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TV Thursday – Letter A

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013-Present)

The missions of the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division. – IMDb

Source: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Wiki

Source: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Wiki

Almost Human (2013)

In a not-so-distant future, human cops and androids partner up to protect and serve. – IMDb

Source: Wikipedia.

Source: Wikipedia.

Angel (1999-2004)

The vampire Angel, cursed with a soul, moves to Los Angeles and aids people with supernatural-related problems while questing for his own redemption. – IMDb

Source: Wikipedia.

Source: Wikipedia.

Shows I want to check out starting with an A: Agent Carter (2015), Ascension (2014).

Book Review: Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi – Into the Void, Links: Feminism, Star Wars, Asian-American, Television

Because of my Angel marathon, my regular TV watching has fell to the side for the time being. I am hoping to do some catch up this weekend though. I do have quite a few shows that are going to end soon, though I hope that most, if not all of them, will be renewed! I have also spent some time reading over the past few days and have picked Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi – Into The Void by Tim Lebbon again. I had started it in February but had paused, because of doing too many other things.

Source: Wookieepedia.

Source: Wookieepedia.

I devoured the rest of the book once I picked it up again. I enjoy reading about the older times of galactic history. I know that there was a comic series made after this book and I liked checking a preview in the novel, but I’m not planning to read it. I admit that I am not such a comic book fan. Besides my beloved Yoko Tsuno series, I mostly stick to a few older Star Wars comic books, though I still want to read the ones about Firefly, Buffy, Angel and The X-Files.

I liked the way Dawn of the Jedi – Into the Void was written and structured. I normally don’t like having changes of tense, but it worked well for the memories and the present. It was different and I found it engaging. I also liked the different quotes opening each chapter.

I liked the main character. Lanoree was a very interesting one and seeing her journey(s) and how she has evolved and the trials she faces made the book a great read. I also loved seeing early days of the Jedi, even before they were actually called that in precise spelling. The fact that they didn’t wield lightsabers yet, and that they threaded on a much thinner line between light and dark and all the philosophical implications, made the book quite fascinating to me. It reminded me of Vaapad and how only few Jedi Masters used it later on. This philosophical aspect was very engaging.

Links: Feminism, Star Wars, Asian-American, Television

TV Review: Angel Season 5

In three days, I’ve marathoned all of Angel season 5. I had taken a break after the previous season because it was a disappointment for the most part. There were still good moments, but overall I didn’t really like it, and Connor annoyed me every single time he was on screen. So I was a bit concerned whether I would like the final season as much as I had liked the first three. So, I waited until I was in the mood.

And once I started watching season 5, I couldn’t stop. 22 episodes in 3 days. And I loved it.

I think they did a really solid job with this final season (and I am grateful that I didn’t watch at the first run so I knew there were more even if in the form of comics, after the final episode). I loved everyone’s character development, and the team spirit, through the good and the bad. When I look back at all the characters, no matter whether they first appeared in Buffy or Angel, I am blown away by all the way they have come. This is brilliant. The team spirit, the family (beyond blood) and all the sacrifices (Gunn staying behind, knowing full well what he is exposing himself to was one hell of an emotional moment) and how they all cope with Fred’s death and grieve and deal with how responsible they feel, all of this was great.

Even Spike, who tends to annoy me (and I still don’t ship him with Buffy, I just don’t) got much more interesting to me in this season. I had already found that he had been evolving in the final season of Buffy, but it was even more visible in this one. His banter with Angel could be hilarious but I liked how they were both able to eventually work things out and really work together. It was very engaging to watch this evolution.

This season was heartbreaking. I’ve cried so much in front of so many episodes. All these deaths were horrible to watch, but one thing that made them great storytelling was that they weren’t cheap and all had their time to happen for real, and see people cope with them. That made it even more horrible to watch but it was great narration! I was glad to see Cordelia one last time, and her final scene with Angel was beautiful and said a lot about timing and circumstances in life and how they can affect people beyond their wishes and feelings sometimes.

