A Galaxy of Possibilities: Discussing Character Writing, Diversity, Star Wars and Fandom – Week 10: The Deleted Dark Sider Files

GalaxyofpossibilitiesLOGO2The Deleted Dark Sider Files: Tirana Flamme, Tybalt Kapoor
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Since I started roleplaying, I only deleted two characters who would have become dark siders: Tirana Flamme (who would have gone to the Sith) and Tybalt Kapoor (who would have been a Dark Jedi). Neither of them made it to the recruitment stage, even though Tirana partook in a few more threads than Tybalt did. Once again, they were interesting, albeit short-lived, experiences. I think that one of my biggest issue with both of them was that they lacked depth and I didn’t find a way to fix it, thus their disappearance from my active character list.

Tirana had what I first thought a strong concept. I had made her Epicanthix and she served as a judge and executioner on her home world of Panatha. She also traveled to other places as a torture expert. A refined woman, she had interest in anything that was related to her field. She even had two sisters who were to be written by other writers on the board. She mingled with Sith, even before I had her realize she was Force sensitive. Her interest in slavery even had her sell one of her slaves to a Sith, thinking that the being didn’t belong with her anymore. I used the model Winter Kelly for her who worked well with the attitude and poise I imagined Tirana with.

Tirana had a lot of potential, but she wasn’t three dimensional enough for me. I tried to find approaches to make her more compelling to me, but she always remained that dangerous and calculating beauty, without much more beneath the surface. This was why I am not writing her anymore. While I never got to write Tirana with either of her sisters, I was happy that the friend who had made one of the accounts could retcon her character, who became one of my Jedi Master Satkia’s cousins!
TybaltSigTybalt Kapoor was my third male character, but had a life span even shorter than Tirana’s. The idea for him came from the claim I used: Shah Rukh Kahn, who has been one of my favorite actors since I discovered him in Devdas more than a decade ago. So when I was toying with the idea of another male character around the time I created Tybalt, that’s how I picked this image claim. I didn’t even do this on purpose, to have both my Dark Jedi be portrayed by Bollywood actors (next week, I’ll discuss my Dark Jedi Nadgkema, for whom I use Ashwarya Rai). It is all the more coincidental than save for an artistic side, the two characters had nothing in common.

Tybalt was a fashion designer from the Corellian system. I am not even sure how I planned him to become a Dark Jedi. I barely wrote him, and I could feel how there was so little to give him a frame and a voice of his own. A pity really, because I was trying to expand my number of male characters – which grew later on after his deletion though! I also had made plans with a friend for this character to be one of hers’ half brother. They got along well together. I am happy that since I gave my friend permission to mention him for her own character, he might still live on every once in a while through her. This faint sentiment of legacy is a lovely touch.

  • How do you fix a character who seems stuck as one dimensional?
  • Do you fight with said troublesome character or do you end using pieces of its concept for other ones?
  • Do some of your aborted characters live on through others?


6 thoughts on “A Galaxy of Possibilities: Discussing Character Writing, Diversity, Star Wars and Fandom – Week 10: The Deleted Dark Sider Files

  1. hannahgivens

    Both interesting concepts, although I can see how they might be hard to develop past those initial concepts… Usually I try to cut people quickly if they’re just not working. Often they do come back later on when I suddenly realize I have a character opening and a half-formed character to fill it! (This only works within a single story for me, though… I have a bajillion ideas for random characters that don’t fit into any of my stories, but I NEVER end up using them in an existing story. If I do scrap a character, they always come back within the story or universe where I initially created them. I’ve noticed some character types cropping up repeatedly in multiple stories, but that’s not the same thing. 🙂 )


    1. Natacha Guyot Post author

      I had characters who didn’t work who got more developed until I got stuck in my earlier years of RPing. As I gained more experience, I deleted them more quickly, being able to understand how stuck I was in less time, which proved practical. It is interesting how characters either need to stuck to a universe or can show up in different ones. And don’t get me started on the bajillion ideas for random characters!

      Liked by 1 person


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