A Galaxy of Possibilities: Discussing Character Writing, Diversity, Star Wars and Fandom – Week 31: Fireya Noir

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Fireya Noir was mentioned in passing prior to her creation as an active character. Indeed, Agatha referred to her on a few occasions, since Fireya, her aunt, was the one who had inspired her to become a pirate in the first place. I had thought that if I ever created Fireya, I might use actress Renee Russo for her image claim, but I eventually picked Nina Lisandrello instead, as she worked even better for how I imagined Fireya. I also added Jan Ors as a secondary claim for her.

Fireya was the last child in the Noir family, with an older sister and an older brother. She was adopted and was aware of it, but it wasn’t what caused issues with her parents and sister., eventually leading her to be mostly in touch with her brother and her sister’s children rather than her parents and sister. While Fireya was grateful for the good education she had access to thanks to her parents, which saw her graduating in history, she felt confined and trapped in the life she was expected to have.

In her early twenties, the young woman took off and began to live the way she wanted, through trials and errors. Very extrovert, she blossomed as a treasure hunter, traveling across the galaxy. Whenever possible, she tried to bring the items she found to their planet of origin, or at least sell them to museums she trusted to take care of said items. In her mid thirties, she took a slight professional turn and began to work for the Hutt Cartel as a bounty hunter, in order to broaden her horizons.


Though she knows she was adopted, Fireya didn’t try to find more about her origins for a very long time. Despite strained bonds with her parents and sister, she still considered all of her relatives as her family. Yet, Fireya longed to have a family of her own and did research to see where she might be able to adopt a child, the day she lived elsewhere than only aboard her beloved ship.

For the longest while, she enjoyed her life on her own, with only a string of casual affairs with women of diverse species that she randomly met. She didn’t feel the need or even imagine herself in a committed relationship as she didn’t see the point, being fairly happy with being on her own, safe for casual fun. She changed her mind the day she met a Hapan woman with whom she had great, albeit volatile, chemistry with. After barely a week spent together, revelations about who her partner really was could have driven the hunter away, but against all odds, Fireya proposed to her. The hunter was the first astonished by her reaction but the two women took a leap of faith and got married right away, willing to see where life would take them.

  • Were some of your characters adopted?
  • Do you tend to write more extrovert or introvert characters?
  • Do your characters ever make possibly crazy decisions that turn out for the better?

3 thoughts on “A Galaxy of Possibilities: Discussing Character Writing, Diversity, Star Wars and Fandom – Week 31: Fireya Noir

  1. Chris Mac

    Derakai is sort of adopted, when his memory was wiped (that is now known to have been his mother’s doing) he was brought to Vexuz to get preliminary training as a Jedi by the Sage who lost his arm. For three years he taught him how to be a good person which lead him to who he is now.

    Rel’Avauld is the perfect example of introvert, having stuck to his lab most of his career and doing missions on his own so he could keep up disguises better. I think the introduction of a pupil in his life will cause him to be come more extrovertant (making up a word for it), but for the better.

    Derakai is always making crazy decisions when it comes to the safety of others. Such as stopping a building from collapsing on people, by having it collapse on him instead :p. Though I’m not sure if it worked out for the better, but it did give him time to think being buried in rubble for three days.


    1. Natacha Guyot Post author

      Going through this series and planning the next one, I realized that adoption is a recurring pattern in my RP characters, even if it doesn’t concern that many of them. I saw that Rel got a student, Mio, right? That’s been interesting reading! You have a thing for your characters to have building collapse over them, don’t you?


      1. Chris Mac

        Rel needed a link to the outside world, and to show the other Dark Jedi that he is actually a very supportive person. A Bard of the Darkside.

        And yes, buildings collapsing on characters builds stronger stories lol

        Liked by 1 person


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