Fangirl: Doin It for Herself – A Writing Journey by Rose B. Fischer

Designed by Rose B. Fischer.

Designed by Rose B. Fischer.

Hello everyone! This is Rose B. Fischer returning to discuss more about one of my biggest loves — fanfiction!

I would like to thank Natacha for inviting me to return, and also thank everybody who read and commented on Fangirls Just Wanna Have Fun.

In that series, I shared the genesis of some of my own fanfics and talked about why I wrote them. I gave one of the reasons why I write fanfiction in general. Fangirls Just Wanna Have Fun went pretty well, and I was surprised to get a lot of comments from authors who were curious about the subject but had never tried to write it. Some said they wanted to but didn’t know where to start. I’m not sure I can tell someone where to start in writing any fiction project, because it all depends on what’s important to you. I could gush endlessly about why Obi-Wan Kenobi is important to me. Most of my Star Wars fanfiction features him. I could do the same for Vala Mal Doran and Dr. Daniel Jackson, who are usually the main characters of my Stargate fanfic. None of that will be very helpful, so I decided to take a look at how I started writing fanfiction and how one of my earliest fanfics was influential in my current original project.

Fanfiction seems to be a difficult concept for some folks. I’m not sure why, since it’s existed almost as long as storytelling itself. (The term was coined in the late 20th century; the concept predates that by far.) My posts here are a way of trying to make fanfiction more accessible and understandable to readers who may otherwise not engage with it.

This time I’ll have 8 posts for you over 16 weeks, and will continue posting every other Tuesday.


Rose B. Fischer is an avid fan of foxes, Stargate: SG-1, and Star Trek.  She would rather be on the Enterprise right now. Since she can’t be a Starfleet Officer, she became a speculative fiction author whose stories feature women who defy cultural stereotypes.In her fictional worlds, gender is often fluid, sexuality exists on a spectrum, and “disability” does not define an individual.  She publishes science fiction, science fantasy, horror, and biographical essays. To find out more, visit her website or her Amazon Author page.

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