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I can’t state enough how much I love Steam, and how they have really good sales. Last year, between the Winter and Christmas deals, I was able to bag more than twenty games (which I really wanted) for around 30€. I also am on Origins due to my love for the EA/Bioware games.

A friend got me a new copy of Final Fantasy VIII for my birthday last year, and I started playing it (I think this was my 3rd or 4th playthrough) and spent more than 120 hours without even completing everything (most of it, but some were buggy like the UFO or headaches like the Chocobo). I wanted to finish FFVIII before jumping into Dragon Age Inquisition, which I also got for my birthday (I try to wait for games until they are on sales with a decent discount, except Star Wars and Dragon Age franchises).

Quistis Trepe (Final Fantasy VIII). Source: Final Fantasy Wiki.

Quistis Trepe (Final Fantasy VIII).
Source: Final Fantasy Wiki.

Sadly, my computer can’t take Dragon Age Inquisition, which makes me very sad as I was so excited for this game. A new desktop (I am a PC gamer all the way) isn’t in the cards before a couple of years at least. I start to think that Bioware games dislike me, because a few months ago, Star Wars: The Old Republic refused to reinstall (on the very computer it had played for more than a year and an half) and nothing I could do would change it. And the first Knights of the Old Republic went poof on me as well, even with a new version! Did I mention that this really turns my relationship with Bioware games into a love/hate one? At least, my Mass Effect games are still behaving. I am in the suicide mission in the second one but just need to be in the mood again to go back to it.

With Dragon Age Inquisition poofing on me, I went old school and picked Dungeon Siege, which I had never played. I am in the second chapter and having fun with it. So, I’m pretty happy with it. Just like Final Fantasy VIII, I’ll probably post a review of it once I have completed it.

What game(s) are you currently playing and/or have recently played?

11 thoughts on “Video Game Ramblings

  1. Kat

    Steam really is amazing. I picked up a bunch of games on their winter sale too. The one I’m currently playing is called “Child of Light” which I highly recommend for the poetry, watercolor-style background, and gorgeous music! The story is pretty neat too with some interesting character designs and a nice turn-based battle system. (I generally play on consoles rather than the PC, so I like simple controls, and this fits the bill nicely.)


    1. Natacha Guyot Post author

      I heard about Child of Light but didn’t think to look into it. What you say about it makes me want to! Simple controls are nice. I always play on PC, but simple controls are more comfortable for me. I love battles but I dislike having to think about complicated stuff during them!


  2. Mishka Jenkins

    I have finished Dragon Age: Inquisition about five times, so i thought I best give that a rest 😀

    I love Steam sales, they kind of tempt me to try out games I would never normally try!

    I’m currently waiting for Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires to release, which is end of February here!


    1. Natacha Guyot Post author

      I am jealous of you playing DAI five times already! I can’t believe I’ll have to wait at least a couple of years before being able to!

      Steam Sales are amazing. Can’t believe I still have 40+ games on my wishlist even after the Winter sales!

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  3. Mei-Mei

    I just finished LEGO Marvel which was quite fun. The LEGO games are some of the few I play on console; my husband and I have fun playing them together sometimes. And of course, as I said before, I’m giving KOTOR II another shot. Good so far 🙂


  4. Ben

    Ah, Quistis. I had a crush on her when I was a kid, hahaha.
    Gutting about DA:I. It seems many games made in the Frostbite engine can cause some problems. What can we expect from an EA owned product? 😉

    Been playing several games lately. Some of The Guild 2, an old and super buggy, half-remembered Medieval RPG/sim/strategy. The latest episode of the Telltale Game Of Thrones game also. Most recently I purchased A Bird Story, the next instalment from Kan Gao, the developer of To The Moon. A Bird Story is much shorter than To The Moon but I gather it’s just as beautiful. Can’t wait to play it. If you’ve never played To The Moon I highly recommend it, it’s very heavily story-driven and can be finished in about 4 hours. It is a rollercoaster of emotion, such a heavy game. I high recommend it.


    1. Natacha Guyot Post author

      Quistis is an old favorite of mine! Yeah, I’m so sad about both DA:I and SW:TOR not behaving. I so want to play these games (I did play TOR for more than a year but I wanted to go back to it so badly).
      I saw that you’ve been busy with the GoT game! And I never heard of A Bird Story or To the Moon. I’ll check them out! Thanks for mentioning them. 🙂


  5. njmckay

    I’m a ps3 player, upgraded from a ps2, so i have a number of great JRPGs that a I enjoy playing. However, just this week i’ve decided to get involved with an MMO, i’ve downloaded and began to play DC Universe Online on my PS3. I’m enjoying it, though it’s difficult to do all the chats and stuff with only a game controller.


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