Blog: What’s Coming Next

With several series and features coming to an end with March, I am happy to announce that I have new things in store for the blog.

Starting in April, the usual weekly rundown will be the following:

  • Monday Music
  • #BeWow (Be Wonderful on Wednesday)
  • Thursday Titles
  • Silent Sunday

The first (self explanatory) and third one (book recommendations) will be new. I decided to make my #BeWow contributions a weekly feature (and because of this might not post any new one until the first week of April) because of how important spreading positivity is. As for Silent Sunday, expect a shift from fannish creations to home made baked treats!

There will be other random posts, mostly about writing projects, as well as announcement of contributions I will be making on other blogs.

I am also extremely happy to announce a brand new monthly feature: SciFi Women Interviews. Every last Friday of the month, I will bring you an interview about a talented woman who writes/creates/likes/supports Science Fiction in one or more forms. I am honored to say that I already have six amazing women who agreed to participate to this project. The first one will be end of March. Stay tuned for further announcements!


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