A Galaxy of Possibilities: Discussing Character Writing, Diversity, Star Wars and Fandom – Week 23: Kalidia Siron


Kalidia Siron, The Sovereign Galactic Empire
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Kalidia is one of these characters who came to me because of the image claim I wanted to use. I discovered Meghan Ory on Higher Ground (the same show in which I discovered Jewel Staite and Kandyse McClure too). Seeing her in more significant roles such as Ruby on Once Upon A Time and as Riley Neal in Intelligence made me very eager to use her for a roleplaying character. Of course, coming up with a fresh concept as I was already writing more than twenty active characters was easier said than done. I admit that I prefer coming up with an idea of character instead of their face, for starters. It makes my life easier. Yet, the muse had spoken so I had to comply and think harder.

I felt that she would be an imperial but coming up with a new concept, since imperials are my most common characters by now, took a bit of time. I decided to have her be a Morellian, but without her knowing what she was. She was born out of adultery and her parents had kept her existence a secret. They gave her up to a couple of human friends on Centares because they knew they would raise her well and love her. Unbeknownst to her, her parents died during the plague and she never was revealed what she was. She only was told very few things about her birth parents and she lost her adoptive ones when in her twenties.


Kalidia had interest in esotericism, martial arts and writing. I liked the idea to expand on characters having artistic tendencies in the past few years. As for esotericism, I didn’t have other characters deep into such matters, so it was something new for me. Never fitting in, she wandered across the galaxy for a long time. She knew she wasn’t human because of certain small things, but it didn’t give her any useful clue.

Revelations came to her thanks to a chance encounter with a fellow Morellian. She got accidentally hurt on the head in a clothing shop and this stranger helped her and escorted her to the medical center. There he found out that she was a fellow Morellian and looked after her as she recovered. Then he told her about what she was and what had happened. On a hunch, he offered her to come with him to imperial territory and they eventually found work as privateers.

  • Do you write characters interested in esotericism?
  • How can ‘random’ encounters affect your characters?
  • Do your characters easily accept significant revelations or are they more likely to be skeptical?

2 thoughts on “A Galaxy of Possibilities: Discussing Character Writing, Diversity, Star Wars and Fandom – Week 23: Kalidia Siron

  1. Chris Mac

    I did a random thread with Rakai and a new Sith called Analynn, her player didn’t last long on the board, but the character made a big impact on Rakai. She worshipped him and offered him her world to give, and it gave him a huge confidence boost. I actually plan on having him avenge her disappearance by removing the sect of Assassins that attempted to kill her before she joined, once he ranks up… That might have been the closest thing to love Rakai could experience at the time, though he chalked it up to raw animalistic lust, I knew there was more. It ended suddenly though, and left a hole that only possible Lucette Shadana could fill hahaha, but I dont think that would ever happen. Maybe after the next Rakai arch if I could get him ranked up.

    Derakai, just recently, as I said before in a previous response, was brought the revelation of his past. Sadly for him, he was not sceptical that they were false memories, and had indeed accepted what he had once been. A dark secret any Sith would love to learn, yet only one alive knows it, and no Sith has ever found interest enough in either character to want to learn it haha. I particularly love revelations with characters, because they can spark epic plot twists and log running stories you might not have thought of in that character’s beginnings.


    1. Natacha Guyot Post author

      I remember Analynn! I’m curious to see how you’ll have the avenging play out then! Rakai is such an interesting character! I think I’ve only ever really interacted with him once when Alienor was still a Sith! I am very happy to read more about your characters every week! Thank you so much for stopping by!



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