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Guest Post at Princess vs Peril: Fairy Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves: Why Disney’s Tinker Bell Movies Matter

I am happy to announce that my guest blog post at Princess vs Peril was published today: Fairy Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves: Why Disney’s Tinker Bell Movies Matter. For those following my blog, it should come as no surprise that I revisited this movie franchise and went on about why it matters as much as My Little Pony. I also recommend following Princess vs Peril, if you don’t already do!

Source: Disney Wiki.

Source: Disney Wiki.

Upcoming Blog Series Progress, Tumblr Questions, Links: Diversity, Writing, Social Media, Tinker Bell

Preparations for my upcoming blog series A Galaxy of Possibilities: Discussing Character Writing, Diversity, Star Wars and Fandom are going well. The logo is ready, as previously mentioned and I have the musical “theme” for the short videos. I have now done more than half of the scripting for the introductory video segments. Once they are all ready, I will move on to the preparation of the actual posts. After much deliberation, I have decided that I will work on having everything prepared before the launch of the series (posts and videos). I will of course edit certain posts as time goes by if the characters I’m analyzing undergo significant changes, but with much up in the air in my life, I don’t want to see the quality of this series diminishing or lacking time. This is why I am unsure of when exactly this series will be launched, though it will be this summer for sure. The more I work on it, the better it is coming along, so I am pretty optimistic about the final results and am looking forward to all the discussions it might spark.

Photo Credit: Sonja Langford.

Photo Credit: Sonja Langford.

In the past months, I brought up the possibility of expanding my online presence to another platform (I am not willing to add more than one as it is important that I can really engage with people without spreading myself too thin). I am still debating over it, but I might decide to go for a Tumblr account. The one time I tried it, I ran away screaming (and this isn’t stretching the truth much). I tend to love how it looks and I know quite a few people I interact with are also there. So I would be interested in having feedback from you Tumblr users. How flexible is the platform? Any recommendation for a theme/place to find free ones? How easy (or not) is the tagging/queuing system? I’d set up automatic shares on Tumblr like I have on LinkedIn and Twitter, but I’d look into being a bit active there. I also wonder how the sourcing aspect of Tumblr works. I know that I could just simply Google all of this, but being able to have actual input from users would be extremely useful. Thank you!

Links: Diversity, Writing, Social Media, Tinker Bell

Blog Updates + Links: Feminism, Diversity, Alien, Batman, Star Wars, Tinker Bell, Tolkien, Wonder Woman

The upcoming blog series A Galaxy of Possibilities: Discussing Character Writing, Diversity, Star Wars & Fandom is coming together bit by bit. I now have a logo/banner, music for the video segments, a model for the script writing of said segments and I hope to soon start preparing the first actual posts. I’m so excited about this project and I’m relieved that this is coming together the way it does so far. I’m still nervous about the actual taping, but I hope that it will go fine, since the editing will be easy in comparison!

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Links: Feminism, Diversity, Batman, Star Wars, Tinker Bell, Tolkien, Wonder Woman


Blog Updates, Links: Feminism, Science Fiction, Disney, The Lord of the Rings, Writing

ID-10048468 - Book On Wooden Floor Stock Image - Kookkai_nakFor the past couple of weeks, I have been able to write and schedule posts in advance, which has been very practical for my other projects. I have also continued to plot my upcoming blog series A Galaxy of Possibilities: Discussing Character Writing, Star Wars and Fandom, and I hope to test taping the video segment for introductions this month. I’m not worried about the editing, but I have little experience in actual taping, so I hope it will  go well and that my computer webcam will behave!

I have also updated my Appearances page with the recent book cover project and my two guest blog posts. This blog reached a milestone I didn’t see coming so quickly! I am past the 200 posts now! I am very happy of how my experience on WordPress has been so far and am looking forward to celebrating one year on this platform end of June!

