#BeWow: Likes and Shares Matter (And Don’t Forget Gratitude!)

#BeWoW (Be Wonderful on Wednesday) started thanks to Ronovan Writes. It is about sharing positive posts on Wednesday, and bring some good in a world that may have too much negativity for our taste. I wasn’t so sure about what to blog but the topic came to me at once yesterday.

We often talk about the importance of comments on blogs (or anything we might share online) because it is more personal and can foster discussion. Now, I am always happy to see (respectful) comments and converse with other people, either on things shared online.

Yet, we don’t always 1) have time to leave in depth comments 2) know what to exactly say (even when a post may get us to think either right away or later in the day/week).

This is why Likes and Shares matter.

I try to leave comments when I can, but one thing I always make sure to do when I go through my Feed, especially on WordPress (as I may be a bit scarce on Twitter for example) is to like the posts that catch my attention and share them, at least on Twitter (but also sometimes on LinkedIn and Google+).

I want to make sure that people know I appreciate what they shared one way or the other.

The same way, I do my best to reply to all comments and shares (that I am aware of!) Of course, this may simply be “thank you for sharing” or “thank you for your comment”/”I’m glad you like it”; but a little gratitude here and there can go a long way.

None of us is perfect but every kind gesture or word can help make the world a better place.

Who can you be kind and supportive to today?

Photo Credit: Jason Long.

Photo Credit: Jason Long.

19 thoughts on “#BeWow: Likes and Shares Matter (And Don’t Forget Gratitude!)

  1. plaguedparents

    I totally agree! We are still new and trying to navigate all this bloggy social media can be mind boggling (I wasn’t even aware there was a wordpress newsfeed??), and time consuming. But at the very least I know how to read, hit like and share!


  2. Serins

    yes, very true, likes and shares matter. This be #BeWoW is really something amazing too. 🙂 Glad to have read this post. 🙂


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  4. Carol Hedges

    Ditto, though BLogger is not suh an accomodating beasst. You arre exemplary! I also try to say thanks for RTs where I can, and exchange a few words with people. It greases the wheels…and helps us all out


  5. mostlymindfulmommy

    A great reminder! Personally, I love commenting on other people’s posts. But even those who are shy to share in that way can always pass along a great read!



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