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Monday Music – Bee Gees

The Bee Gees always remind me of my childhood. They were one of the bands my parents listened a lot to. I chose Massachusetts without hesitation, regardless of how many of their songs I love. It reminds me of driving to our country house when I was little. I even associate it with a Tom and Jerry episode where Jerry eventually comes home after scampering off on their own for a while. It also makes me think of the end of Who’s The Boss? when Tony comes back to Angela and in the house they shared for years. This song is about coming home, whether home is a place or people.

The Bee Gees are also very “Evil Genius Council” to me. There is a lot of emotions in many of their songs I enjoy (I Started a Joke would be close to my favorite).

Have a great week!


Writing Thoughts and Vidding Observations

While I thought that my academic writing burnout was mild in comparison to last December, I’ve been proven wrong as I have been unable to put add a single word on my in progress article in a week. I guess that after having written over 116,000 words since last July, not including abstracts, guest lecture, blog posts or eBook editing work, my brain really needs a break. I still hope that I can complete my current paper by the deadline on May 1, but I understand that it might not happen. I don’t have to submit this paper for consideration but I would like to. Yet, I’m learning to understand that sometimes I need to accommodate my brain and body when there is just no muse. I’d also rather not submit something than writing something below my standards.

Recently, as I was looking at my YouTube channel, I observed which videos were the most viewed. I found it amusing that the ones doing best aren’t necessarily my favorite ones. I don’t post a video that I don’t consider good enough to be shared on what I consider a vidding portfolio. I decide to share the top five here.

#5. We Looked at The Skies – The X-Files: Fight The Future, Music by The Bee Gees.

#4. Time Will Not ErasePrometheus, Music by Evanescence.

#3. The Bonds We SaveThe Dark Knight Trilogy, Music by One Republic.

#2. HeroesStar Wars, Music by Cher.

#1. Set Fire To The RainGame of Thrones, Music by Adele.

I’m very happy that there are both an X-Files and a Star Wars videos in this top five, as these are two core fandom for me and both franchises have shaped my research and my creativity to significant extents. The Prometheus video being present in this most viewed list also warms my heart, as this is the video I had made after my beloved cat’s passing in 2013. The two others don’t surprise me because of how big the fandom are. As much as I like Game of Thrones and felt the need to vid this favorite Adele song for Daenerys, I am not planning on vidding Game of Thrones again. As for The Bonds We Save, I know I will vid the trilogy again, but not before a while.

Saturday Musings

Today was spent doing some paperwork, brainstorming and chatting on Skype with friends and family. I decided to postpone work on my upcoming guest lecture to next week. I have a solid core concept for it, but now putting it into perspective through slides is another thing. I also have a few ideas for possible further readings. I am also still wondering how to go about it in terms of videos (since the topic is about vidding from a narrative standpoint).

Tomorrow, I shall work on one of the videos I need to make for my February blog series. When I see the list of movies, I really see how eclectic my tastes are, but that is no news. I feel the muse stirring and wondering whether to come out of its comfortable box, so maybe I’ll start working on the next video tonight.

Speaking of vidding, I went through my collection of videos today to (re) make a list of all the ones I would consider posting to my YouTube channel, for they have to be Science Fiction/Fantasy and of “good enough” quality. No matter how picky I am, I have decided to put an older Farscape video of mine online, because I’m not really sure I could make this very one better now, not from an emotional approach at least. I haven’t vidded Farscape in forever, but writing my chapter about Aeryn Sun, Susan Ivanova and Delenn, brought me back to that show.

This video called What Never Really Dies focuses on Ka D’Argo’s and John Crichton’s friendship and how D’Argo left a lasting influence on his loved ones. Music is the Bee Gees songs: New York Mining Disaster 1941. They still are one of my favorite bands, and have been since I was a child.

Fan Videos Made in 2013

So, this is the last post of the year. It has been quite a busy one and it marks about my six months on WordPress. I am very glad that I made the move for my website to this platform. I am looking forward to post new content in 2014. I have a few posts in mind already for the upcoming weeks, but to end this year, I decided to go with the recap of the videos I made since April – since this was when I started vidding again.

2013 marked my eighth vidding anniversary, my 300th video and overall I got the surprise – when counting for this post – to see that I made 24 videos, which makes it quite a productive year, especially given all the academic projects I was busy with. I am happy that the vidding muses have been cooperative and I’m eager to make new videos in 2014. I even have some ideas!

So, below is the generic recap of number of videos per fandom. When some are posted online, the links are between brackets next to the name of the fandom, so you can check them on YouTube.

  • 4 x The X-Files [x, x, x]
  • 3 x Harry Potter [x, x]
  • 3 x Speechless
  • 2 x Lethal Weapon
  • 2 x The Dark Knight Trilogy [x, x]
  • 1 x 2001 A Space Odyssey
  • 1 x After Earth
  • 1 x Babylon 5 [x]
  • 1 x Brave
  • 1 x Game of Thrones [x]
  • 1 x Iron Man [x]
  • 1 x One Good Cop
  • 1 x Prometheus [x]
  • 1 x Star Wars [x]
  • 1 x Twilight

I hadn’t thought I had vidded so many fictional universes, including a few for the first time this year! Only one Star Wars video surprised me as well, but I guess I’ll just have to make more next year. I hadn’t seen the X-Files vidding rampage coming either, but that makes me very happy because I hadn’t vidded that fandom in forever! So without further ado, here is the last video for 2013, another X-Files one (focused on the first movie Fight The Future) on The Bee Gees’ I Started A Joke.

Happy New Year Eve!