A Galaxy of Possibilities: Discussing Character Writing, Diversity, Star Wars and Fandom – Week 21: Alienor Na’Varro


Alienor Na’Varro, The Sovereign Galactic Empire
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Since I had seen Natalie Dormer in The Tudors, as Anne Boleyn, I had been toying with the possibility of making a character who would look like her. She had left such a lasting impression on me, that the reason my New Republic character Anne Icarus has such a first name, was because of Dormer in the Tudors. Anyway, I was more and more willing to make this character and I started to have a solid background for her. So I went to speak with the original claim holder and we discussed the possibilities not only of a shared claim for my new character, but how to tie her in to his own. This is why Alienor has the last name she does.

Alienor was the successfully created clone of the daughter of the Na’Varro house she was raised in and grew up at a normal speed, like a regular human. The mother had this obsession with creating another version of her daughter, in case it could come in handy, or even if she needed to trade this double, Alienor, for a good marriage or any possibility in case her own daughter left to do her own thing. Alienor was raised as a thing. While she received an education to be able to pose as a noble lady, she was abused physically and mentally for seventeen years. Besides the multiple fractures she endured and barely being fed enough to grow up properly, much of her body got covered in ugly scars due to whipping and assorted torture. Pain and fear became close friends to Alienor and she wanted to find a way out of her prison. It took her years but she eventually seized the one opportunity she got.


One day, her maker sent her to the Sith temple, off world, as a way to push her own daughter to become a greater Sith. Alienor chose not only to claim her own existence as a person, including by gaining the “family” last name, but also by seeking to be accepted as a Sith, which she did. She spent the next year training as a Sith. She never let anger take over her, having disdain for it and was one who fed from pain and fear. She learned Echani battle style from her mentor and also wielded knives, but she soon stopped using a lightsaber as she felt it wasn’t a good fit for her. As time passed and she got closer to becoming a Sith Knight, Alienor felt restless. She knew deep inside that something was amiss, that she didn’t truly belong there. Encouraged by the one true friend she had gained among the Sith, she took time for herself and left for a journey that would change her life.

While on her travel, Alienor saved a child’s life but got injured and was sent to a hospital. She met with a young doctor who eventually become a close friend of hers and later roommate. Within the next months, Alienor left the Sith behind, feeling that she had to find a life better suited for her, no matter how significant her time with the Sith had been, and she also wished to atone for certain things she had done. She moved to the imperial capital world where she was hired as a musician by a prestigious ensemble. Music had been a very important part of her life, since a fated day when her nanny had let her play the piano for the first time. While it had cost her nanny’s life, her maker had allowed for Alienor to be trained as a musician, in case it turned out to be useful. Alienor’s music has been a life saver for her and she still devotes a lot of time to her art, all the more now that she truly can.

Finally able to have the life of her choice – including volunteering at a local hospital during some of her free time – and to make some friends, Alienor has also been learning to trust more and open herself a bit, though she still battles many inner demons. Yet, she has entered a relationship with a former pirate who now serves in the Imperial Navy and she can see a future with him. They even got to work together at times, for besides her work as a musician, Alienor was also recruited as part of Imperial Intelligence.

  • What growing up/maturing choices do you make for clone characters?
  • Do your characters ever suffer from abuse? How are they able to heal?
  • If your character(s) were denied the right to be their own person, are they able to break free and if yes, is it a straightforward curve or a path filled with twists and detours?

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