2015 Publishing Retrospective: A Galaxy of Possibilities: Representation and Storytelling in Star Wars

Star Wars has had a significant place in my nonfiction and academic work for many years, so publishing a collection of essays about different parts of the franchise was a natural choice.

I released a New Revised Edition of this book in both Kindle and Print last Fall, with extra chapters and updated content.

Galaxy - Revised Cover

Cover designed by Jennifer A. Miller.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction: Why Representation Matters and Why Star Wars has a Role to Play
  • Chapter 1: Star Wars Rebels: A New Text to Link the Old
  • Chapter 2 : Lando Calrissian : Iconic Scoundrel
  • Chapter 3: Star Wars’ Jedi Younglings: A Benevolent but Controversial Education System
  • Chapter 4: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II – A Milestone for Star Wars Female Characters
  • Chapter 5: Mara Jade: Pillar of the Star Wars Expanded Universe
  • Chapter 6 : Female Wizards: Jocasta Nu and Kreia
  • Chapter 7: Tenel Ka: Negotiating Acquired Disability
  • Chapter 8: Nala: The Missing Link between Disney Princesses and Leia Organa

Book Links (Kindle and Paperback)

Amazon USA – Amazon UKAmazon CanadaAmazon Australia

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