2015 Publishing Retrospective: Before Mako Came Yoko: Comparative Study of Pacific Rim and Yoko Tsuno

One of the aspects of independent publishing I like most is how I can publish different formats and lengths. This flexibility is a gift as I enjoy to write different kinds of fiction and non fiction.

Last year, I started publishing essays in Kindle format. So far I have published two, and have a third one lined up for later this year. Down the road, I will probably gather several of them and add some bonus ones to make a collection that will be in both digital and print formats. This is a long-term project though!

The first of these essays I published for Kindle last year was Before Mako Came Yoko: Comparative Study of Pacific Rim and Yoko Tsuno.

In 2013, Mako Mori, from Guillermo Del Toro’s Science Fiction movie ‘Pacific Rim’, provoked extensive fan engagement. Much praise was given to the character because of her personality and her unique narrative. Yet, a character very similar to Mako emerged decades prior to her: Yoko Tsuno, the main character from the eponymous comic book series created by Belgian author Roger Leloup. Mako and Yoko having much in common, including their Japanese and scientific background, as well as their composite close circles.

Cover Mako Yoko - Small Version

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