Recent Guest Posts

Since last weekend, I have had posts featured on four different blogs. I am excited to be part of such a great community and am grateful for these opportunities to contribute to other blogs. Thank you very much to Write On Sisters, Silver Threading, Part Time Monster and Comparative Geeks for having me! I already shared these posts on other social media but here is the list in case you missed any (all my guest posts’ links are archived on this page).

You’ll see more of me across the blogosphere in the upcoming weeks, including the second installment of my Natasha Romanoff post at Part Time Monster and more contributions to Comparative Geeks. Stay tuned!

Source: Unknown.

Source: Unknown.

9 thoughts on “Recent Guest Posts

  1. Thomas Weaver

    I like the post about Wise Women — interesting to see the wide range of characters who fit that archetype.

    Also like the post about kitties, of course. Cats are awesome.


  2. Austin

    I’ve come to visit from the Super Awesome Self Promo Blog Posty things… 🙂

    You look like you’ve been very busy. Congrats on a very busy week of guest blogging. Gotta spread that Blog Love! 🙂



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