When I remember how Cordelia and Welsey used to be when we first saw them in Buffy, it is crazy to see how far they have come since then. I would have never thought that I could like them so much, and Wesley is borderline my favorite character in Angel, if I really think about it.

I like that the characters still screw up, even though they know better, at times, especially when they go through raw emotion and tragedy (such as when Wesley stabs Gunn). That makes them realistic, especially as they are eventually able to talk things through and work them out in an adult way (most of the time). I was also surprised not to want to slap Connor the couple of episodes he showed up in. That was a big difference with before!

Fred’s death was very well shot and heart wrenching, not only because she was a great character, but seeing that happen right after she and Wesley had finally got together was horrible. Their scenes together in the episode were outstanding. In a way, this is why I was almost relieved for Wesley to die in the finale, so he could be with Fred again. I liked how Illyria eventually learned to care as well and when she asks him, as she holds his dying body. “Do you want me to lie to you?” That made me cry so much, especially as they had already talked about her looking like Fred was only an illusion, a lie, making the scene even more powerful.

Lorne shooting Lindsey in the finale was a shock, but it made a lot of sense they didn’t let Lindsey run around, and made all the more sense why Lorne would “quit” afterwards, and disappearing into the night. I wouldn’t have bet on finding Lorne such a compelling character at first, but he really grew on me.

The final scene of the show? Oh my God. I was able to come to Angel without too many spoilers, so it was great. It left me crying and with so many feels and goosebumps. It was epicness at its best and the few lines they all exchange, it confirmed how much I loved the finale.

Spike, Gunn, Angel and Illyria in 5.22 Not Fade Away. Source: Buffyverse Wiki

Monster Post Part I – Links and Teasers

Over the past few days, my notes for an upcoming post have been piling up, since I was focused on other things, including my book chapter (which I am now at 6,000 words out of 15,000. I couldn’t believe that I had completed 80% of the overall book Women in Science Fiction Television with 64,500 words written out of the 80,000 final goal!) Finding myself with different links, video teasers and almost ten movies/TV shows to review (from what I have been watching over the past while) made me realize that breaking the monster post in two parts will be better, at least for my own sanity!

ID-100128458 - Book Worm Cartoon On Books Stock Image - nirots

Image courtesy of Nirots / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Weekend Edition: On writer’s doubt plus good reads and writing advice by Jamie Lee Wallace: I have become an unconditional fan of her Weekend Edition posts and can’t help but recommend them. In this one, she discusses several things including how all writers have to face and experience doubt at some point. The other point which was most compelling to me in her post was when she spoke about how it is totally possible to read many different types of books, even some that might be considered an impossible combination to read, especially back to back. As always she also shares a good many links of interest for those interested in writing. I often find inspiration, if not actual resources from some of them.

The Cutting Room Floor Take 2 by Rose B. Fischer: Even Rose’s Tumblr posts make my brain go on a rampage. I should be perfectly used to it after so many years of friendship, but I guess my brain still easily surprises me, since it can’t scare me anymore.

I haven’t read the Game of Thrones books the series was based on, but I fell in love with the show when it first came out. Tyrion is definitely one of my favorite characters, and Peter Dinklage’s acting is certain for a lot in it, as I remember his character in Threshold had been one of my favorite too. My other favorite characters who still are alive are Arya Stark, Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Jorah Mormont and  Brienne of Tarth. I miss Ned Stark, Catelyn Stark and Khal Drogo. I find other characters interesting, but I don’t “like” them. The characters I like are far from flawless, but I can feel empathy for them at times. As for the list of characters I hope to see die, it gets longer as the story carries on.

