#BeWoW – Every Little Thing

Inspiration for this week’s BeWoW post comes from how little things can mean the world and make a situation better. Some big awesome news can be life changers but in the day to day existence, enjoying the little things can make life so much better, even on days that aren’t so good.

So, I’m bringing you a little ‘pot pourri’ of this with quotes I found on Pinterest and the song I Believe by Joana Zimmer.

Give a little bit of love and you get it back,
Give a little bit of pain, you caught in a trap.
For every little thing that you say or do, give a little bit of love and it´ll come back to you.

– Joana Zimmer ‘I Believe’

#BeWow (Be Wonderful on Wednesday) was started by Ronovan Writes and the concept is to share positivity across the blogosphere. It is a weekly feature on my blog and hope many others will participate.

Picture Credit: Ronovan Writes.

Picture Credit: Ronovan Writes.

6 thoughts on “#BeWoW – Every Little Thing

  1. Ronovan

    Love the music. I looked her up and it says she’s often compared to Celine Dion, but I think I like her better. She doesn’t have the slight annoying thing Celine has at times about her presentation of a song.

    As I sat here I realized she must be blind. Thus I googled. For a moment it came to my mind, “What a shame such a beautiful woman is blind.” It was a learning moment. I don’t have thoughts like that often but when I do I embrace them. It was a bit of a shaming moment. I know if she had not been attractive I would have thought, “What a shame such a talent is blind.” but then that is wrong as well. Then as I continued to think about it I realized the reality is there was no reason to be ashamed. I would have said it is a shame she is blind no matter what the situation. Thank you for a early moment to start the day with an opportunity to think and learn. And for the discovery of such a great voice. She really should be blowing the charts up here in the US if she’s not. I don’t listen to the radio so I have no idea.


    1. Natacha Guyot Post author

      I discovered her thanks to a once German friend of mine. It has remained a favorite song since then. I agree about Céline Dion. I used to be a big fan of Celine Dion but at this point, I much prefer her earlier works. The last album I purchased was like 2000 or so.

      You are welcome for this moment of thinking and learning. I am glad that you liked the post and discovered this singer. I didn’t even make mention that she was blind because while I knew it, it didn’t matter in sharing the song or speaking about her talent.

      I have no idea whether Joana Zimmer is a hit internationally. I don’t listen to the radio either. I discover new music thanks to Youtube or friends or random discovery via blogs.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ronovan

    Oh, and the only thing that really frightened me about my thoughts was that looking at her I know if I did think something that was wrong that she looks so strong she could likely kick my butt.



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