TV Review: Merlin

I heard and saw pieces of the BBC series Merlin, since it first came out. I even remember watching some fan videos while serving as co-judge on an award site for two years. I think that all the hype made me a bit reluctant to check it out.

In the end, I decided to give it a try when I had some more time on my hands (and was otherwise caught up with TV at that moment). The main reasons why I checked it out were the two main actresses (Angel Coulby as Gwen and Katie McGrath as Morgana) and Anthony Head who portrayed Uther Pendragon.

Source: Merlin Wiki.

Source: Merlin Wiki.

The first few episodes were alright and I thought that it’d be entertaining. Then I fell in deep love with the show and was very into it. The characters all developed remarkably, the interaction grew well. The plot worked finely and the visuals were just great! I like what the show did with the legend so much!

The big dragon in the show is my all time favorite screen dragon by now. Even Daenerys’s in Game of Thrones and Smaug in The Hobbit, can’t top him. I love them all, and even more than I didn’t name here, but the one in Merlin is just awesome!

The one thing that made me mad in the show is its ending. The last five minutes are just horrid, damage all that was brought until this point. I still love the show and will rewatch it, but I won’t rewatch this last crappy stupid scene ever again. I will keep substituting my own reality to it.

7 thoughts on “TV Review: Merlin

  1. Mishka Jenkins

    I loved Merlin! It was an amazing show, I also loved how it started out for a younger audience and the grew and developed as the audience did over the years. It was a lot more serious and darker towards the end.

    But yeah, that ending, oh, that was a blow! 😀


  2. mbarkersimpson

    Yep, the ending sucked! I loved this show – especially Arthur and Merlin’s relationship, and I couldn’t agree with you more about the dragon. But the ending…I’m at a loss for words!



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