#BeWow: Compassion And Kindness Are Never Wasted

Just like most people, I struggle with being positive, compassionate and kind at times. There are some people who don’t bring the best out of me. Hurtful and negative people don’t always make me want to be kind to them. But I’m trying. Working on becoming a more positive person is a never ending task, but it is a worthy one.


Background by Rose B. Fischer.

This is why I try so hard not to show negativity online for example. It is out of professionalism at first, but beyond this, I don’t want to bring people down. I don’t agree with everyone but  I can do this with respect and understand that we can agree to disagree.

I do my best online and offline to be someone people can talk to. Once again, I’m not perfect, and I know my defects pretty well at this stage. It is important, because it helps me work on them better. I don’t expect all of them to vanish, even over time, but if I can remember to be compassionate and kind most of the time, it is a good thing.

Source: Pinterest.

Source: Pinterest.

#BeWow (Be Wonderful on Wednesday) was started by Ronovan Writes and the concept is to share positivity across the blogosphere. I hope to participate as often as I can and hope many others will!

Picture Credit: Ronovan Writes.

Picture Credit: Ronovan Writes.

Have a wonderful Wednesday and may your day be filled with kindness and compassion!

12 thoughts on “#BeWow: Compassion And Kindness Are Never Wasted

  1. Annedaria Palme

    Thank You for writing this. 🙂 It is hard for me too and I am inspired by this and buoyed by seeing Taylor and Ronovan’s comments. ‘have to try harder, try, try, try harder’ and ‘I think I can. I think I can…” are repeating in my mind now. 🙂


  2. Mei-Mei

    I really do appreciate your positivity and your kind comments! I do quite a lot of snarking IRL, but I try to avoid it in my posts as so much can get misconstrued on the Internet. Also, I want blogging to be uplifting for my mood and not just wallow in complaining.


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