Needlepoint Adventures

In 2012 or 2013, I worked on my first needlepoint canvas, and against all odds, I loved it. It surprised me a lot because sewing, knitting, quilting, crocheting aren’t up my alley at all. When it comes to being crafty, you’ll find me in the kitchen cooking and especially baking. My mother used to do a lot of needlepoints years ago, so she still had a project left untouched. I spent weeks on it and fell in love with needlepoint.

DSC01569This is the result! It was a cushion front of Victorian inspiration. We chose to frame it and hang it on the wall. It is at the entrance of the kitchen! After this project, I didn’t get to work on a new one until this month. Since needlepoint is one of the very few activities that allows me to stop thinking, this can be very helpful.

My parents got me a new project, this time a very colorful cat design (and it is a bit larger than the first I made). I am currently finishing the head of the cat, and I am certain that I will need many more weeks to complete it. I am having a blast working on it!

Do you have craft pasttimes?

11 thoughts on “Needlepoint Adventures

  1. njmckay

    Beautiful! I love needlepoint! I have done quite a few over the years, but i have two incomplete as I ran out of thread and have not been able to find a matching colour since. 😦

    My parents were alway surprised at my craft abilities, as neither of them were that creative. Besides needlepoint, i’ve quilted, sewed, and some knitting – it’s not my favourite.

    I find the stillness of needlepoint and quilting relaxing and it allows me to think and organize thoughts on a number of projects! – it also helps me from snacking as it keeps my fingers busy.


    1. Natacha Guyot Post author

      My parents are both pretty crafty. I can help my father work on things around the house really well, I just don’t consider it a pasttime.

      I hope that your quilting projects go well (as I think you’re currently working on one, if I’m not mistaken)

      The stillness is so great! So far, I am lucky that my kitty doesn’t try to help me too much!


      1. njmckay

        My mom knits, but haven’t got into that as much, but I do remember the cat playing with the yarn.
        I think all this craftiness comes from my grandmother. She always kept us grandchildren bus with some sort of craft or project, I think I still have some that we did together.

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  2. Ben

    Love needlework (though have never tried it myself!). It always makes me want to design pixel art haha. I’ve recently been getting super into baking. Peanut butter squares are becoming something of a specialty… XD



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