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Monday Music – Adele

I am not partaking in A to Z challenge with this blog (contributing to the challenge at Sourcerer end of the month!) but I still have a A to Z flavor in the upcoming months. I have an alphabetical list of artists and bands for Monday Music.

This is why I am starting with Adele. Set fire to the Rain was the song that made me fall in love with her music but choosing Rolling in the Deep for today, because of how catchy it is. I like how even when she has a lot of emotional songs, she has a fair number which sound empowering and have this ‘I’ll get through this’ vibe.

Have a great week!


Writing Thoughts and Vidding Observations

While I thought that my academic writing burnout was mild in comparison to last December, I’ve been proven wrong as I have been unable to put add a single word on my in progress article in a week. I guess that after having written over 116,000 words since last July, not including abstracts, guest lecture, blog posts or eBook editing work, my brain really needs a break. I still hope that I can complete my current paper by the deadline on May 1, but I understand that it might not happen. I don’t have to submit this paper for consideration but I would like to. Yet, I’m learning to understand that sometimes I need to accommodate my brain and body when there is just no muse. I’d also rather not submit something than writing something below my standards.

Recently, as I was looking at my YouTube channel, I observed which videos were the most viewed. I found it amusing that the ones doing best aren’t necessarily my favorite ones. I don’t post a video that I don’t consider good enough to be shared on what I consider a vidding portfolio. I decide to share the top five here.

#5. We Looked at The Skies – The X-Files: Fight The Future, Music by The Bee Gees.

#4. Time Will Not ErasePrometheus, Music by Evanescence.

#3. The Bonds We SaveThe Dark Knight Trilogy, Music by One Republic.

#2. HeroesStar Wars, Music by Cher.

#1. Set Fire To The RainGame of Thrones, Music by Adele.

I’m very happy that there are both an X-Files and a Star Wars videos in this top five, as these are two core fandom for me and both franchises have shaped my research and my creativity to significant extents. The Prometheus video being present in this most viewed list also warms my heart, as this is the video I had made after my beloved cat’s passing in 2013. The two others don’t surprise me because of how big the fandom are. As much as I like Game of Thrones and felt the need to vid this favorite Adele song for Daenerys, I am not planning on vidding Game of Thrones again. As for The Bonds We Save, I know I will vid the trilogy again, but not before a while.

Romantic Movie Series #4 – Baby Boom

Directed by Charles Shyer and released in 1987, Baby Boom stars Diane Keaton as J.C. Wiatt, an executive woman in New York, who sees her life turned upside down when distant relatives die in an accident and she inherits their baby daughter Elizabeth. J.C.’s life has always revolved around her studies and later on her career. As she makes it clear to her boss in an early scene in the movie, having a family isn’t on her to-do list and she breathes work.

The movie makes a great job at showing that being a mother isn’t an inherent quality for women. I love how J.C. first doesn’t want the child, and finds herself stuck with the baby as the lady handing it to her has a plane to catch. The same way, J.C. has no idea of how to take care of the poor kid nor how to do “basic” things such as changing a diaper. She had no time to prepare, nor did she want that in the first place, so the way she struggles with everything is very well portrayed.

J.C. eventually wants to use the clause in the relatives’ will that she can put Elizabeth up for adoption. It makes sense for her, and I find that the way she changes her mind is well done too. It isn’t simply the bond that starts to be built between she and the baby, but also how J.C. still stick to her “values”. She says it straight to the little girl when she takes her back with her after, walking outside of the adoption office: no miracles should be expected. And no miracles happen. It is a long work in progress.

Beyond learning to be a mother, J.C. also struggles in her professional environment when her having a baby is seen in a very negative way, to the point that she ends jobless, because she can’t be on top of everything in the company on a 24/7 hour basis. She also ends as such because she doesn’t want to focus on things she considers below herself.

Following that, she decides to move to Vermont, buying a house about which she has been dreaming for a while. Of course, the dream turns out into a nightmare – though she continues to build a relationship with her adoptive daughter and learns new things. She is bored at first, once the novelty is over, and then the house falls apart and all her money gets spent to try to fix it.

Yet, J.C. decides to fight back and to go back on top of her game and eventually starts a small business of baby food, which encounters great success after early difficulties, on both local and then national level. She becomes a successful entrepreneur when  people could have thought she was lost and unfound in Vermont. It is also great to see that she does research about starting her own business and plotting her new project. She was presented from the opening as a brilliant woman, but she still has things she can learn, including in her new line of work, and not just as a mother. It is encouraging and positive to see that J.C. is willing to do this.

The scene at the end when her former employers and business acquaintances have offered her an interesting proposal, and that she decides not to accept it, is one of my favorite. I like that she says that after all she has done on her own, she doesn’t need them to chaperon her to get further, that she wants to do things her way, and keep her life as she has now arranged it. This is a beautiful scene.

