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#BeWoW – Every Little Thing

Inspiration for this week’s BeWoW post comes from how little things can mean the world and make a situation better. Some big awesome news can be life changers but in the day to day existence, enjoying the little things can make life so much better, even on days that aren’t so good.

So, I’m bringing you a little ‘pot pourri’ of this with quotes I found on Pinterest and the song I Believe by Joana Zimmer.

Give a little bit of love and you get it back,
Give a little bit of pain, you caught in a trap.
For every little thing that you say or do, give a little bit of love and it´ll come back to you.

– Joana Zimmer ‘I Believe’

#BeWow (Be Wonderful on Wednesday) was started by Ronovan Writes and the concept is to share positivity across the blogosphere. It is a weekly feature on my blog and hope many others will participate.

Picture Credit: Ronovan Writes.

Picture Credit: Ronovan Writes.