Regarding Supernatural, I fell in deep love with the show when it started. As from season 4, I started to feel a downfall from the show, and I haven’t seen anything since the end of season 6. I am not planning on picking this television show up again. I even only kept my seasons 1-3 DVDs. There were so many good things in the story, great characters, possibilities of awesome and layered development. To me the show was destroyed and characters massacred out of sheer fun by the writers. Dean and John Winchester will always be my favorite characters. I used to like Bobby in the early seasons, then I couldn’t stand him anymore. Ellen Harvelle was my favorite female character on the show and I still plan on writing more about her one day. I also couldn’t stand how they killed characters, brought them back, killed them again, all of this for… No real reason. I am glad for the people who still love the show that they can have this experience. It didn’t happen to me.

I think that Titan AE which Rose mentions in her few words about Joss Whedon, is one of the very few things Whedon did that I’m not big on. I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Dollhouse, Firefly/Serenity, The Avengers, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and find that Whedon has a knack for making great dynamics within his group of characters, have solid female protagonists (and antagonists). I don’t like everything in these shows/movies and I’m not happy with all the narrative choices Whedon and the other writers working on his shows did, but overall, he is up in my inspiration figure list, along with George Lucas, Ridley Scott, Chris Carter, Ronald D. Moore, Michael Straczynski, Peter Jackson. I’m actually hoping that Joss Whedon eventually directs a Star Wars movie.

Something for #Bloggers who Tweet by Gene’O Gordon: I have been following the Sourcerer for a while and the blog has a lot of great contributions regarding many topics, including resources. I find Gene’s idea really great with his public Twitter list of bloggers. I admit not using lists myself on Twitter, but I bookmarked Gene’s so I can explore the listed bloggers and discover new people. I mentioned it before but I really find that Twitter (and WordPress) are more practical and “natural” for networking than LinkedIn for example.

And on a final note, I have to share the Star Wars Rebels love with posting the two teasers Ignite and Spark. I am very much looking forward to this show. Of course, I am very eager to first get to see The Clone Wars season 6. I don’t like everything that was made in the Star Wars franchise, but I am grateful that there are so many choices, so I can find new things I fancy be it on screen on in books!

Star Wars Rebels: “Ignite” Teaser

Star Wars Rebels: “Spark” Teaser

Of TV Shows, Super Heroes And Meditation

The title says it all. This is another mixed bag of topics and links. Since insomnia is striking me pretty hard tonight (hello full moon) I decided to use that sleepless time to write this post. I could have gone back to my chapter about Mother Warriors, but the brain and muse weren’t cooperating. I don’t mind though. I wrote 3,973 words out of the 15,000 planned for this chapter, in barely three days. The chapter is going really well and I even came up with angles and similarities I hadn’t though about when I wrote the outline.

For the past week, I have caught up with Angel season four. I am still enjoying the show a good deal, and the stories are good. Yet, I didn’t feel towards the fourth season as strongly as the previous ones. It has a lot to do with how Angel’s son, Connor, annoys me so much. He was adorable as a baby, but as a bratty teenager? He is more a pest like anything else. I am curious to see how season five turns out, for it is the last bit I have to watch, though it is a 22 episode bit.

I also recently tried out Person of Interest, upon a relative’s suggestion. I watched the pilot recently. The story is clever, the actors are good, but I am not going to watch further. I didn’t get really into it, and some of the visual style doesn’t sit well with me. I can easily understand why many people enjoy this show, but it isn’t for me. At least now I have actually sat through the pilot to form a more detailed opinion.

This month, I also managed to finally watch Thor: The Dark World. Once again, I feel like Marvel is sitting on a goldmine with the female characters, but not giving them enough development. I like how many of the male super heroes’s love interests are scientists, i.e. smart and well educated women. There are also more female characters who have a lot of potential, like Sif and Frigga (I am disappointed she died and not just because I like Renee Russo) in Thor. Yet, they don’t get enough in my view. It’s too bad, because there is so much that could be done.

I nevertheless enjoyed Thor: The Dark World a lot though Loki annoyed me. I thought he was an interesting character in the first Thor movie, and he was okay in The Avengers, but I got tired of him in Thor: The Dark World. I have to praise the visuals of this second Thor movie as well. I fell in love with the look of the first one, but Thor: The Dark World blew me away with its beauty. They definitely can bring on a third Thor film, I’ll watch it.