Links: Feminism, Science Fiction, Disney, The Lord of the Rings, Writing

TV Reviews: Believe, Game Of Thrones, Pixie Hollow Games

Believe 1.10 – Collapse: The opening dream nightmare sequence was creepy. Very touching moment between Tate and Bo when she woke up. Milton and Channing bantering as he is to remove the bullet she took from him, was a great moment. I love these two as well, as much as I love Tate and Bo. I find clever that Bo can have a hard time exactly figuring things out, from her visions when they translate to real life. I think it is well done how she has these powers but hasn’t fully mastered them. Tate, Bo, Ferrell and her daughter Sasha stuck together was an angle I hadn’t expected to see but makes for many great moments and much character development. Skouras still scares me and I guess that Zoe might bite the dust sooner than later (later scenes in the episodes confirm my inkling). And the new Orchestra prodigy, Dani, is kind of terrifying. Seeing Tate and Ferrell, Bo and Sasha, bond when stuck underground made for great scenes. I didn’t expect Milton to be able to reach them there on the phone. I like how they show that Milton still has his close bond with Bo. It is really important for Milton and Channing to still be big parts in Bo’s life. Seeing how great this show is growing, it makes me sad to know that it was cancelled. At least, I’m glad they’re airing the remaining episodes of this only season. Seeing Tate and Ferrell work together to get the bomber – despite her pushing him away – was one of these moments I wouldn’t have thought I’d get to see. Their discussion afterwards was compelling as well. The reunion scene with Bo, Tate, Milton and Channing was one of these family moments I adore. I was glad to hear how Ferrell wouldn’t work on the case anymore when we saw her at the hospital with her daughter. The last scene between Tate and Bo was so cute! They have come such a long way, together.

Game Of Thrones 4.07 – Mockingbird: Great opening scene between Jaime and Tyrion. Seeing these two talk and actually listen to each other. The way they have been bonding over the past while has been a great development (though in the back of my mind I still have Jaime raping Cersei and it leaves a sour taste in my mouth). I was glad to see Arya and the Hound again. Arya killing the man after she knew his name (thus adding him to his list) as well as the whole scene before showed how far she is coming. Her dynamic with the Hound is still interesting too. Jon Snow continues to be a fantastic character and I feel like strangling some of the Nightwatch leaders and their narrow minded and arrogant view. The scene between Tyrion and Bronn was great and depressing. Daenerys deciding to have Daario was predictable. I’m still not really sold on Daario despite the change of actor (for the better) this season. The scene between Melisandre and Stannis’s wife was creepy and gave me a bad feeling about what is to come regarding Stannis’s daughter. Jorah is still one of my favorite characters in the show. I like the special bond he has with Daenerys. Having a second Arya and the Hound moment was a treat and it was a huge one for them both. Seeing the Hound open up about his past was a significant step. Brienne! This episode is really a good one. It is a good change not to be bored or annoyed with at least half the episode, which had often been the case this season. I was glad to see Brienne find information about Arya. I didn’t see Oberyn visiting Tyrion coming, nor him deciding to be Tyrion’s champion. Sansa in the snow covered courtyard was visually beautiful. Her cousin is a complete idiot and I was relieved when Sansa slapped him, I admit. Of course, sleazy Baelish had to make himself look good again. I am surprised that Sansa doesn’t annoy me the way she did until like a few episodes ago. She isn’t a favorite of mine, but she is growing on me. Baelish still makes me extremely uncomfortable and I can’t stand him. Aunt Lysa is a madwoman. Se is one of the most annoying characters of the whole show. When Baelish killed her, he made himself useful for once. Not having to put up with Lysa is a huge relief as I was tired of seeing her again in this season.

Source: Wikipedia.

Source: Wikipedia.

Pixie Hollow Games: I was giddy when I was able to find this. I admit that I can’t wait for the next Tinker Bell / Disney Fairies movie, which comes out in 2015. So being able to get a little more from this series, thanks to this special was a treat. I admit that when I started it, I found myself unsure of whether I would really like it. It turned out much better than I expected and it was very much in the spirit of the movies. I hope they do other specials focusing on the other fairies, as they did with this for Rosetta! I very much like the new character, another garden fairy, Chloe. I hope we get to see more of her in the future. I was glad when the extremely annoying male fairy, Rumble, was outsmarted and shown that his ways were wrong, by his own partner, Glimmer.

Joining The Tinker Bell Part Five: Tinker Bell And The Pirate Fairy

Source: Wikipedia.

Source: Wikipedia.

