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Links: Writing, Media, Inclusiveness

Links: Writing, Media, Inclusiveness

Photo Credit: Lucas Löf.

Photo Credit: Lucas Löf.

Blogging, Vidding Paper, Graphic Work And Links: #YesAllWomen, Feminism, Science Fiction, Writing

Starting the week with blog posts written and scheduled until Friday was a wonderful feeling. You can expect more children media related reviews in the upcoming days, especially since I now have enough posts for until Saturday. I saw links pile up so I realized that making a round up would be clever before the list becomes one page long!

My vidding paper is still going well and more progress was made today. I am looking forward to finish it within the next few days, so I can send it off to the editors once it is proofread. The way the specific topic of this paper has come to life and evolved since last November is very interesting to me. I hope that the finished article will be accepted for actual publication by the editors!

I am also excited to announce that my friend N.J. McKay has published her first short story, Gem-Oh Line! Below is the blurb:

Nyria’s life couldn’t get much worse. Not only was she now the laughing stock of the Afgadu Military, she now was sent as a form of punishment to the other end of the galaxy for some smuggler who most likely would have already fled before she arrived. 

Frustrated and upset, Nyria hops onto the only trans galactic transport line only to find it disturbingly empty. With nothing left for her in Afgadu space, and her career on the line she put her worries behind her and entered the line, only to have her worries proven wright half way through. With a ship full of pirates on her tail, Nyria finally has an outlet for pent up anger and she’s not afraid to show it. 

They picked the wrong girl to try and rob.

I look forward to her next published stories and am very happy that I could create the book cover for this story! It was a great experience, and I hope this isn’t the last one!

Image courtesy of graur codrin / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of graur codrin / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Links: #YesAllWomen, Feminism, Science Fiction, Writing

Website Updates, Links: Writing, Star Wars and Feminism


In the past couple of days, I have brought a few changes to Science Fiction, Transmedia & Fandom. I was feeling that the About section was becoming a little cluttered, so now I only kept my actual background information and also the links to the different blogging awards this website earned.

This has led to the creation of two new pages that you can find in the top menu:

Best Of: This is a list of posts I find particularly telling in content and quality, sorted out by topics. The list will grow along with the blog. This is a good introduction for first time visitors as well.

Contact: The other places where you can find me are listed with links. I also added my email address for those who prefer this to the contact form present there.

Links: Writing, Star Wars, Feminism