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Sci-Fi Women Interviews: The 2015 Collection Has a Goodreads Page

Thank you so much to everyone who made Sci-Fi Women Interviews: The 2015 Collection possible and who shared the link to the eBook! I am blown away by the outstanding support this title already got!

It was accepted as part of Smashwords Premium catalog (thank God for formatting guides!)

I also set up its Goodreads page and I hope that everyone who got their copy is enjoying the read!

Sci-Fi Women 2015 - Detail

#Sci-Fi Women Interviews: The 2015 Collection is available for free download!

My cover designer friend Jennifer A. Miller is awesome! She finished the cover for the free eBook Sci-Fi Women Interviews: The 2015 Collection, tonight! It means the book is now available for (permanent) free download on Smashwords as a celebration of International Women’s Day. I will set up the title’s Goodreads page tomorrow.

Look at that stunning cover!

Sci-Fi Women 2015 - by Jennifer Miller

Cover designed by Jennifer A. Miller.

The eBook features all 2015 interviews, with the following guests:

  • Johnamarie Macias
  • Yolanda I. Washington
  • Saf Davidson
  • Neelu Raut
  • Natalie McKay
  • Tricia Barr
  • Rose B. Fischer
  • Jo Robinson
  • Patty Hammond
  • Laura M. Crawford

Happy International Women’s Day!

Upcoming Book: #SciFi Women Interviews: The 2015 Collection

I previously mentioned it in passing, but I will release a free eBook on International Women’s Day (March 8, 2016), which will be available on Smashwords.

Sci-Fi Women Interviews: The 2015 Collection will compile all ten monthly features previously posted on my blog in a single eBook for readers’ (and interviewees’) enjoyment!

Cover reveal will happen in February.

SciFiWomen Interviews 2

Background by Rose B. Fischer.

2015 Publishing Retrospective: Clairvoyance Chronicles – Volume One

Last November, I released my first work of fiction in English, a collection of (related) short stories: Clairvoyance Chronicles Volume One. As the title indicates, it is the first of a series (which might have 2 to 4 books depending how the story unfolds). While I plan to release more nonfiction, I will probably focus more on fiction in the upcoming years, so this is certainly not the last fiction title I’ll publish.

Working on this project gave me the opportunity to learn more about promotion, just as the whole 2015 year was a huge learning curve when it comes to indie publishing, formatting and marketing!

I also know that at this point in my writing life, I am more comfortable working with shorter formats such as short stories or novellas than actual novels. I have many stories to tell but shorter formats are better for me at this point.


Book Cover by Jennifer A. Miller.

Book Links (Kindle and Paperback)

Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, Amazon Australia

Goodreads page


Old enemies never truly disappear. When they return, peace becomes fragile and clans are on the brink of destruction.

Were Saber-toothed Cat Neyla relives her real-life nightmares upon Keno’s reappearance. Her longtime nemesis is scheming to overthrow the supernatural society. With Keno’s followers growing each day, Fae, Weres, Shifters and others with special gifts, are at risk.

In these dark times, everyone must join ranks and keep faith in a better tomorrow.

Unfortunately, the price may be high.

Author Interviews

Book Reviews

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2015 Publishing Retrospective: A Galaxy of Possibilities: Representation and Storytelling in Star Wars

Star Wars has had a significant place in my nonfiction and academic work for many years, so publishing a collection of essays about different parts of the franchise was a natural choice.

I released a New Revised Edition of this book in both Kindle and Print last Fall, with extra chapters and updated content.

Galaxy - Revised Cover

Cover designed by Jennifer A. Miller.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction: Why Representation Matters and Why Star Wars has a Role to Play
  • Chapter 1: Star Wars Rebels: A New Text to Link the Old
  • Chapter 2 : Lando Calrissian : Iconic Scoundrel
  • Chapter 3: Star Wars’ Jedi Younglings: A Benevolent but Controversial Education System
  • Chapter 4: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II – A Milestone for Star Wars Female Characters
  • Chapter 5: Mara Jade: Pillar of the Star Wars Expanded Universe
  • Chapter 6 : Female Wizards: Jocasta Nu and Kreia
  • Chapter 7: Tenel Ka: Negotiating Acquired Disability
  • Chapter 8: Nala: The Missing Link between Disney Princesses and Leia Organa

Book Links (Kindle and Paperback)

Amazon USA – Amazon UKAmazon CanadaAmazon Australia

Goodreads Page

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2015 Publishing Retrospective: Talyn’s Heroic Journey in Farscape

The second essay I published on Kindle in 2015 was Talyn’s Heroic Journey in Farscape. It was at that point that I decided to have simple covers in the same style for all those essays to be released independently in digital format.

Created in 1999 by Rockne S. O’Bannon, the Science Fiction television series Farscape focuses on the eclectic crew of a living ship called Moya. One of the supporting characters, Talyn, is Moya’s hybrid offspring, is born at the end of the first season and also experiences his own heroic journey.

Since the show belongs to the Science Fiction genre, it is interesting to study how a non-human character that isn’t even humanoid might become a hero. While cyborg and alien heroes have existed in Science Fiction narratives of many kinds, it remains rather rare that a space ship, even alive and sentient, is given significant character development.

Three elements are of particular significance in the analysis of hybrid’s heroic journey: Talyn’s origins and likeness to a Chosen One character type, his two mentor figures – Aeryn Sun and Bialar Crais, and the darker times Talyn faces before finding redemption upon his death.

The essay is available on Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, Amazon Australia. It also has its Goodreads page.

Cover Talyn

2015 Publishing Retrospective: Before Mako Came Yoko: Comparative Study of Pacific Rim and Yoko Tsuno

One of the aspects of independent publishing I like most is how I can publish different formats and lengths. This flexibility is a gift as I enjoy to write different kinds of fiction and non fiction.

Last year, I started publishing essays in Kindle format. So far I have published two, and have a third one lined up for later this year. Down the road, I will probably gather several of them and add some bonus ones to make a collection that will be in both digital and print formats. This is a long-term project though!

The first of these essays I published for Kindle last year was Before Mako Came Yoko: Comparative Study of Pacific Rim and Yoko Tsuno.

In 2013, Mako Mori, from Guillermo Del Toro’s Science Fiction movie ‘Pacific Rim’, provoked extensive fan engagement. Much praise was given to the character because of her personality and her unique narrative. Yet, a character very similar to Mako emerged decades prior to her: Yoko Tsuno, the main character from the eponymous comic book series created by Belgian author Roger Leloup. Mako and Yoko having much in common, including their Japanese and scientific background, as well as their composite close circles.

Cover Mako Yoko - Small Version