The Digital Quill Answers: “How do you manage time for writing as well as other stuff?”

How do you manage time for writing as well as other stuff ? Any advice for aspiring writers like me to continue working on full length book as I can see I am lacking the writing pace and time.

I have been mostly focusing on my writing in the last couple of years, but the amount of time I had on my hands still had to be organized. I’d say that knowing which project you want to focus on, is the first thing to choose. I have tons of ideas and several projects that are demanding attention, but focusing on one at a time does wonders.

Are you a pantser or a plotter? I am the latter for the most part, so I start taking notes and organizing structure before writing chunks of the novella/short story/novel/nonfiction title. It gives me better direction. While it may “delay” the actual writing, it makes me more likely to be productive.

I don’t need to have a specific moment in the day to write, but if I had to, I’d focus on arranging for a time in the day where I feel more energy. It can be anytime and knowing your personal tendencies helps, so you can arrange for writing times with better result. Making sure that you can have this time to yourself without having to answer to trillions of people is crucial.

I try to work almost everyday (whether it’s 300 or 2000 words) on my writing projects, but if I have a few days where I feel burned out, I am learning to let it go. Being consistent is important but if for whatever reason, you are unwell, accepting to take a day or more off, is okay. Self-care applies to every part of your life, including your writing.

Overall, advices are important and seeking different sources/ideas allows you to figure out what works best for you, since every writer is different.

One final thing that I can’t live without: always have something to scribble notes on wherever you go. You never know when inspiration can hit you!

Background by Rose B. Fischer.

Background by Rose B. Fischer.

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