A Galaxy of Possibilities: Discussing Character Writing, Diversity, Star Wars and Fandom – Week 30: Agatha Merril


Agatha Merril, The Hutt Cartel
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Agatha Merril was one of my earlier Cartel characters, among those who are active. I imagined her as a pirate from the start, and have also kept her original image claim, actress Ksenia Solo, since her creation. Born in an upper class family on Chandrila, Agatha always felt at odds with her parents, especially her mother, who wanted her to marry a fine suitor and give her grandchildren. As she grew up, Agatha got along much better with her mother’s siblings, especially her aunt, Fireya, who taught her the ropes about treasure hunting and gave her the love of ancient artifacts and adventure.

When she turned eighteen, Agatha left Chandrila to start working as a pirate for the Cartel. She knew that it would be difficult, but thanks to her father’s support, she had learned combat and flying skills, as much as her older brother had, while she grew up. The young woman liked that she often looks inoffensive, thus allowing her to gain advantage over foes. Of course, Agatha got into her share of trouble and made mistakes during her first missions. The first time she had to kill a man to make it through was a difficult time for her, though she eventually accepted it as part of her life as a pirate. While she has a good heart, she has come to be much more casual about violence than I had expected her to be. She is ready and willing to get things done, and if a violence free approach doesn’t work, she switches gears without thinking twice.

While Agatha is a very independent person, she takes pride in her work for the Cartel and always encourage team spirit among Vaago The Hutt’s employees, believing that it serves them well not to shoot one another in the back, though she considers healthy rivalry a potential inspiration. The same, she is fine helping new recruits if she can provide some practical tips.


When I created Agatha, she had some issues with relationships and even more intimacy due to past bad experiences with the one boyfriend she had had earlier in her teenage years. She nevertheless met a young man working for imperial Intelligence, who turned out to be the Empress’s first born; and the two got along well. She liked his patience, loyalty and quirky side. She was able to open up to him and draw her boundaries, such as her choice to remain virgin until marriage, without him trying to pressure her into changing her mind. That led the pirate to pick up assignments that didn’t go against imperial interests, because she didn’t want to cause any issue. The two even worked on several joint missions together, even prior to their engagement and wedding.

Something I didn’t expect when I created Agatha was how members of her family would turn into actual characters, including some written by a friend of mine. I like when relatives exist as active characters and not just as non playable ones, so it was a great surprise to see the developments!

  • Do your characters have trouble establishing their personal boundaries and keeping them respected?
  • Do you enjoy writing adventurers?
  • Do your character have better ties with other relatives than with their parents or siblings?

5 thoughts on “A Galaxy of Possibilities: Discussing Character Writing, Diversity, Star Wars and Fandom – Week 30: Agatha Merril

  1. Chris Mac

    I simply adore writing adventures, with perils and dangers fraught within. I always wanted Derakai to be like Indiana Jones, or somewhat like him, delving and acrobating through tombs and traps. I love to figure out the adventure and then see where it takes the characters. I believe that if someone came to the stoic Nagai Master with the promise of an adventure, that he would honestly take them up on that offer. It secretly calls to him.


  2. shawn

    I’m just getting started writing. I avoided it with a passion when I was in high school and college. Now that it’s not a assignment I find it much more enjoyable. It’s an outlet for all the things spinning in my head. Just wrote a short fiction piece with a young boy as the main character. It’s very short, the boy doesn’t even have a name in the story. I want to expand the story so character development will be my first challenge followed closely by the story line. Thanks for posting, it gives me some great ideas.


    1. Natacha Guyot Post author

      I avoided video editing when I was in professional cinema school but eventually started doing this as a hobby after graduating. Isn’t it interesting how we can be compelled to do certain things when they aren’t an assignment anymore? Best of luck with your writing and I am happy if I can help giving you some ideas! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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