Speaking of Marvel characters, I highly recommend Rose’s post Iron Man, Acquired Injury, and the Biggest Missed Opportunity in Disability Awareness Ever. It sparked not only even more discussion between us, but also reminded me of some of the reasons why I like Tony Stark so much, though I still have to watch Iron Man 3. There is a lot of great points in the post, but the point below was one that caught my attention:

When The Avengers became such a big deal, I started imagining RDJ and Mark Ruffalo doing them together, because I’ve always seen the Hulk as more of a disability to Banner than a superpower.

I completely agree on this, and a few times during The Avengers, I actually wondered whether it was because of this that Tony and Bruce poke at each other so often within the group. In my view, it might be because on an unconscious level, they can relate to each other on the specific experiences they share.

On a final and different note, I’d like to share a couple of links about meditation. I rarely mention such topics, but I started following Jennie Sherwin‘s blog a few weeks ago, and two of her posts were of particular worth to me. I especially enjoy how clear she is. I have an interest in meditation, but most of the time, it tends to confuse me, even after having practiced yoga on and off for a few years.

Guest Lecture Project And TV Reviews

For the past few weeks, I’ve had nine episodes of diverse TV shows I’m following, pile up. I’m not even including my remaining box sets of Angel, since I still have most of the fourth season and all of the fifth one left to watch. I was in the mood to catch up with some TV today, and thus caught up with both Lost Girl and Beauty and the Beast. I now have some Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Intelligence and The Tomorrow People left.

I was also able to get some good progress in my upcoming guest lecture project, related to vidding and narrative tools. I’m  unsure of how I’m going to include actual bits and pieces of videos in it, and want to add some further readings at the end. I still left with quite some more to do for this project, but at least I’ve cracked some good work for the slides today!

Lost Girl 4.10. Waves: It was great to get some insight about how things really happened and were organized in the earlier part of the season, thanks to the flash back. It’s depressing to see Bo estranged from her family and friends, but I cheered when I saw Kenzi, Lauren and Dyson do outstanding team work and be there for one another. I still hiss at Rainer/The Wanderer when I see him on screen. The butchering of the Una Mens was deserved, but when Trick revealed what would happen next, that certainly was a big “oops” moment. I wonder how much mess is going to come to life with the new evil power revealed. I’m also extremely glad that no one died in the episode, as I was afraid it would be the case! Of course, the following episode made me regret my big mouth!

Lost Girl 4.11. End of a Line: The opening scene with Tamsin, Bo and Kenzi was great, and I had misty eyes at the Bo and Kenzi moment. These two are such awesome BFF even when one of them messes up. I love how their friendship is one of the big things in the show. I’m glad to see Lina Hamilton/Acacia back! She’s a great character and I was sad when I thought she was maybe history in the previous season. I’m also impressed with the character development Vex has been going through since he was first introduced in the show. Dyson and Tamsin seen as work partners is a great touch! The parts between Kenzi and her mother was heart wrenching, and it was interesting to see more into Kenzi’s family history, despite how I still hate her mother. There are so many feels in this episode! The box of tissues was never far! And I deny what happened at the end of the episode. I deny it. *wails* And I am angry at this show now. Seriously asking for a tiny bit of difficult but true happiness, is it too much?

Beauty and the Beast 2.10. Ancestors: I still consider having two women as cop partners, Catherine and Tess, one of the best things in the show. Their dynamic is great and layered and makes them both very real. Can Tori get lost already? Seriously, she is so annoying. I am fine with the direction of this season, as I think they’ve handled it better than I first thought they might. Tori is the worst that happened to the show so far, the one big complaint I have about it. Catherine is kicking ass – which she often is, and I find it interesting to see how the different stories are tied in this episode. One scene between Vincent and JT just made me laugh. It had been a while since Vincent and Catherine had such entertaining banter (at the reception) before all hell broke loose again. I like how the mystery is expanding with what is brought up about artifacts and gems. I’m curious to see whether they can actually keep consistence as they develop this larger arc. And while I can’t stand Tori, I really like Gabe, and he’s had solid and interesting character development since he was first introduced in the show. And I’m happy to see Elisabeth Röhm as FBI Special Agent Dana Landon, as I really loved her as Detective Kate Lockley in Angel!

