accepted for publication, especially as I am sending it to Asia and I never got published there so far!

I am having a wonderful time working on my current chapter, and I hope to be able to complete the first draft by the end of the month. I already picked the next one I will tackle, since I was swamped with further ideas for it, besides the blurb, earlier today. It is great that this is falling into place so well. The hard work is always a crucial part of research and writing, but when the topic is one I love, it always makes things easier. I have also made up my mind to create videos/trailers for every chapter of this upcoming book, and a general one. I’m not really sure if that will be of any use, besides when I post about it further on this site, but I feel like doing it, so it might be a good way for me to keep perspective on the writing too. But before I tackle any vidding for that, I will first work on my 300th video in the upcoming weeks, probably after completion of this chapter and having done some editing work for an eBook.

I am also quite looking forward to next week as my own eBook about Star Wars: The Old Republic should go live and be available for purchase/reading. But for now, I will end this post with the latest video I posted to my YouTube channel, which is a Kara Thrace tribute from Battlestar Galactica. It was actually my first video for the show when I fell in love with it. It is funny – and a bit hard to believe – that it took me three attempts to get into the show. The first time, I stopped after five minutes into the miniseries, the second one, I fell asleep in the middle of it, and the third time, I think I watched the first three seasons as quick as I could so I would see more and be on time for the fourth season to go live!

Upcoming Posts

During this past week, I have been musing over possible blog posts for my website, as I enjoy being able to plan a bit ahead, even if some posts aren’t scheduled, like when a new publication comes out. I have decided to write two series of posts in the next weeks or couple of months, depending at which pace I write. The first one will be some vidding commentaries on the videos I posted on my YouTube channel, but haven’t written anything about yet, because they are ‘older’ videos that were reposted online, when I got the channel. The second series will be about female characters I considered as role models when I grew up (in opposition to all the ones I ‘gained’ since I turned twenty).

I already started to work on some drafts for the first series of blog posts. I also found myself digging into my collection of videos as I was making lists for two possible portfolios if need be: one about female character centric videos and one for media franchises as whole, both with a strong Science Fiction and Fantasy emphasis. That made me rewatch some of my X-Files videos, especially my Scully ones, all the more since I am going back to writing my chapter about her and Caprica Six in Battlestar Galactica (for my upcoming book) next week.

I am not going to make a post right now about why Scully remains up to this day one of my favorite fictional characters, since she will probably be one of the first topics in my role models series next month. Yet, I felt inclined to post one of my older (2008) videos I made about her, especially the cancer arc end of season 4 and early season 5, with her relationships with her family and Mulder and of course her struggle with her faith, Scully’s faith being one of what makes the character speaks to me as much as she does. To have what I fear to lose remains a video I still like a lot, even five years after making it. The blend between Scully’s story and Nightwish’s song Gethsemane – which is one of my favorite from the band, is still quite haunting to me.