A Galaxy of Possibilities: Discussing Character Writing, Diversity, Star Wars and Fandom – Week 22: Inga Faucon


Inga Faucon, The Sovereign Galactic Empire
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I created Inga Faucon as Natalia Faucon‘s mother. I liked the idea of Natalia’s mother not being dead as everyone believed it. I knew that Inga had disappeared into Wild Space when she had faked her death about thirty five years before I began to write her. Inga is a full blooded Morellian, one of the survivors from the plague that decimated most of her species. That led to a friend and I talking about the possibility of tying Inga to some of her characters. Everything blended meaningfully. Shortly after the devastating plague, Inga suddenly felt that she had to leave for Wild Space, as deep in there as possible. No matter how hard it was for her and the guilt that she experienced still years after, she never regretted having faked her death, leaving baby daughter, sister, nieces and husband behind.

When I first imagined Inga, I picked actress Geena Davis for her, since Davis has been one of my favorite actresses for a long time. Both her height (I tend to have my roleplaying characters be the same height as their image claim as to make my life easier) and her looks seemed to be a good fit. Yet, incertitude began to swamp me as I began to write her. I eventually switched to Gwendoline Christie and the muse thanked me for that. Christie works perfectly for Inga.

For years, she mostly thought that it was to try to weave ties with local populations, more or less advanced, in hope that if one day Morellians had a new home, that could help the survivors of her species. Yet, she always felt this wasn’t the whole reason, despite being unable for a few decades to put her finger on what eluded her. She had taken the alias of Denara, and never gave a word about her origins or species, which gave her an air of mystery to many. In the early times following her disappearance she had reached the final ‘civilized’ space station, the Regalia, before only planets inhabited by very diverse populations remained in this area of Wild Space. With the help of others she had won to her side, she took the Regalia over and made it her personal base for the following decades. Building diplomatic ties in this region was often difficult, and she had to prove herself on many occasions and was confronted to hostility, though she made solid progress thanks to her patience and dedication.


With another friend, I plotted for Inga to find a romantic partner – for her daughter’s father, the husband she left behind, wasn’t as significant to her as she could have hoped for and he had rebuilt his personal life anyway. One day, a fellow Morellian showed up on the station and they both realized right away that they ‘knew’ each other. Yet, they had never met during their earlier years on their home world, but understood that they had been soul mates in a previous life. I always liked reincarnation story lines and my friend and I decided to pursue this, especially as we had never done this in a roleplay setting. Little by little, the couple was able to reconnect more deeply and to retrieve some of their histories through dreams and visits to certain remote planets in Wild Space. When she reunited with him, Inga understood the missing reason for her departure all these years ago and her rush into this specific area of Wild Space.

For years, Inga didn’t feel ready to return to her family, as she felt that she had to be worthy of it, that she had to show she could help who remained from the Morellian species. She has kept observing her daughter from afar every once in a while, and hoped that her elder sister – who had chosen her name for her when she came of age – and her nieces, were alright. Having cut herself off from all of this  had made her almost forget of who she had once been, but thanks to her mate, she will be able to gather all the pieces and eventually blend all of her lives in one where she can fully be herself.

  • Are your characters willing to sacrifice much for what they believe in?
  • Can your character’s choices estrange them from their families, even when they had good relationships with them?
  • Did you ever write a reincarnation related story?

4 thoughts on “A Galaxy of Possibilities: Discussing Character Writing, Diversity, Star Wars and Fandom – Week 22: Inga Faucon

  1. Chris Mac

    Guess whose back!

    Both Rel’Avauld and Rakai are both willing to give their lives for their cause.

    Rel’Avauld just doesn’t feel like he needs to live whether or not he kills Derakai in the end. He has subroutines in place to keep doing what he has been doing for the Dark Jedi if he dies, though it would not be as efficient, and all his tools and research is there for the group to learn and use in case Derakai is able to kill him or wins. Essentially though, if Derakai wins, Rel’Avauld’s plans still involved him killing the Jedi. Whether or not that happens well, spoilers.

    Rakai, well in his case he’s just crazed. No matter if he wins or dies in his destined battle with Derakai, he feels that he is the only one gettig what he wants. A true Rakai Sha, which he is willing to give up his own life for.


    1. Natacha Guyot Post author

      Welcome back! Very happy to read your answers and comments to this series. 🙂

      It seems you have a lot in store for your characters! I like how everything is so interwoven despite how there is much room for other development. I wouldn’t have it with all my characters, but I appreciate how some are strongly linked, most of the time because of familial bonds.


  2. hannahgivens

    That’s very interesting that you match the character and actor’s heights. Is that mostly for RP purposes rather than graphics? (I usually have actors in mind for my characters, but I don’t look at them all that often and mentally “edit” them to be different heights and even skin tones. It’s sort of a “style” inspiration rather than a direct visual inspiration.)


    1. Natacha Guyot Post author

      It’s easier in my brain to have the same height actor/character. I don’t write species who have specific heights so it comes naturally to use the actor’s height, instead of figuring out what height the character might be. I’ve done hair/skin/eye color alteration a few times already, mostly when writing Chiss, but not only! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person


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