Rose B. Fischer: Fangirls Just Wanna Have Fun (Discussing the Lighter Side of Fanfiction)

Designed by Rose B. Fischer.

Designed by Rose B. Fischer.

I write fanfiction because it’s fun.  I wanted to share this because I think fanfiction is a hot button topic in the social circles I belong to.

Fanfic authors get a LOT of flack for their writing, and I’ve written other posts about why I think fanfiction can (and should) be taken seriously.

This time, I just want to say that everything doesn’t have to be so darn serious and important! I don’t understand why it has to be such a big deal if fans want to write stories about their favorite characters.  Everyone has certain things we just do because we want to, because we enjoy them, because they’re fun.  Fanfiction is one of those things for me.

My most popular long-running fanfiction project is a series of short stories entitled Vader’s Cat.  It’s about an orange kitten who adopts Darth Vader and grows up to be a big, fat attitude problem with fur.

Most popular/memorable line: “My cat finds your lack of faith disturbing.”

Ultimately, my plan is for Emperor Palpatine’s feline allergies to be his undoing. The cat will become a hero of the Rebel Aliance, and poor longsuffering Vader will only be able to look on in disgust. It’s silly. It’s ridiculous.  I laugh so hard when I write the stories that I’ve almost wet myself more than once.

Why do I write it? Because it’s fun!

Even in my more serious work, I try to make sure that there’s humor and a dose of silliness.  Sometimes I play with running gags that only other fans would get.  Sometimes I “reinvent” or mirror famous canon moments within a larger story to get a laugh.  In my SW epic, Han’s “I know.” becomes a recurring line that several characters use on their girlfriends. I’m afraid one of them is going to get thwapped for it.  I love humor like that, but it really only works in fanfiction,  because the author needs to know the audience will follow the joke. Vader’s Cat wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable if Vader himself wasn’t a cultural icon.

If it’s fun for me, I know it’s fun for my audience.  Graphic novelist Jeffrey Brown uses the same brand of gentle irreverence and fan humor in his work that I use in Vader’s Cat.   When I first saw Darth Vader and Son and Vader’s Little Princess, all I could think was “GOSH, if only I could draw comics.  Vader’s Cat would be brilliant!” Either way, I’m glad the stories bring so much pleasure to my fellow fans, and I’ll be talking more about that next time.


Rose B. Fischer is speculative fiction author and creative entrepreneur. Her current project is The Foxes of Synn, a low-tech science fantasy serial. Click here for more information. She is a survivor of domestic violence who lives with multiple disabilities. In the early 2000s, she became homeless after leaving her abusive spouse. She later entered a transitional housing program while attending college. These experiences inspired her to begin writing non-fiction, and have had lasting impacts on her approach to fiction writing. She publishes science fiction, science fantasy, horror, and biographical essays. On her website, she writes about the intersection of storytelling, social responsibility, art, and pop culture in the internet age. She also offers custom designs and templates for indie authors, musicians, and other muse-herders. Her website,, features a growing collection of free and pay to use stock art, as well as tutorials and many other features for writers, artists, readers, and viewers.

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