A Galaxy of Possibilities: Discussing Character Writing, Diversity, Star Wars and Fandom – Week 32: Nastasia Adrijana

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Nastasia Adrijana was created at the same time as her twin sister, written by a friend of mine (who was the one coming up with the last name). We both loved actress Claudia Christian so making twin sisters using her was a natural choice. We are still unsure of what exact species or mix of species they are. We know they aren’t human, but near human. One day, we might figure it out!

We had the sisters be their family’s only children. They were raised in some kind of golden cage, but they never wanted to stay there, as no price was high enough to make up for them being unable to do what they wanted. One day, they left their home world behind and traveled to another planet where they established themselves as antiquary collectors and vendors. With their talented eye and extended knowledge of history and culture across the galaxy, along with their continuous thirst for deepening it, the twins have gained an impressive reputation.

While her sister is the most diplomatic, Nastasia is the “scary” one as they often joke. She never hesitates to discard, even in a very definitive fashion, treacherous employees and is up for anything to get new wares for their business. She is very protective and would have no problem killing in case someone threatened her twin.


For years, the twins fed rumors about how they might be romantically involved, for the sheer fun of shocking people and entertaining their aura of mystery. My friend suggested of having them being an actual couple, but it took me a while to be okay with the idea. Incest is something I never thought I could write and I was very uncomfortable about this possibility for a long time. I eventually changed my mind, because it did work for the Adrijana twins and I was able to write this with someone I trusted and in a safe environment. I don’t think I could write this kind of things in any of my original fiction, but I found out that stretching my boundaries in this specific case was worth it.

Nastasia having an epiphany about how no one compared to her sister and how much she loved her and not just in a platonic way was a very important arc for her and then also her twin. In a way, not starting them already as a couple made for solid storytelling as my friend and I developed them.

  • How important is team work for your characters?
  • How much do your characters’ sibling(s) matter to them?
  • Do you incorporate elements considered taboos in your stories?

6 thoughts on “A Galaxy of Possibilities: Discussing Character Writing, Diversity, Star Wars and Fandom – Week 32: Nastasia Adrijana

  1. Y.I. Washington

    For the characters in the novel I’m currently working on, teamwork is a must. Without it, the dreadnaught ship would never be able to function as it does. Now that you bring it up, I am realizing that teamwork is one of the themes in my novel that I didn’t realize was there. Thanks!

    Great article. Sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zone in order to write something that will be more beneficial to our stories and characters. My hat is off to you for having the courage to do so.


    1. Natacha Guyot Post author

      This is a great theme! And I am happy this post made you realize this! Thank you for your kind words. I don’t think I could pull an incest theme in original fiction, but in this case, with this friend, I felt okay doing it. The character became so much more interesting and the dynamic between both sisters is one of a kind!

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  2. Chris Mac

    You are made of sterner stuff than I, since I can say I would not be able to play a character romantically like that. There was a point where it was getting close to a situation like that at an old fantasy board I played on with a friend, where the entire race of the planet was turned to intelligent unread after a great war, her character was a young vampire maiden and I played the reanimated body of her older brother who died during the war so was barely intelligent (zombie with an Int of 3 in d&d terms). Well she was in love with him and never got to tell him, and when he came back as her protector, we’ll the issue was bound to come up but he could not return her love, because I couldn’t play a character like that.

    Both Rakai and Rel’Avauld share the appreciation of team work, though with different results. Rel uses his team as a distraction, letting them know they are such, and Rakai is trying to unify the Sith Empire to remove rivalry and competition within it to strengthen them as a whole, so he has to like teamwork lol. Derakai doesn’t like putting others in danger, and danger seems to follow him, making him hesitant.


    1. Natacha Guyot Post author

      It took me a good while to come around writing this but I didn’t regret it. I wouldn’t pull this off in my original fiction, but here it just worked out. It’s made for a great story line between both sisters and added so much to them.

      It’s great to see Sith set on the unity of the faction. As much as Sith are violent and ready to do anything for power, I like the idea of people wanting the whole Empire to be stronger as one!


      1. Chris Mac

        Sith should be violent and seek power together, it doesn’t matter if they share the power, it just needs to all be pointing at the same target instead of inward. The best part is, Zephyrus Cloud was the one with that dream, Rakai is trying to fulfil it for him, because he sees the advantage. That and every other group doesn’t have in-fighting slowing their progress. I hope this storyline will make some big changes in the faction, but really, what can one man do only on his own?

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