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Links: Feminism, Science Fiction, Redefining Disability, Tolkien, Writing

Mako Mori. Source: Pacific Rim Wiki.

Mako Mori.
Source: Pacific Rim Wiki.

Links: Feminism, Science Fiction, Redefining Disability, Tolkien, Writing

Blog Updates + Links: Feminism, Diversity, Alien, Batman, Star Wars, Tinker Bell, Tolkien, Wonder Woman

The upcoming blog series A Galaxy of Possibilities: Discussing Character Writing, Diversity, Star Wars & Fandom is coming together bit by bit. I now have a logo/banner, music for the video segments, a model for the script writing of said segments and I hope to soon start preparing the first actual posts. I’m so excited about this project and I’m relieved that this is coming together the way it does so far. I’m still nervous about the actual taping, but I hope that it will go fine, since the editing will be easy in comparison!

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Links: Feminism, Diversity, Batman, Star Wars, Tinker Bell, Tolkien, Wonder Woman


Blog Updates, Links: Feminism, Science Fiction, Disney, The Lord of the Rings, Writing

ID-10048468 - Book On Wooden Floor Stock Image - Kookkai_nakFor the past couple of weeks, I have been able to write and schedule posts in advance, which has been very practical for my other projects. I have also continued to plot my upcoming blog series A Galaxy of Possibilities: Discussing Character Writing, Star Wars and Fandom, and I hope to test taping the video segment for introductions this month. I’m not worried about the editing, but I have little experience in actual taping, so I hope it will  go well and that my computer webcam will behave!

I have also updated my Appearances page with the recent book cover project and my two guest blog posts. This blog reached a milestone I didn’t see coming so quickly! I am past the 200 posts now! I am very happy of how my experience on WordPress has been so far and am looking forward to celebrating one year on this platform end of June!

Links: Feminism, Science Fiction, Disney, The Lord of the Rings, Writing

Vidding Musing and Academia, Writing, Feminism, Media Links

I was trying to sleep when I had the intuition to recheck my PowerPoint for the guest lecture I give tomorrow evening at the University of Texas at Dallas (Skype is such a fantastic software!) I was right because nitpicking little me found a few typos. It was nothing major at all but it made me feel better at once to edit them. I also worked on jolting down more notes for myself as I reviewed everything.

It will be the third one I speak about vidding in an academic setting. I like how everything is connected and yet each and every time was a different approach or topic. I liked the challenge this time that I had the frame of the class to work with. It has been a while since I gave a presentation, so it will be great to have the opportunity to do this again!

As I went through everything again tonight, I couldn’t help thinking that this talk could be turned into a paper. I don’t lack ideas, but this would make sense, with a suitable call for papers. I have other things to work on right now, starting by the formatting of my upcoming book, but it never hurts to add ideas to the master list.

Speaking of vidding, the muses seem to be waking up. I hadn’t seen them in a bit. I made it clear that whatever they want from me, it will have to wait until Friday. I know how futile it can be to try to win a contest with muses, but sometimes I still try!

Links: Academia, Writing, Feminism, Media


Maleficent New Trailer And Feminism, Writing, Star Wars, Tolkien and Batman Related Links

Over the past couple of days, I have compiled a few links to share here, but having been mostly busy with my book introduction and a couple other things, I don’t have many updates to share. So, I decided to use the excuse of the recent Maleficent trailer to post so I could add my list of links! I can’t wait for Maleficent. At each new bits of promotion, I get more excited about this movie. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Links: Feminism, Writing, Star Wars, Tolkien, Batman