2015 Publishing Retrospective: La Cité de Sharianth

Last April, I released my first work of fiction (and certainly not the last, especially as I feel more inclined to write fiction these days). La Cité de Sharianth was the first novella I ever wrote during my adolescence and I polished the project to publish it last year. At this point, I have also translated it into English, and the English version should be available in 2017.

La Cité de Sharianth is a Science Fiction novella for kids (age 7 to 10) and focuses on Ranooki, a teenager who never knew her mother, who had to disappear shortly after her birth because her people were outlawed from the main lands and society. Her quest for answers will finally move forward the day she is contacted to help her mother’s people before they get eradicated. It focuses a lot on friendship and family, which are themes dear to me.


The book has a Goodreads page, and is available in both Kindle and print formats on Amazon:

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