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Movie Review: Iron Man 3

Source: Iron Man Wiki.

Source: Iron Man Wiki.

I finally got to watch Iron Man 3. I heard and read mixed opinions about it, so I didn’t really have any particular expectations about it, beside the fact that Tony Stark/Iron Man is my favorite Avenger (though I like them all).  Well, I loved the movie and am looking forward to more Iron Man movies already (beyond seeing Tony Stark again in the second Avengers).

I liked the character development for Tony, including his relationship with Pepper. I still think that Gwyneth Paltrow is perfect for the part, and that’s a big compliment from me, as I never really liked her in previous movies. Seeing these two grow (and struggle) as a couple is a treat in the franchise. To me seeing what happens after two characters get involved in a romantic relationship is extremely interesting.

The story worked well for me, and it was solid entertainment as it is what I’m expecting from these movies. I was glad to see James Rhodes again and him teaming up with Tony made for some great moments as well.

There were things about the atmosphere of the movie that reminded me a bit of The Long Kiss Goodnight, which is one of my favorite movies. The moment when Pepper also holds the Iron Man front helmet in her hands made me think of Boba holding Jango’s helmet in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.

A note on misogynistic elements. I know it’s not the first or the last time in any movie, but while there were great female characters in it, I was bothered by the enemy agent kicking Tony’s ass but of course having to be wearing a skirt. That made me roll my eyes, just as the unnecessary beauty pageant with all the women in swimsuits (with men drooling over them as if they just were pieces of meat) right when it’s winter time outside. I was glad that Pepper was wearing a tank top and a pair of leggings when being experimented on and then smashing the real Mandarin.

The final scene between Tony and Bruce Banner? That was awesome! I loved the touch of him rambling to him, and it builds up on how I enjoy the interaction between these two!

Book Update, Falling Skies and Intelligence TV Reviews

My Iron Man upbeat video (yes I can make some of those sometimes) is a good way to illustrate how good and accomplished I am feeling about the progress of my Women in Science Fiction Television book project! I finished all the formatting today after having worked a lot on it for the past week. I reviewed everything again today, chapters, illustrations, bibliography and assorted documents. I was able to send everything to the collection’s director who is my contact with the publisher. I am really glad of how this project has gone over the last six months and I am looking forward to hearing back from my contact, to know what I can do to improve the book.

Last year, I finally arrived to the Falling Skies party. I fell in love with the show and watched the first two seasons back to back as soon as I could. Yet, I didn’t get around watching the third one until this week. I couldn’t stop as soon as I started the first episode. I liked how they had developed the characters, their dynamics and the stories in the first two seasons, but in my view, they have really pushed things even further with this latest season. Is it June yet so we can have the fourth season?

Having a jump in time, seven months further after the end of the previous season was a risky move, but they handled it really well. The information and developments were well set. I smirked when picking on Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica and assorted references and nods throughout the season. Anne’s baby scared the living hell out of me. I tend to be scared with such things, as weird as it might sound. I also was glad that the season finale didn’t end with a nasty cliffhanger. I’m grateful when a show has some mercy on its viewers.

I also got to watch Intelligence season finale, 1.13 Being Human. I loved it and it was great to get to see more of Gabriel’s past and family history. Seeing the whole team be so close and work together to save the day also was a real treat. Mei Chen is still an interesting character, and while I wasn’t surprised so much by the final scene between her and Lilian’s father, I am still curious of the exact game at play there, besides the remaining Tigers. The last scene between Gabriel and Riley reminded me of some Mulder and Scully scenes in the X-Files. It was a lovely moment between the two. I hope that not only the show gets renewed as it’s one of my favorites in the shows that premiered this season, and that if so, we get to see more of Gabriel’s mother!

Of TV Shows, Super Heroes And Meditation

The title says it all. This is another mixed bag of topics and links. Since insomnia is striking me pretty hard tonight (hello full moon) I decided to use that sleepless time to write this post. I could have gone back to my chapter about Mother Warriors, but the brain and muse weren’t cooperating. I don’t mind though. I wrote 3,973 words out of the 15,000 planned for this chapter, in barely three days. The chapter is going really well and I even came up with angles and similarities I hadn’t though about when I wrote the outline.

