International Women’s Day: #Feminist #Bloggers #MakeItHappen

Since last year, a group of bloggers have been hosting a series of Feminist Friday discussions, and the series has returned in 2015. I have been lucky to be part of this group and am glad to see how far this project has come. I am looking forward to seeing it continue to grow in the months and years to come.

Last month, I thought that we could turn the 2014 posts into an eBook. Everyone involved was on board and we started working on it to make it happen. Feminist Bloggers: The 2014 Collection is available for free on Smashwords (digital formats include Kindle mobi, epub and pdf), as it was our idea to make it available as such. (It is also available on Amazon for $0,99, since Amazon refused to align its price with Smashwords. All benefits made from sales will go to a feminist friendly charity, on which all authors will agree in the near future).

Feminist Bloggers is a collection of twenty feminist essays by eight authors, covering a broad range of topics from feminism as a political label, to rape culture, to various perspectives on education. This volume also includes several pieces about how marketing addresses women and how mass media represent them. Every essay was originally published as part of a blog series hoping to generate a discussion about the topic at hand.

Foreword by Gretchen Kelly, Afterword by Gene’O. Other contributors are David B. Cox II, Diana Gordon, Hannah Givens, Leah Zoller, Sabina Leybold. Cover was designed by Jennifer Miller (using a background by Rose B. Fischer).

Thank you to everyone who was involved in this book project, as well as to everyone who contributed to the discussions and helped spread the word!

Cover designed by Jennifer Miller.

Cover designed by Jennifer Miller.

9 thoughts on “International Women’s Day: #Feminist #Bloggers #MakeItHappen

  1. jsherwin2013

    Natasha: I’m sure you’ve received positive feedback on your latest publication, “Feminist Bloggers”. I went to Smashwords (for the very first time!) to read some of the essays. Great collection! Thanks for introducing me to Smashwords and the Feminist Friday discussions. Congratulations!

    Have you seen Curt Schilling’s blog post on the obscene reactions he received on Twitter when he congratulated his daughter for winning a spot on a college team to play sports? Here is the link:


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    1. Natacha Guyot Post author

      Thank you for your comment, Jennie. I am glad that you find the collection interesting! It is my first experience with Smashwords but it has been positive so far. 🙂

      I hadn’t read Curt Schilling’s blog post so thank you for the link. The day that people don’t need to be famous or related to someone who is to possibly be taken seriously about threats, will be one to celebrate. We still have a long way to go but as long as we continue to voice concerns, hopefully we will get there one day!


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