Beauty and the Beast 2.11. Held Hostage: Tess’s birthday party brings nice and fun times. She is a really great character! Tess calling out Gabe and Catherine about them having a “relationship” conversation also made me chuckle. Oh the mess aboard the house boat when they come to fetch the necklace/Tori. I like how Catherine has anger issues but not simply out of sheer jealousy, but because of how many things are tied to her and she can’t explain them yet and wants to find answers. Tori is still immature and a real spoiled brat. Gabe’s line “I feel like I’m in the middle of a divorce and you two are fighting over the beach house” was priceless. Going for the hostage situation was a great idea for the episode. When well executed – like in this case – I enjoy a good hostage situation episode for it can do for great suspect and character development and unusual dynamics. It was also great that they revealed what the necklace does, so it didn’t drag on too much. There is still a lot of mystery and that’s great. And they did a great job with the interaction between Vincent and Catherine too, including in terms of conflict. I also like how grown up the characters can be. It is refreshing! Tess glomping Vincent at the end was heart warming too!

Book Writing & TV Watching

Book writing is going well, and it feels so good to be doing that again. I’m glad that I took that short break earlier this month, because now I feel so rejuvenated for my research and academic writing. So far I did about 1,450 words (out of 10,000 planned) in my chapter about Aeryn, Ivanova and Delen.

Speaking of Babylon 5, I am confused about the spelling of Delen’s name. I see it as much written Delen or Delenn. I always do my best to use the correct spelling, but in that case, I am just confused, especially as the different sources I checked are as valid as the other, so it’s not helping.

On the TV front, I watched Intelligence 102 and still hooked on the show. It is really starting strongly and I am curious to see how they are going to keep up, especially since something in that second episode wasn’t a point in the story I thought they would reach before close to the finale of this first season. It was well done, but now I just hope that they keep up with the same quality and character development.

I am glad that Beauty and the Beast is back on air, because it has been quite the break since November. I can’t stand the Tori character. She just annoys the hell out of me, but all the rest of the characters is still as great. Once again, I was unsure of the new direction of the second season, but I think they have been doing well and I am curious to see where they are going to take the remaining episodes of this season.

In terms of older shows that I’m watching, I finished Angel season three and have started the fourth one. I am still enjoying it and all the characters, except one. I just can’t stand Angel’s son, Connor. I just want him gone but I fear this isn’t going to happen any time soon, for he is main cast in this fourth season.

Halfway Done with My Book!

I am happy to announce that I have now written 41,000 words out of 80,000 for my upcoming book Women in Science Fiction Television. I am very excited about it, because I am much further than I originally planned to be. I completed a fourth chapter today and already set the detailed structure for a fifth one. This new chapter is about Cameron Philips in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

I am glad that I already wrote almost 6,000 words this month, not including blog posts, even when I had originally planned to just take the whole month off. My brain doesn’t do well with more than a few days of break. I’m fine with that because productivity always makes me feel good and with all the projects I have going on, the more I am able to accomplish the better.

On the TV front, I am in the second half of Angel season two and still enjoying the show. I like the dynamic between the characters and I enjoy the bits of humor that happen on a regular basis. I hadn’t expected to laugh that much at times when I started to watch this series. The fact that Angel also gives more information and history about several characters featured in Buffy: The Vampire Slayer still remains one of my favorite aspects of the show.

Lost Girl fourth season is mind blowing. To me, this is really the strongest season of the show, since the second one. I can’t stress enough how awesome this current season is. I have no idea where they’re going to take things or what will be revealed as the episodes go by, but I hope that the show gets renewed at least for a fifth season! This really is one of my all time favorite shows.

