Blog Plans for June


Life has been pretty busy for the last while and I have more on my plate with writing projects and other things. Some features I had started have dwindled by now (though I hope to bring them back at some point). The one that will continue in June is the Silent Sunday and you can expect more cooking and baking pictures.

All Tuesday will be taken over by guest posts: Rose’s series on Fanfiction will continue to run until later this summer and Johnamarie Macias will write about connecting through Star Wars, in a three installment series.

I am also preparing other author interviews, beside the monthly feature #SciFi Women Interviews.

The rest of the posting schedule might be lighter but there will be talking about writing, since I have much in store!

Stay tuned for next Wednesday as well, where I am going to announce a little special event!

9 thoughts on “Blog Plans for June

    1. Natacha Guyot Post author

      I keep a few of those on the computer and found this one to be appropriate. Happy you like it! I’m excited about the announcement (which you know about) and hope that it will prove to be a success!

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