Rose B. Fischer: Fangirls Just Wanna Have Fun (Discussing the Lighter Side of Fanfiction)

Designed by Rose B. Fischer.

Designed by Rose B. Fischer.

Previously, I shared about a long-running fanfiction series that I write called Vader’s Cat. For anyone who’s just checking in, it’s a humorous series about an orange cat who adopts Darth Vader. I wrote the first story in the series as a gag. I was trying to cheer up a friend who was going through a difficult family situation.

She found some abandoned kittens in real life, and we were joking about how we thought a kitten would do wonders for Lord Vader. Later, I mentioned it to Natacha. One thing led to another, and I wrote Cracking the Dark Lord in a couple of hours. At first, I only intended to share the story with a small group of friends: Natacha, our mutual friend Sarah who was the person I wrote it for, and Jess, who’s been my roleplay partner in Star Wars for 10 years.

They all liked it so much (and laughed so hard) that I changed my mind and posted the story to the internet.  The reaction was unexpected and overwhelming.  I had more comments from readers asking for further cat stories than I had ever gotten on another piece of fiction — even my epics that run hundreds of chapters. Most of the commenters wanted to see A New Hope era cat fics, so I wrote a couple more that basically follow the plot of A New Hope up until the confrontation between Obi-Wan and Vader. Reaction to the stories was staggering by comparison to my previous works.  People wanted more Cat.  But I had a problem.  Obi-Wan just couldn’t die in a series meant to be funny.  So, after talking it over with Natacha, I found a way to save Obi-Wan, get in some marvelous banter and a “Run, Luke!” to boot.

I figured that would be it.  I could end it there.  But comments kept pouring in. The stories didn’t take much effort to write and they actually cheered me up when I was having a hard time with my more intensive writing projects. So, I kept going.

Of course, I couldn’t give every reader exactly what he or she wanted to see.  I couldn’t produce Cat stories on demand or devote my life to writing them, but I loved the sense that what I was writing made other people happy — happy enough to comment and say so.  That’s my favorite aspect of the project, and one of my favorite things about writing fanfiction at all.

The stories bring enjoyment to people.  I can’t think of many better reasons to do something than to bring happiness to others.


Rose B. Fischer is speculative fiction author and creative entrepreneur. Her current project is The Foxes of Synn, a low-tech science fantasy serial. Click here for more information. She is a survivor of domestic violence who lives with multiple disabilities. In the early 2000s, she became homeless after leaving her abusive spouse. She later entered a transitional housing program while attending college. These experiences inspired her to begin writing non-fiction, and have had lasting impacts on her approach to fiction writing. She publishes science fiction, science fantasy, horror, and biographical essays. On her website, she writes about the intersection of storytelling, social responsibility, art, and pop culture in the internet age. She also offers custom designs and templates for indie authors, musicians, and other muse-herders. Her website,, features a growing collection of free and pay to use stock art, as well as tutorials and many other features for writers, artists, readers, and viewers.

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