A Galaxy of Possibilities: Representation and Storytelling in Star Wars (eBook)

With Star Wars Rebels coming to the end of its first season, and the announcement that there will be the first canon LGBT character in a Star Wars novel, I thought it was the right time to mention my eBook A Galaxy of Possibilities: Representation and Storytelling in Star Wars again.

I already benefited from great support, so thank you to all who helped! If you are interested in Star Wars and the question of representation, check it out! It is available in Kindle format via Amazon only.

Official Description:

Star Wars has been a best-selling franchise since its creation in 1977. In the media landscape and audiences’ imagination, its longevity isn’t surprising, given the efficient narrative models and strong multiple influences it possesses. Fictional universes of this importance that are meant for audiences of many ages have a responsibility in terms of representation and inclusiveness. This collection of essays looks at different aspects and eras of the Star Wars universe: movies, television series, video games, and novels. It addresses portrayal of children, women, ethnic diversity, and disability; and whether they offer positive and layered images of both heroes and villains. Almost forty years of narratives of plural forms has pitted Star Wars against societal and media evolutions, thus affecting narrative approaches and choices. A Galaxy of Possibilities explores some of their impacts on the franchise.


  • Introduction: Why Representation Matters and Why Star Wars has a Role to Play
  • Chapter 1: Star Wars Rebels: A New Text to Link the Old
  • Chapter 2: Star Wars’ Jedi Younglings: A Benevolent but Controversial Education System
  • Chapter 3: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II – A Milestone for Star Wars Female Characters
  • Chapter 4: Mara Jade: Pillar of the Star Wars Expanded Universe
  • Chapter 5: Tenel Ka: Negotiating Acquired Disability
  • Chapter 6: Nala: The Missing Link between Disney Princesses and Leia Organa

Cover designed by Jennifer Miller.

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