My New Cat!

I rarely post personal things on WordPress, but I am so happy with my new cat, that I have to share the love here as well (those of you following me on several other social media already know about the little bundle of joy and purrs!)


I was devastated since I lost my old lady, Sissi, who passed away at 20 years in April 2013. I had been considering getting a new cat for the past months, but I only moved forward with a search once I knew that there is no quarantine needed anymore when I move to either the UK or the US!

I found Kenzi at a great animal shelter about one hour from where I live now. She is an eight month old turtle shell cat. She is very curious, cuddly, purring and playful. She’s my shadow already! It’s my (slightly) early 30th birthday present from my parents! It was love at first sight between us and within 20 seconds, I knew that she was the one I’d take home (they had another kitten, a young male who was lovely but Kenzi and I clicked perfectly!)

And yes, she’s called Kenzi because of Lost Girl! The name and reference are perfect fits!


16 thoughts on “My New Cat!

  1. Jennie Sherwin

    Very happy for you. Cats are so intelligent. Our Emma, who has now sadly passed, took very good care of my husband after he was in a serious car accident. She stopped all of her routine activities and spent every moment with him on his bed. It was really touching. Lot’s of good luck with your beautiful kitten. Jennie


    1. Natacha Guyot Post author

      Thank you kindly! My previous cat, Sissi was very much like your Emma. Kenzi seems a very caretaking kind of cat already, despite her young age. She’s a blessing. I’ve definitely nicknamed her my Christmas miracle, this year. 🙂


  2. Kat

    Awww, she is adorable! I love that kind of brindle coloring. My grandmother’s cat, Amanda, had that coloring and was an utter sweet-heart. Congrats on finding a new feline friend!



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