For the past week, I have caught up with Angel season four. I am still enjoying the show a good deal, and the stories are good. Yet, I didn’t feel towards the fourth season as strongly as the previous ones. It has a lot to do with how Angel’s son, Connor, annoys me so much. He was adorable as a baby, but as a bratty teenager? He is more a pest like anything else. I am curious to see how season five turns out, for it is the last bit I have to watch, though it is a 22 episode bit.

I also recently tried out Person of Interest, upon a relative’s suggestion. I watched the pilot recently. The story is clever, the actors are good, but I am not going to watch further. I didn’t get really into it, and some of the visual style doesn’t sit well with me. I can easily understand why many people enjoy this show, but it isn’t for me. At least now I have actually sat through the pilot to form a more detailed opinion.

This month, I also managed to finally watch Thor: The Dark World. Once again, I feel like Marvel is sitting on a goldmine with the female characters, but not giving them enough development. I like how many of the male super heroes’s love interests are scientists, i.e. smart and well educated women. There are also more female characters who have a lot of potential, like Sif and Frigga (I am disappointed she died and not just because I like Renee Russo) in Thor. Yet, they don’t get enough in my view. It’s too bad, because there is so much that could be done.

I nevertheless enjoyed Thor: The Dark World a lot though Loki annoyed me. I thought he was an interesting character in the first Thor movie, and he was okay in The Avengers, but I got tired of him in Thor: The Dark World. I have to praise the visuals of this second Thor movie as well. I fell in love with the look of the first one, but Thor: The Dark World blew me away with its beauty. They definitely can bring on a third Thor film, I’ll watch it.

Speaking of Marvel characters, I highly recommend Rose’s post Iron Man, Acquired Injury, and the Biggest Missed Opportunity in Disability Awareness Ever. It sparked not only even more discussion between us, but also reminded me of some of the reasons why I like Tony Stark so much, though I still have to watch Iron Man 3. There is a lot of great points in the post, but the point below was one that caught my attention:

When The Avengers became such a big deal, I started imagining RDJ and Mark Ruffalo doing them together, because I’ve always seen the Hulk as more of a disability to Banner than a superpower.

I completely agree on this, and a few times during The Avengers, I actually wondered whether it was because of this that Tony and Bruce poke at each other so often within the group. In my view, it might be because on an unconscious level, they can relate to each other on the specific experiences they share.

On a final and different note, I’d like to share a couple of links about meditation. I rarely mention such topics, but I started following Jennie Sherwin‘s blog a few weeks ago, and two of her posts were of particular worth to me. I especially enjoy how clear she is. I have an interest in meditation, but most of the time, it tends to confuse me, even after having practiced yoga on and off for a few years.

Harry Potter And Marvel Monday Thoughts

In the past few days, the fannish blogosphere has exploded with J.K. Rowling revealing that she regretted having paired Ron and Hermione together. To be honest, I just shook my head and moved on at first. Then I saw more and more comments. In the end, my take is that learning to let go is something that everyone, including authors, should learn to do.

Yes, I ship Ron/Hermione, and I also ship Harry/Ginny, Neville/Luna, Remus/Tonks; but Harry Potter isn’t couple/romance centric at all. The story is about friends and family, overcoming fears and struggle and see all generations work together for the greater good. Regarding the romance in this fictional universe, I’ll also say that one of the strengths of it is that Rowling didn’t create a boring (and often stupid) love triangle between Harry, Hermione and Ron. That would have taken so much away from their beautiful friendship.

I find Rowling’s bombshell as annoying as George Lucas tinkering too much with Star Wars. I consider Lucas as one of my greatest inspirations as a media scholar and even storyteller, but it doesn’t mean I have to agree with everything he does. And by the way, Han shot first. Period.

At some point, just consider your creation finished! Stop going back to it or playing with what if, especially years after. Now I’m not saying that there are things we don’t wish we could have done differently. It’s human and us authors can love pulling hair out and pointing out all these details (even elephant sized ones) and complain about what we could have done better. It doesn’t mean we have to go mess up with our audience as randomly as Rowling’s bombshell looks like.

