The Story Behind My Author Logo

The first time I had a logo was when I started vidding in 2005. After choosing my nickname of Aruna7, my father thought that a logo would be a nice thing. This was when he created my vidder logo, which I still use up to this day. I love it a lot and always include it at the end of my vidding projects.

LogoSigEarlier this year, when I moved to indie publishing for my writing, both fiction and nonfiction, and that I thought about adding print editions for my longer works, my father had the idea of creating a logo for me. He loves doing such types of work, and this was how I got my author logo. I add it on the back cover of print and at the front of some e-short reads.

I log how it turned out and I hope to get a new header featuring it for the blog and Twitter in the near future, since it already shows up on my new Facebook page header!

Logo NG

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