13 thoughts on “Silent Sunday – Happy Cats

    1. Natacha Guyot Post author

      Isn’t it? I thought the cats would like these armchairs I got from my grandmother. I wasn’t disappointed! My lady Kenzi is happy to hear she has a twin! 😀


  1. jsherwin2013

    Your cats are beautiful! No more cats for us. My husband, who grew up with cats and raised one from the time she had to be fed with a dropper because her mother had been killed by a predator after giving birth, suddenly developed a terrible allergy that made him miserable. We found an adoptive home for our white cat, and your white cat reminded me of Babe. Does your white cat have blue eyes?

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    1. Natacha Guyot Post author

      Thank you, Jennie! I am sorry to hear about your husband’s allergy but I am glad that you could find an adoptive home for your white cat. I live with my parents and we currently have three cats (the older lady isn’t on the picture). The two little ones in the armchairs come from the same shelter. I went to see both of them in December (as my parents were getting me a new one for my birthday since I lost my previous lady in 2013). I fell in love with the tortie lady on the right (Kenzi) but the white one (yes, with blue eyes) was so cute that my parents went back to adopt him on January 3. They named him Leo. 🙂



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