A Galaxy of Possibilities: Discussing Character Writing, Diversity, Star Wars and Fandom – Week 29: The Deleted Cartel Files


The Deleted Cartel Files: Reyana Shenko, Katrala Nuruodo, Tonyh Vankar
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Just like with every other faction, not all my underworld / Hutt Cartel characters survived until now. It is interesting that I had a two or three character deletion rate per playable groups since I joined SWRPG in summer 2008. I find it amusing since the characters got deleted on a very random basis and not through some kind of single ‘purge’. My three deleted Cartel characters are Reyana Shenko, Katrala Nuruodo and Tonyh Vankar. All of them got written for at least a short time, but the only one who had a longer run was Tonyh.

Reyana profile picture copy

Reyana was one of my earliest characters at SWRPG. Back then the actual underworld Drifter’s Paradise/Hutt Cartel hadn’t come back to life in an organized fashion yet. A friend and I decided to create a couple of Corellian mercenaries, using Claudia Black (for Reyana) and Ben Browder (for her husband). I remember they were childhood sweethearts and that we had a blast writing a flash back thread about how they had first met when they were kids. Reyana had a fiery temper and a knack to get into all sorts of trouble. Yet, I chose to delete her a few years afterwards as my friend and I got no more writing done for them. My muse wasn’t able to keep writing Reyana without her husband around.


Katrala Nuruodo was a Chiss character who was a bit of a renegade from her own species, due to her ties and appreciation for non Chiss societies and people. She had an adoptive human son, which had finished to make her a pariah to her people. I used Michelle Forbes for her. I think I only wrote a couple of threads with her and the details are fuzzy. She was supposed to become one of Drifter’s Paradise executives’ personal assistant, but I never reached this point. She had a strong and detailed back story but the actual writing wasn’t so easy to me, which was why I decided to delete her.


Tonyh Vankar was my first male character, which was a pretty big step for me. While I had male characters in original and fan fiction (including Lando Calrissian and Zekk in the Star Wars universe) before, it took me about three years to take the plunge to write a male roleplaying character. Tonyh was a former imperial soldier who had become a bounty hunter. I used French actor Mathieu Delarive while I wrote him. He was an honorable man who had a witty sense of humor and who didn’t hesitate to rely to violence to get things done if needed. I wrote him for one or two years if I remember correctly. He was a solid first attempt at writing a male character and I learned a lot with him. Yet, the muse died at some point, and I felt stuck with him. Unable to come up with a fresh angle and story, I requested his deletion.

  • Do you mostly stay in your writing comfort zones or do you regularly stretch your boundaries?
  • Is there a type of character that was especially challenging for you the first time you wrote them?
  • If you write Star Wars characters (fanfiction and/or roleplay) do you prefer to write Force users or non Force users?

11 thoughts on “A Galaxy of Possibilities: Discussing Character Writing, Diversity, Star Wars and Fandom – Week 29: The Deleted Cartel Files

  1. Mishka Jenkins

    I think it’s good to have characters who stretch your boundaries, though it can be difficult sometimes.

    I wrote a bad guy once who made me really uncomfortable to write, because he had very human desires that led him down a bad path and it just… ugh, wasn’t nice to write! But good practice 😀

    Great post and characters once again!


    1. Natacha Guyot Post author

      I write a fair deal of villains (my dark siders, some of my imperials). If I can engage with their human sides and story, I am okay writing them do horrible things. But when things just don’t click, I let them go (but keep all data I have about them in case they can help create similar characters in original stories!) Thank you for stopping by! 🙂


  2. Chris Mac

    I am sadly stuck in a comfort zone because of past tries to stretch out failing abysmally. I usually stick with those players who started off with my own, like a Master or a Student. In my mind I can’t seem to gather the interest of those who don’t know my characters, even if I offer shameless plugs lol. I’m fine with that though, it just makes posting requirements difficult some times.

    I found both Rel’Avauld and Rakai very difficult to play compared to Derakai, as one can see they started not to far behind the Nagai Master, yet they are leaps and bounds behind him. I will always regret that it happened to Rel’Avauld, because he was always meant to be a close rival to Derakai. In fact, Derakai should have died a log time ago in their fight together, but the future seems to want to rewrite it self.

    I only have Force users active, though I have a droid merc I want to start playing so badly, but his intro thread stopped dead so I dont know what to do with him. I can play either or really, and adore the challenge of not having the Force to aid in skills and prowess.


    1. Natacha Guyot Post author

      I used to have a difficult time writing non Force users, but I think I have more of these now than Force users. I love all equally now! I am surprise that Rel and Rakai are very difficult for you to write in comparison to Derakai! I would have never thought it was the case!

      What is your droid mercenary? I write the Cartel Merc Lieutenant, Sinead DeBeynac. Always happy to assist, if you’d like!


      1. Chris Mac

        They became a lot easier, except when it came to training. I seem to like to pick teachers who are muse starved, boo how, but I love their characters so I stay loyal and painfully patient.

        Well Dhk-omega was stuck in some rubble waiting to be salvaged, and I had a thread for it but it sort of talked, now I don’t know whether to start a new thread or not


        1. Natacha Guyot Post author

          The training is heavier for Force user factions, that’s true.

          If you want to discuss your droid character more and see what we can do about it, my inbox is always open. 🙂


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