It don’t see the point of such a revelation, especially after seven books, eight movie adaptations and years after publication of the end of the actual story. It seems unfair to all the people who ship Ron/Hermione, and regarding those who don’t ship them and can ship other combinations, it won’t change the reality of Harry Potter canon anyway. Fan fictions, canon or alternate universe will still be written as much.

This whole fannish mess comforted me once again in how I delete my Sony Vegas files after a few days following completion of a video. This is a mental exercise for me to ensure I am not tempted to go tinker with what I shouldn’t. The same way, I do have publications that I could have done differently now, but I don’t spend forever ruminating over it. It’s in the past, it can’t be changed. Learn and move on. Life is full of learning experiences and it never stops, so make the best of it and do things differently next time, without having to go around in circles about what is over and done.

I’ll climb down from my soapbox now.

On a final and squealing note, I will share the new Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer. I don’t have interest in American Football nor the Super Bowl, but I was very giddy to see the new trailer. I watch quite a few super hero movies by now, but the Avengers are my favorite. I still haven’t seen Iron Man 3 nor Thor: The Dark World, though I follow Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. almost every airing week. I was blown away by that trailer and I am very much looking forward to seeing the movie!

Fan Videos Made in 2013

So, this is the last post of the year. It has been quite a busy one and it marks about my six months on WordPress. I am very glad that I made the move for my website to this platform. I am looking forward to post new content in 2014. I have a few posts in mind already for the upcoming weeks, but to end this year, I decided to go with the recap of the videos I made since April – since this was when I started vidding again.

2013 marked my eighth vidding anniversary, my 300th video and overall I got the surprise – when counting for this post – to see that I made 24 videos, which makes it quite a productive year, especially given all the academic projects I was busy with. I am happy that the vidding muses have been cooperative and I’m eager to make new videos in 2014. I even have some ideas!

So, below is the generic recap of number of videos per fandom. When some are posted online, the links are between brackets next to the name of the fandom, so you can check them on YouTube.

  • 4 x The X-Files [x, x, x]
  • 3 x Harry Potter [x, x]
  • 3 x Speechless
  • 2 x Lethal Weapon
  • 2 x The Dark Knight Trilogy [x, x]
  • 1 x 2001 A Space Odyssey
  • 1 x After Earth
  • 1 x Babylon 5 [x]
  • 1 x Brave
  • 1 x Game of Thrones [x]
  • 1 x Iron Man [x]
  • 1 x One Good Cop
  • 1 x Prometheus [x]
  • 1 x Star Wars [x]
  • 1 x Twilight

I hadn’t thought I had vidded so many fictional universes, including a few for the first time this year! Only one Star Wars video surprised me as well, but I guess I’ll just have to make more next year. I hadn’t seen the X-Files vidding rampage coming either, but that makes me very happy because I hadn’t vidded that fandom in forever! So without further ado, here is the last video for 2013, another X-Files one (focused on the first movie Fight The Future) on The Bee Gees’ I Started A Joke.

Happy New Year Eve!

Second AcWriMo Goal Completed!

I literally just finished a third chapter from my upcoming book Women in Science Fiction Television – and I already have ideas for a second volume at least. I am hopeless, really hopeless. When I started to write the book this Fall, my goal was to have three chapters (out of seven + general introduction and conclusion) completed by the end of 2013. This is done! With all my projects and my very needed break, I hereby declare that I will tackle the next chapter in January 2014.

And since I was also inspired today, I even started to write my paper about Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, which is my third goal for AcWriMo. I completed the introduction and added more notes to the different subsections I will write next. I am planning to get the rest of the paper done during this upcoming week. So far, my overall AcWriMo word count is 19352. This week is going to be busy since end of it I also have the documentary producer coming to tape my interview about vidding at my place and on Saturday I should be working further on the eBook I am co-editing with a friend.

I’d also like to say how much I am enjoying the AcWriMo experience, especially thanks to the community on Twitter. Just got invited to a live chat – which starts in ten minutes now, just the time to finish that post hopefully! It is a great way to get acquainted to fellow scholars and I am hoping I can do AcWriMo every year from now on, if I have adequate projects, which should be the case with all I always have planned!

On an end note, I have posted my most recent video to my YouTube channel. Called C’est la vie, it is my very first one for Tony Stark/Iron Man (with bits of Tony/Pepper because I love those two together) but certainly not my last!