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Blog Updates, Links: Feminism, Science Fiction, Disney, The Lord of the Rings, Writing

ID-10048468 - Book On Wooden Floor Stock Image - Kookkai_nakFor the past couple of weeks, I have been able to write and schedule posts in advance, which has been very practical for my other projects. I have also continued to plot my upcoming blog series A Galaxy of Possibilities: Discussing Character Writing, Star Wars and Fandom, and I hope to test taping the video segment for introductions this month. I’m not worried about the editing, but I have little experience in actual taping, so I hope it will  go well and that my computer webcam will behave!

I have also updated my Appearances page with the recent book cover project and my two guest blog posts. This blog reached a milestone I didn’t see coming so quickly! I am past the 200 posts now! I am very happy of how my experience on WordPress has been so far and am looking forward to celebrating one year on this platform end of June!

Links: Feminism, Science Fiction, Disney, The Lord of the Rings, Writing

Writing Updates + Links: Writing, Social Media, Star Wars, Stargate SG-1, Agent Carter

During this last week, I have been able to make some solid progress in my writing projects and it is a very pleasant feeling. I am still taking things slow and steady because of the lingering burn out, but I feel I am on the right path. My upcoming guest blog post is now sent to the team in charge of the blog on which it will be published. I am curious whether I will need to make edits or changes. I am so excited and honored about this opportunity!

Feeling inspired, I began to work on my Dana Scully book proposal today. I am planning to focus on this project in the upcoming weeks. I’ve already worked on the comparison with other published works on the topic and have set up the table of content. So things are shaping quite well and I’m looking forward to continue writing this book proposal! Having the structure in mind definitely helps a lot!

Photo Credit: Glen Carrie.

Photo Credit: Glen Carrie.

Links: Writing, Social Media, Star Wars, Stargate SG-1, Agent Carter