So, the romantic part of the movie… I mean I included this movie in my romantic series! I like how it isn’t the forefront of the narrative and comes in rather late. After hearing she needs to pay a few thousands more dollars to fix something in her property (again), J.C. passes out and wakes up in a doctor’s office (portrayed by Sam Shepard) and starts to talk about all that isn’t going well in her life, from being stuck in Vermont to having no intimate life. Soon enough, she realizes that he isn’t an actual doctor but the vet of the sector and is extremely offended, while he is mildly amused by her reaction. She storms out of his workplace.

This is classic antagonistic early stages of a relationship, and their banter will stay as entertaining through the rest of the movie. I like that while their relationship isn’t the main focus of the story, they still have a great built up before they eventually end together, and they show genuine interest in the other’s projects as well. Keaton and Shepard also have very solid chemistry! The sexual tension between them is obvious more than once, and they don’t need an actual bed scene to convince the audience. The moment the morning after between them in the kitchen is telling enough, from the sweet and playful embrace to him saying he normally needs more than twenty minutes of sleep per night: these are great and say/show what there is to.

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De-clutter and be inspired

I love sitting quietly on Friday night and reviewing a productive week. It is always a nice feeling and tends to inspire me to have a productive weekend as well. I completely reorganized my work space – i.e. my room as I work from home for the time being – this week. It had been on my mind for a while, and for different reasons, including a talk with a documentary producer/director who is going to come interview me next month as a vidding expert for a project about fandom. I needed to reorganize things so I basically turned half the room upside down and except for a small shelf, I finished to set everything up today. Sorting many personal papers, rearranging all my book collection and also computer station did wonders to de-clutter not just my space but my mind as well. I feel even more eager to work on my writing now, and I will also be able to vid more easily with the new layout. So it was quite a wonderful idea!

I am still feeling accomplished with the publication of my eBook Gender Dynamics in Star Wars: The Old Republic, A Focus on Female Characters with Thought Catalog. My first ‘solo’ US publication is quite a big step for me, and made me reflect on how far I have come since April 2012 when I was published for the very first time. It is very encouraging and comforts me in my desire to focus on my passion of writing, especially on Science Fiction, Transmedia, Gender Studies and Fan practices and communities. As much as I hope to delve back into fiction one day, I know that non fiction is really something I enjoy tremendously and don’t consider stopping doing at all now. I believe that this is a way for me to blend both my scholar interest and my fields of predilection when it comes to my media consumption.

Speaking of writing, I have finished the first draft of one of the chapters for my upcoming book on Women in Science Fiction television. It is the seventh one (as I decided to begin by this one since the different chapters aren’t actually related to one another) and it will probably be the longest one in the book. I still need to add a good many quotes and references to it, but this is one of my favorite pieces I have ever written. While the topic (a comparison between Caprica Six in Battlestar Galactica and Dana Scully in the X-Files) was inspiring to me to great extents, it went beyond my expectations. I hope to complete the second draft, with all end notes included, some time next week, so I may being to write the third chapter, which will focus on Kara Thrace in Battlestar Galactica and Jaime Sommers in Bionic Woman.

I also had that idea nagging at the back of my mind when I went through my book and DVD collection, to write a book about both Ridley’s and Tony Scott’s movies. I have thought a lot about their filming styles over the past few years, and since Tony Scott’s passing, I have been itching to write something about his work. Since Ridley Scott has been one of my favorite film makers since I was a teenager (my first inspirations to get into media studies were the original Star Wars trilogy by Lucas, Kershner and Marquand, and Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner and Gladiator) I have also wanted to write about his movies as well. So I guess this will give me further food for thought. I can foresee note taking in the upcoming months, but it might be a venture to explore end of 2014 after I am done with the current book project I have under contract!

Now that my computer station is reorganized, I feel the vidding bug biting even more than during the past few weeks. I still want to work on my 300th video, which will be a Scully tribute, but there are other ideas swirling in my mind. I am currently toying with the idea of allowing myself a “vidding retreat” some time during the upcoming couple of weeks. I tend to have a blast when I mostly vid more than anything else during a few days. It tend to work wonders for my muses. So once I get to where I want with the book chapter, and likely more eBook editing work, I will see about putting on my vidder’s cap!

On that vidding note, I shall leave you with one of my latest videos, which I posted on YouTube a couple days ago. It is my first Game of Thrones video, which I made this summer. It is a Daenerys tribute on Set Fire to the Rain by Adele. It only features clips from the first two seasons, which reminded me that I still need to watch the third season. I am hoping to make more Game of Thrones videos in the future, as there are so many characters I like and so much epicness on screen, but this song always sounded so fitting for Daenerys that I had to start with this one.