I was curious to see how Tinker Bell And The Pirate Fairy would be, since my friend Rose hadn’t seen it yet and mentioned that the reviews weren’t so good. Yet, I approached it like the previous ones, since I enjoyed every other movie of the series until then. I really liked the movie and I think they did a solid job with it. I wasn’t disappointed.

I’ll admit that I didn’t care for the pirates, despite finding it a nice touch in term of overall storytelling in regards to the Peter Pan universe. I much preferred the baby crocodile in this type of universe elements. This baby was so cute! I don’t like crocodiles but I wanted to cuddle this one! The way they do the animals and insect animation still is one of my favorite things about this movie series.

I liked the character of Zarina, the pixie-dust talent fairy who is introduced. They did a good job at having her be a natural part of the universe and with her interactions with not just Tinker Bell but also her friends and other familiar characters. I found it interesting how she also had this scientific approach to her own work and using her own talent, with her alchemy (as she calls it pixie-dust alchemy) at the end of the movie.

I think that having one year between the opening with Zarina messing things up and deciding to run away on her own, and then the rest of the story was good, as it made it credible why so much would have happened and make sense with Zarina’s change. I admit that while I understand that pixie dust can be dangerous, I would have kind of expected Tinker Bell to be less wary of Zarina’s experiments at first, but I think it can be explained because Zarina didn’t really give her time to compute everything.

Showing Zarina go “dark” so to speak, in a way that Tinker Bell could have as well, was a clever plot idea. The fact that she went her own way for a year makes it all the more credible that she would take time to consider that her road wasn’t the smarter one, but it also helped her discover her alchemy talents on a new level. With the help of Tinker Bell and the others (and understanding that she was being just used by the pirates), seeing her realize that she could still do good and help fellow fairies was a great narrative.

I liked how the regular fairies got their talents mixed up for most of the movie. Showing them struggling with the temporary ones and all the banter that happened at times was entertaining. It also promoted the team spirit because they had to explain to one another how to go about certain things that would be natural to her, in between having some instinct about the temporary talents. I loved that Vidia inherited the tinker abilities. It was to be expected given her history with Tinker but it still was something to see!

On a final note, Everybody sleeping for a long part of the story at the big festival reminded me of Sleeping Beauty!

Joining The Tinker Bell Party Part Four: Tinker Bell: Secret Of The Wings

Source: Wikipedia.

Source: Wikipedia.

I loved Tinker Bell And The Secret Of The Wings, to the point that I think this is my favorite! It could have easily been just one mess of a too quick info dump but the movie was beautifully done, which is all the more commendable as I believe this is the shortest one! It could have easily been a cheap “pre-Frozen” production, but while I see similarities in the design, this is the only thing. Both movies are very different. I love the look of the Tinker Bell movies. The animals in this one made for a cuteness overload! I wanted the Lynx every time I saw the feline on screen!

I think that the story was very well handled, both about the personal and the larger scales. I was happy to see Tinker Bell find out she has a sister. I like how she and Periwinkle look alike and yet are very different. I think that working on how they were sisters but had their own personalities regardless, was clever, including in looks. It was also interesting to see the Winter Woods beyond a couple of locations and characters. I think it did a lot to how well executed the movie is. I liked how we even got to see them little, albeit for very brief moments.

It was also nice to see both their groups of friends, as it would have been too easy to just show Periwinkle in Tinker Bell’s world without a hint of her own environment in terms of relationships. I liked the Keeper a lot! He was a great character. Finding out about the history behind the separation between Pixie Hollow and the Winter Woods was a beautiful scene, especially in light of the confirmation later on about this story truly being about Queen Clarion and Lord Milori. Lord Milori was a great character and I liked how his disability was part of who he was, but shown as just one of his many facets, not in a reducing fashion, especially as it was only truly revealed late in the movie. I admit that I didn’t think twice about the fact that he flew on a bird most of the time. I just thought that it was pure Winter Wood fashion, especially as he is far from the only Winter fairy to do that!

The whole ending with relationships being rekindled or new ones blossoming with the two seasons now interacting more was great especially as seeing many of the recurring characters now making contacts and forming bonds with Winter fairies added a lot to the movie. I like that while Tinker Bell is the main character, many others have room for screen time and development too.