Want To Boost Your Traffic? Advertising Opportunities on Suzie81 Speaks

I highly recommend Suzie’s blog and her advertising opportunities! I was one of her sponsors for March 2015 and it was one of the best months on my blog, with new commenters and followers. It was very much worth it and Suzie is very supportive!

Suzie Speaks


Are you looking to boost your blog? Suzie81 Speaks is looking to give sponsored and advertising opportunities!

There are two different types of advertising opportunities available: a monthly sponsorship space and a single ‘Blog of The Day.’

Here are a few facts about Suzie81 Speaks (of which proof can be provided if necessary on request).

  • Since Suzie81 Speaks began in April 2013 (two years ago), it has received nearly 386,000 views.
  • Total number of views in 2013: 72,556
  • Number of views over 2014: 265,800
  • Average number of views a day in 2014: Between 600 and 1500.
  • Current number of followers: 11,500 (approx 6,450 WordPress, 4,950 Twitter, 130 Tumblr). I also have a fairly new Facebook page with 285 ‘likes,’ and it is growing weekly.


I am offering advertising spaces here on Suzie81Speaks every month for a period of four weeks (and I say four weeks because some…

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2 thoughts on “Want To Boost Your Traffic? Advertising Opportunities on Suzie81 Speaks

    1. Natacha Guyot Post author

      You’re welcome! I liked how she draws attention to her sponsors, reblogs/retweets and is so supportive. I am happy I could sponsor her blog and that the advertising opportunity was such a worthy one too! 🙂



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