As for Once Upon A Time, the mid-season finale impressed me a lot. That show is also a favorite of mine, but this latest episode was stunning. I cried a lot, I laughed and I stared in disbelief at several moments. And my, what a cliffhanger! I can’t wait for March. It seems like an eternity from now! And I will leave you with 3.12 New York City Serenade promo trailer:

A Productive Week

My V book chapter is going very well, and I now am halfway through its second section. I have written about 4,000 words (not including blog posts) since the beginning of the month, which is a satisfaction. I am already pondering whether to start another book chapter, once I am done with the current one. The next one I want to work on has to do with Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and will be another shorter piece amongst the seven chapters of Women in Science Fiction in Television. I will see how things go.

I was also able to finish the editing on the eBook I have been working on for the past few months with a friend and fellow scholar. I am looking forward to seeing it published within the next year. Today, I submitted my article about Star Wars Jedi Knight video game, so I am glad that I could get this done before the deadline which was in April. Within the next months, I am looking forward to know whether three further projects – two full articles and one abstract – are picked for publication. I am crossing fingers they will be, especially two of them that fall into my specialty topics.

There are two other possible publications I want to figure out, besides the work on my book. One would be a guest blog post and the other a TV series related article. I need to brainstorm about those some more, but I might start to have the beginning of something regarding the Science Fiction possible guest blog post. I will try to think more about it this month.

Now that the TV winter break is showing up, I am glad that most of the shows I am watching will be back on air in January (Beauty and the Beast, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Tomorrow People). I cross fingers that Lost Girl won’t have a break, since I saw that episodes are airing until at least end of December. The wait for Once Upon A Time, and for the new Continuum season, is going to be long until March!

It’s good to fall behind on some TV though so there is new stuff to watch in between. I am currently watching Angel season two, and still enjoying the show. I like being able to discover more about characters that interested me on Buffy, though this isn’t the only reason why I have a good time finally seeing Angel.

I really wish that the vidding muses were cooperative as I can’t wait to work on my 300th video, but so far I have very little luck. It isn’t the ideas that lack, but the actual muse as soon as I open my vidding software. I know that it can happen, but I am still hoping for the muses to suddenly play nice before end of December. In the meantime, I continue to upload certain completed videos to my YouTube channel. The latest addition is a Star Wars / One Path 2008 one, that focuses on the whole Kenobi Family, on Passing Dead Ends by Visions of Atlantis.

A Month of Break I Said…

The fourth chapter of my book is going pretty well. I am almost halfway done with it – as this is a shorter one compared to the rest. Given that I had planned to take this whole month as a break – minus the co-editing work on the eBook I’m working on with a friend and fellow academic – I am satisfied with how the writing is going this month. So far I already wrote 2,566 words since I got back into writing a few days ago. I am not setting any goal this month in opposition to last month, or the ones before. I don’t know whether I’ll finish the whole chapter or not, but anything that I can add is good for the schedule I’m early on anyway.

On the TV side, I gave a try to Once Upon A Time in Wonderland, but I gave up on it after the pilot. I wanted to enjoy this spin off. The story wasn’t bad at all, and the visuals were as good as in the main show, but the cast was my huge problem. Save for Naveen Andrews who portrays Jafar (who was great as always) the rest of the actors left me either indifferent or annoyed. It is a shame because I think it could have been pretty brilliant, like Once Upon A Time Is.

Regarding Lost Girl, I think that the fourth season is a very strong one, and might be my second favorite since season two. I am pulling hair out about where the story and the characters are going in the recent episodes. I can’t wait for this week’s episode and I know this is going to be the same every other week if it continues to be as good.

I also started to watch Angel a few days ago. By now I am almost done with the first season. I like that they really brought characters from Buffy The Vampire Slayer in it, and on a regular basis so far. I think that it works pretty well. I also managed to remain rather spoiler free after all those years, so I have a lot to discover despite Angel having ended almost ten years ago. I’m glad that I still have so many more episodes to watch!