Writing Updates

This summer has been extremely busy on the writing front and I am glad to say that I have been quite productive.

I am in the process of preparing marketing events for the releases of my last two 2015 publications: A Galaxy of Possibilities: Representation and Storytelling in Star Wars (New Revised Edition) and Clairvoyance Chronicles – Volume One. I am blown away by the amazing support I have had already!

Both books are available on Kindle pre-order on all Amazon sites and today I have ordered the proof copies of both titles. I am hoping that Clairvoyance Chronicles may be released with both Kindle and print available. A Galaxy of Possibilities will see its print version happen a few weeks after the digital release.

I have three chapters left to write in my Science Fiction novella, The Dream Crusher and am in the process of editing for my nonfiction title Women of Flesh and Steel. I also have my vampire story lurk (loudly) in my head, so I will probably write its first book after I’m done with the novella.

Photo Credit: Sonja Langford.

Photo Credit: Sonja Langford.

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