TV Review: Stargate Universe

For 2015, I decided to start catching up on Science Fiction shows I haven’t seen (going back as far as Star Trek: The Original Series). I know this will take me more than a year, but since this genre is one of my main research fields, I think it is important to do this. One of the first shows I picked was Stargate Universe. I already saw most of Stargate SG-1 (I think I still have bits and pieces of season 10 to see, maybe 2-3 episodes) and all of Stargate Atlantis. I love both shows and never could bring myself to watch Universe. I still dislike how things went down (this is by no mean a critic of the cast and the crew, only of the creators who wanted to axe Atlantis to make Universe a reality).

Universe has a lot of actors I appreciate (Lou Diamond Philipps, Ming-Na Wen, Reyko Aylesworth, Rhona Mitra, Allaina Huffman, Robert Carlyle, Jennifer Spence, Julie McNiven) so it was a treat to see them again. The story of the show made a lot of sense in Stargate Universe. My biggest problem with the show was the characters. I spent most of season one not caring about them, no matter how hard I tried. It just felt that they were all making the weirdest and poorest decisions all the time. Then, I started caring and I wished I hadn’t. It felt that from the last part of season one to the end of the next season, everything was always going downhill. Every time a character had a sliver of hope, it got crushed sometimes withing five minutes. I am all for drama for story and character development, but this was just too much and felt gratuitous.


Source: Stargate Wiki.

In terms of representation, I would like to give special thumbs up for my favorite couple in the story: Camile Wray and Sharon Walker. I was surprised to see a lesbian couple featured in Stargate. Of course, things turn out bad for them, as for pretty much everyone in the show, but I loved seeing them as an established couple and how they deal with their new situation. This was brilliant and I found that the two actresses (women of color, double excitement for diversity) had wonderful chemistry.

Overall the show had moments of grace, but mostly made me want to roll my eyes or bawl them out.

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